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"A.I." Contestant's "At-Risk" Past

3/5/2008 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Danny Noriega"American Idol" wannabe Danny Noriega has issues.

We found out Danny attended Sierra (Continuation) High School in Azusa, Calif., a school dedicated to "at-risk" kids.

The crowd at the school? According to Sierra High's website, students are "significantly behind in credits -- and at risk of not graduating -- who want a second chance to succeed and achieve a high school diploma."

Danny graduated last year, but school sources tell us he had a rough time, working through his "gothic" phase -- that's when Danny boy went on his Christmas video rampage. One source says Danny had "multiple issues" which landed him at the school.


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PHOEBE CATES!!! Brilliant!

2424 days ago


Danny Noriega Is a wierdo!!!! boot him out A.I. All we need a another dumb ass for our kid to look up to. We already have too many of them like Brit, Lohan and Paris. NO More!!!!

2424 days ago


Shocking! Someone in the celebrity world with a past!! Unheard of.....

2424 days ago


COWARD? I think not. Like anyone REALLY cares who I am. BOTTOM LINE: I hate this guy for his video. #73, you care to comment on the video?

2424 days ago


okay I will not stand up for Judy...not my problem...but I do like Danny , although he can be sarcastic, thats just Danny, he has his own personality, he always has

2424 days ago


I couldn't care less that he's gay, but his nasty little attitude is as off-putting as it can get.


2424 days ago


#78--Belinda--every person on the planet has their own personality...always have had their own, always will have their own. But we're saying his sarcastic "own personality" is one we don't like. Maybe it's fine for him, but not for American Idol. He offends too many people to win, even with a voter block.

2424 days ago


I almost never watch American Idol, but watched a little bit last night - this kid cannot sing! Horrible performance and ridiculouos attitude when Simon told him he stunk. You look a little ridiculous when you get so bit#@*y when you actually do stink!

2424 days ago


Shame on the school for releasing confidential information, and shame on you for reporting it, TMZ. Anyone who has seen this kid's first couple of audition appearances on Idol should know that he can sing. He doesn't seem to be handling the pressure of the competition very well so far, but I hope he can turn things around and make the tour.

2424 days ago


I am not a hyprocrite. I was actually working. I don't make TMZ.COM my life as it seems some of you do.
I am not going to sit here and list out all the names of whomever "bashed" me. After all this is a forum for all opinions. And that is exactly what I stated, an OPINION. All I am trying to say is why knock down this kid for chasing a dream. Thats is. If some of you took offense to the "Not working" comment, then that is on you. Feeling guilty maybe? I never stated I was "Above it all" so don't put words in my mouth. If you don't like what I wrote, then don't read it. Ignore it. This is America right? I am free to write about my opinion? Or do I have it wrong? Because some of you choose not to like this kid, am I suppossed to feel the same way? Are you more upset because I didn't agree with you or because I called you out on the carpet?
As for Danny Noriega being gay, as far as I know that has not been confirmed. But once again, the point is tolerance. We all need to show some of that to each other. And THAT is why I did not list the names of people who "bashed" me.

2424 days ago


80. I couldn't care less that he's gay, but his nasty little attitude is as off-putting as it can get.


Posted at 5:34PM on Mar 5th 2008 by Shandee

Finally, a voice of reason. When will gays get it through their heads that many of them are despised not because of who chooae to sleep with, but because every vile, snide, sarcastic, caustic comment that comes out of their foul mouths is supposed to be deemed "cute" merely because they are gay. This unpleasant little creature and that obnoxious Christian from Project Runway are cut from the same cloth. I'm sick to death of obnoxious gays and I'm sick of men tryimg to convince us they are 13-year-old girls. Screw whomever you want, but stop the whiny falsettos. You sound ridiculous.

2424 days ago


Maybe if he stopped snapping around his neck and acting so feminine he wouldn't be "at-risk"! He is a weird person point plank period no if, ands or buts!!

2424 days ago


Please we should not feel sorry for this kid! People get teased all the time! Nobody gives damn about 50 men swarming Britney Spears everyday and NO she doesn't deserve like you all say the only things she does is go to gas stations and stores! EVERYDAY LIFE! He is an open target! Ok you like men! That's fine but why talk like a woman? Die your hair purple and make stupid vile videos! HE IS ASKING TO BE JUDGED AND RIDICULED! He is a arrogant rude little queer! Simon is there to JUDGE YOU AND YOUR PERFORMANCE! And he didn't drag your ass there you WENT SO NOW YOU WILL BE JUDGED BY THE WHOLE UNITED STATES! The only way this no talent having he/she will last is if all the dumb little girls who think he's cute vote for him and all the gays!

2424 days ago


I don't care if the kid is gay, straight, or in love with himself, I CAN'T STAND HIM! His attitude is horrible. I could care less if he can sing or not, he's not someone that I would ever consider an "idol". We already have enough people with bad attitudes in the music business.

2424 days ago

He's Boring now    

where does A.I. find these dummies, crooks, drunks and convicts? My gosh, what a cross section of lazy losers they parade in front of us. Aint a one of them this year worth a damn as far as talent goes. Bottom of the barrell stuff as if AI is doing it on purpose for gossip and morbid curiosity and ultimately ratings.

So glad to know their ratings are tanking this year....america is tiring of the c hirade.

2424 days ago
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