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Brit Hangs With the Kids -- Just Not Hers

3/5/2008 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is barely able to see her own offspring, but that hasn't stopped the popwreck from teaching dance to several young tots.

Brit Brit posed for pics yesterday after a lesson at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood.

Here's some advice kids: with the exception of the dancing, whatever Britney says -- do the opposite.


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Big Daddy    

very interesting nice one

2340 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

How nice of her. She can give these back at the end of the day.

2368 days ago


Eat a d**k, she has been seeing her OWN children quite often lately

2368 days ago


LOVE YA brit =0)

2368 days ago


you idiots at tmz are as screwe3d up as she is..leave her alone and let her get the therapy she needs...if teaching these children to dance...then so let it be...she's doing something useful and you idiots at tmz are always ready to jump the gun. man tmz needs to get a life!!!!!!!

2368 days ago


I guess you've gotta get your kid fix wherever you can! Ya think maybe she's starting to miss her babies? Naw, I didn't think so.

2368 days ago


Has anyone heard if Britney is pregnant with her pap boyfriend, or is that just a rumor? That would be awful. This woman should never have children again, until she knows how to be a good mother.

2368 days ago


TMZ, you suck. Brit is really trying and it is obvious. She IS seeing her own kids, she is doing the best she can. I think it's wonderful that she is teaching these girls dance. When I was younger I loved dance class. Maybe that's the next step in her career, and personally, I think it's a good step.

2368 days ago


TMZ.........................I just read on dlisted that Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer and not long to live! Why can't you report on something other than Kim Kardashian and Brit?

2368 days ago


Is it really that good that she's teaching kids to dance? She's not so good at it herself anymore. Remember the VMAs?

2368 days ago


TMZ seriously give it up...she isn't the story anymore and it pains you your money ticket is gone. Why aren't you reporting on the Patrick Swayze stuff? Furthermore, she is trying I gotta say that counts for something. Unlike you and some others here I believe in redemption and I also don't believe in making fun of the mentally ill. My gawd you know how many people are diagnosed with some type of mental illness and you are making fun of it. Wow you always talk about celebs not having any clas s...where is yours?

2368 days ago


I just do not get this at all. What parent in their right mind would allow her children around this girl right now? She is obviously very ill. It is not her fault at all, but come on, just yesterday she was walking around with her British accent. That is so NOT NORMAL!!!!

2368 days ago

sassy 123    

hey it looks good in court, and at least she isnt out getting drunk or being weird! plus i hear the children really enjoy her, so kudos to her, im happy to see her doing better, she was starting to get a lil "michael jackson crazy" but she seems to be back on the path to recovery!

2368 days ago


This is why I stopped reading TMZ months ago. You have always been a big Paris supporter but seem to hate Britney Spears. The only thing wrong with Paris is stupidity and greed, yet Britney is clearly ill and you write such crap.

Why don't you have the intelligence to write a real story, without the unfounded insults?

Yes, Britney has been seeing her children several times a week. I've noticed that she's seen them a few times without the media knowing about it, until much later if at all.

If the parents of these children are happy to have Britney teach them, then who are you to complain?

It's good to know that in this 21st century, with your educational advantages, that you still refer to the mentally ill by such titles as "popwreck." You really are no better than some of the lowlifes who post on your site, even though Harvey has expressed his superiority of everyone who posts.

2368 days ago


Well this just shows that Britney finally has someone who is serious about salvaging her image in her corner...and she's actually being forced to listen to them.
The sort of public image generated by pictures like this is what will get her own kids back to her, NOT the sort of image generated by naked crotch shots and endless trips to gas stations while wearing soiled whore clothes.

What I want to know is how in heck a woman could be as old as Britney is and not have the brains to realize that this is how the world works!
Sure, it's great that her father (I guess) is controlling her and trying to salvage her rep with the public and the courts but shame on him and her mother for allowing their baby to reach 26 or 27 years of age without having developed the intelligence, or grasp of reality to be able to figure this out for HERSELF!
Why should a woman THAT age need her father to spell out to her..."Okay, Britney, showing your naked crotch won't inspire the courts to give you back your sons."
My CAT can figure out that much!

2368 days ago
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