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Country Chanteuse

Tanya Tucker

'Memba Her?!

3/3/2008 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the '70s and '80s, Tanya Tucker had a string of country music hits. Guess what she looks like now!

Tanya Tucker


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She is one mean, hateful, ignorant, trailer trash bitch...I detest her. Glad she looks like that.

2390 days ago


She isn't aging very well is she? At only 49 she looks 65. I'd better quit smoking now or this is my future!!!!!!!!!!!

2390 days ago


Years of alcohol and cocaine abuse are tough on the looks.....

2390 days ago


Smoking, drugs and alcohol will eventually take their toll on your looks. No one is immune...celebrity or not.

2390 days ago

Felonious Monk    

it was that coke-fiend prick Glen Campbell that got her started down the road of drug abuse and self-destruction. not saying she's not responsible for her behavior but you want to talk about a drug-addled a-hole? that's Campbell and he latched onto her when he was the star and she was coming up - he turned her onto all manner of crap and beat the hell out of her as well.

cut her some slack.

2390 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

WHOA !! just kidding, U know, when u see these before n after pics of celebs, U almost don't wanna turn tha page, they either look ok as in the same, almost, or they look like they're facial skin is about 2 hit their knees !!

2390 days ago

woo hoo    

Tanya Tucker? Tanya TRUCKER is more like it...

2390 days ago


V O T E 4 H I L A R Y

V O T E 4 H I L A R Y

V O T E 4 H I L A R Y

V O T E 4 H I L A R Y

V O T E 4 H I L A R Y

V O T E 4 H I L A R Y

V O T E 4 H I L A R Y

V O T E 4 H I L A R Y

2390 days ago



2390 days ago

what the huh?    

Oh my. And this is after plastic surgery?! I'm only six years younger than her and, Thank GOD, I don't look anything like that.
Oh my goodness. I mean, granted, I haven't lived her life...(and I've heard stories)...but, oh, my goodness.

2389 days ago

Celenia Pendygraft    

I have always heard that at eighteen you have the face you were born with, and at fifty you have the face you deserve.

2389 days ago


She has lot of makeup on for this picture. Think what she looks like without it. She does look older than 49 but she's done a lot of hard living and Glen Campbell contributed to it immensely. I read her autobiography. It was a very boring read but it did tell about all the hard living. At least you don't hear her blabbing her mouth about her political stances and trying to use her celebrity to sway people.

2389 days ago


I don't think she looks as bad as the comments said she did, I read the comments first!! How judgemental we are!!! I am also 49 and don't look like that, but I haven't walked a mile in her shoes either!!! Until you do, don't be so quick to pass judgement!! The picture itself looks as though it had been tampered with!!!

2389 days ago


S-L-U-T !!

2389 days ago


Tanya Tucker was a trail blazer in country music and started tearing down fences and changing country music as a teenager. The fact that Tanya still has a fan base and a market for her music after all these years is unreal and there is much to commend her on. Yes she lived fast but remember, that was the 70's and 80's, love ,sex, rock'n roll errr country..
As far as removing her clothes , none of us want to lose our clothes but Tanya works on stage and if she lost her stage wardrobe besides being expensive to replace, I'm sure most of it can't be replaced. As far as the before/after picture- does everyone have to look like an embryo? Let's give people the grace to age a little.

2384 days ago
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