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Angry Viewers Demand Gay Love

3/3/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's plenty of making out happening on "As the World Turns," but fictional boyfriends Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer are getting very little action. The couple hasn't kissed on screen since September!

It seems as if viewers are not pleased, according to the LA Times. They've started a letter writing campaign demanding the show give the couple some steamy scenes.

Included in the campaign for action is a countdown clock tracking the hours since the couple's last kiss and an online petition.


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I am all for it. On cable. What is this country coming to if public television has resorted to this. McCain must win, or else.

2363 days ago


What's wrong with a little man-on-man during daytime?

2363 days ago


get a life people have nothing to do with themselves with all the issues that need attention in the word this is all people think about complaining about a fictional guy lovers love life wow what is the world coming 2

2363 days ago



2363 days ago


NY mom - get bent.

2363 days ago


Americans aren't as podunk as the networks and advertisers seem to think. Even in places like Lawrence, KS and Fairbanks, AK.

2363 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Why two hairy guys making out? Lets she two of the hot babes going at it in the hot tub. . . oh, wait, I almost forgot--it's DAYTIME television, the men are WORKING and the women are sitting on their butts watching this trash. ZThat explains the two guys in love.

2363 days ago


I e-mailed P&G and told them only other gays and voyeurs are interested is watching homosexuality in action. It is most, most offensive and disgusting to the majority of us. Try and try as they may homosexuality is not, and WILL NEVER Be morally right. The backlash is coming.

2363 days ago


As an openly gay man I couldn't care any less if day time soaps show man on man love or not.

I think I just a snore-gasm TMZ

2363 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

#7 - Mary, you are one of the reasons the world is full of hate. Then again, I pity you if all you have to do all day is watch soaps and write hate letters. You're right, the backlash IS coming. God speed, hater.

2363 days ago


I am heterosexual and yes I am interested in watching a gay couple on daytime. If the bigots do not want to see it then they can turn the tv off and go take a walk.

2363 days ago


Yeah, it's morally right to base all your beliefs on a 'book' written by 'men' 500 years after Christ died with so many re-writes and contextual changes that total belief in it constitutes complete ingnorance. The word of God my a**. I used to think that we lived on heaven on earth until I looked around and only saw morally indignant a**holes trying to tell me that I'm somehow wrong for the way I live my life. Meanwhile they cheat on their wives, wage wars, and generally ruin what COULD be heaven on earth. Homosexuality or any other 'ality' is neither right or wrong or a choice. It just simply IS. Get off your imaginary high horse and practice what your silly little book says and stop condemning those who are threats to your ugly little world view.

2363 days ago


wanna see??? walk thru Hillcrest in San Diego...anytime of the day...and night. People who watch soaps that much need more juice from the tv screen for their itzy bitzy brains...

2363 days ago


I could care less cause I'm actually working during the day so I don't have to worry about flipping the channels and stumble on two queers kissing. If people want to be gay it's fine but don't subject everyone to have to watch it on tv as well.

2363 days ago


OOONooooo get out of the 1950's. Many of the people who watch daytime have jobs and they are not women.

2363 days ago
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