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Promoter Up Sh*t Creek Without Kelly Contract

3/4/2008 7:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wherever R. Kelly goes, court seems to follow these days. That includes a tour production and management company who says R.'s tour promoter owes them $75,000 in fees. Lil' problem for the plaintiff: They never actually signed a contract.

In court papers filed last week in Manhattan, Trevanna Entertainment says it was hired by Kelly's national tour promoter, Rowe Entertainment, to be the "exclusive Tour Director" for the piss-tastic one's last go-round on stage. But, as the complaint clearly states, "The parties did not sign such agreement." Translation: No contract signed.

Looks like these guys have about the same chance as most judges do getting Kelly into court.


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Big Daddy    

Very interesting, thanks

2395 days ago

Taxi Driver    

First. How could he have money to pay this guy when he too busy paying off bribes to the family of the victim that he made the video with?!!

2423 days ago


Does he have to register as a sex offender?

2423 days ago


Ain't that a pisser

2423 days ago

Erin Corby    

They didn't sign what contract? Maybe R.Kelly is already sighed with somebody else. And R. Kelly doesn't even have a deal with these people. And they didn't have anything to do with the record produced. And these people are just full of you know what? Maybe they just cooked up a contract. And R.Kelly didn't want to sign it. And they should be paying r.kelly for advertising the name of their company! Where did R.Kelly Produce his last cd anyway. At Usher's house? No serioulsy.
The problem. Who is JUAN. WHY DOES R.KELLY HAVE TO PAY JUAN. WHO are these people? Juan DOUGH? right? I am not joking. Why do they think that becuase they have the same last name it makes them have to 1. sign this company in the first place and 2. pay off some distant relative? what do you say? You have to pay who for what? You want me to buy you a new bong baby!

2423 days ago


Tuff chit man!

2423 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

Has he done anything lately? Where's his cash coming from?

2423 days ago


If the contract isn't signed.....................there is NO deal!

2423 days ago


na, I heard that deal was DONE

2423 days ago


Duh! Unless this agreement is covered by the state Statute of Frauds, a written contract isn't necessary and an oral contract will suffice. Plus, there are a number of quasi-contract remedies available; namely, unjust enrichment and promissory estoppel.

2423 days ago


R Kelly?? Who Dat?

2423 days ago


Haha. Better dot your i's and cross your t's before crying breach of contract.

2423 days ago

He's Boring now    

Nicker please

2423 days ago


damn, I need to find me a woman who won't make me answer to a HIGHER POWER

2423 days ago

Lawrence W. Rader, Esq.    

DBK is correct. Agreements do not have to be signed or written in order to be enforceable.
As the attorney who brought the lawsuit, I cannot express surprise that TMZ got that legal principle wrong. What is astounding is that TMZ has reported that the suit is against R Kelly in the first place. As is clear from the complaint attached to TMZ's story, this is completely inaccurate. The suit is against Rowe Entertainment, an Atlanta tour promoter. It has absolutely nothing to do with R Kelly, except that the work performed for Rowe Entertainment was related to Rowe Entertainment's promotion of the R Kelly tour. Perhaps TMZ will issue a correction. In the meantime, just read the lawsuit. R Kelly is not a defendant and the plaintiff has no claim whatsoever against R Kelly.

2423 days ago
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