You Too Can Buy Lou Pearlman's Crap

3/4/2008 8:59 PM PST
Boy Band svengali Lou Pearlman is auctioning off a few of his belongings on eBay. He needs the cash as he just pleaded guilty to federal bank fraud charges and has agreed to repay victims of his $300 million Ponzi scheme.

Included in his list of treasures are: (and we swear we're not making this up) his business degree from Century University (sounds prestigious!); a picture of fat Lou in front of The Original Pancake House; laser discs (or shiny Frisbees); as well as a framed invitation to the Bush/Quayle inauguration of 1989 - otherwise known as the illest party of the '80s.

If you want to partake in any of Pearlman's gems, you better hurry, the auction closes in five days!