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Bar to Carly Smithson: Don't Come Back!

3/6/2008 1:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carly SmithsonThe bar where "Irish American Idol" contestant Carly Smithson used to work doesn't want her back -- because they want her to win!

TMZ spoke to some of Smithson's former co-workers at popular San Diego Irish bar The Field and they say Carly, who started out as a server and got promoted to bartender, is easy-going and good-natured. We're told her specialty was serving Guinness beer with hearts and shamrock shapes in the foam. That's talent, folks! Co-workers said Carly even picked up cooking tips from the bar's chef and loved making bacon-wrapped filet mignon. Paging PETA!

Despite releasing a failed album on MCA Records in 2001, we're told Carly often would sing at the bar after her Saturday night shift. Sounds like good "Idol" practice, because singing in front of a room full of drunks probably isn't that different than performing for Paula!


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carly looks like she got her eyeteeth filed down or something, they look different..

2420 days ago


Do you guys just lie in bed at night and think up really mean stuff to write as headings ? What kind of Mamas were mean to you as kids (TMZ Interns) ? Did the nuns hit your fingers with rulers ? Were you the bullys in Jr. High? I saw some of you on TMZ TV and you look like you were bullied a bit yourselves ! Don't forget about Karma .....Try to say something nice to someone, anyone today. It will make you a better person. Get a nice, affectionate doggie to love you and make you kinder. I recommend a Golden/Bernese Mountain/ English Setter/Lab Mix. Or, get a mini Schnauzer/poodle mix. Both are smart , loyal, and will love you forever. No mean stuff.....I'll call the ASPCA !

2420 days ago


I hope she wins!! She has my votes

2420 days ago


I DO NOT like this woman as an entertainer on AI. She acts entitled, like she is better than everyone else. The men are so going to have the winner this year-they are far more talented.

2420 days ago


TMZ - truth means zero ... is it even possible for you dolts to write a story, ANY STORY, and NOT trash someone?... oh, what am i saying?... i forgot who runs the show over there, it's dorf from peoples' court!

2420 days ago


I think that they need to make some more rules for this show, how bout to be on american idol you have to be born in america! they have european idol. anyway, also, she had a shot at fame before, too bad it didnt pan out, but this is about discovering and giving a chance to people who have never been "found". Gee whiz, and i fear shes getting a wee bit of a big noggin! I think she needs to be gettin o'er herself dontcha think?

2420 days ago


I agree daniellecolvin, they should have more rules for AI. She already had her shot in Ireland and she just didn't have "it" to make it, and now she is being gready by taking the place of an unfound talent. I hope she feels guilty every second of her journey. And even if she does win, she is going to get stuck in a strick contract and she will not be able to do what she wants and she will not make the money she thinks she will. Karma's a b*tch.


2420 days ago


I can totally sympathize with ANYone tnhat has to suffer working as a "server" or with the public in ANY capacity - I hope she wins as well.. being a subserviant grunt not only doesn't cover the bills at all these days ... it sucks! Anyone who can break out of being a wage slave is awesome

2420 days ago


I've had a 'blessed' Guinness before. The shamrock shape is a result of blessing the foam, a la the Catholic self-blessing. Lots of Irish bars do it.

2420 days ago


hey TMZ - I'm surprised you guys didn't ferret out this juicy little morsel:

When asked as part of her profile for the AI web site pages which American Idol moment from the past 6 seasons she cherished most, did Carly cite great performances or favorite winners like everyone else? No--Carly said "When Sanjaya got voted off." Whaaa...?? Oh, Carly. Dear. That's not just politically incorrect it's downright mean-spirited.

The discovery of this bit of nastiness caused such a buzz backlash online today that it has SINCE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE IDOL WEB SITE. And to make it even more ridiculous--instead of deleting the entire question, the profile now just has "N/A" as the answer. Laaaaame.

2420 days ago


I loved Carly's version of "I drove all night" last night on AI. Nothing wrong with an Irish girl being on AI, I think she is married to an American fellow anyway. Hope she goes all the way to the top 2 on AI. Paula needs to stay sober before showtime! She looks ridiculous trying to talk while high/drunk.

2420 days ago


I like carly she is from my "home town" S.D. Where is The Field?? Does anyone know? I think she has a great voice as well. Not crazy about the arms but to each his own. Now who out there knows what HTH means?

2420 days ago


MCA invested $2.2 MILLION in producing and promoting Carly and look folks she already had her big break, she doesn't have the "it" factor, she sold LESS THAN 400 RECORDS, and Randy was one of the folks pushing her at the label. They're just trying to make back their money off her and her past shows she is not going to deliver -- her label gave her more than one chance, now she's got a shot for American Idol? This is a rip.

2420 days ago


She doesn't deserve it. She had her shot and no one liked it. Someone else deserves it.

2420 days ago

Kathy W    

She and Michael rock! I hope she get's the platform she needs- she's the best!
Paula is a bit crazy..

2419 days ago
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