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Jamie Lynn Is Seriously "Miss Guided"

3/6/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Getting out of a car in a skimpy top and mini-skirt, pregnant teen Jamie Lynn Spears channeled her inner Britney for a guest spot on the upcoming ABC series, "Miss Guided."
Jamie Lynn Spears
The episode was shot in October, before the child star revealed she was with child.


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to think this is what 8- 13 yr olds are watching . . . unbelieveable!
Lynn Spears, you should be ashamed of yourself . . . .

2360 days ago


How about mentioning the pervert who took the picture. Isn't she under age??

2360 days ago

no more rednecks    

what else do you expect from trailer trash?

2360 days ago


I cannot believe I know this broads name and/or what she looks like... but, Jamie looks like Teagan Pressly or however you spell her whore name in that pic... which would explain the scene and the outfit. Yikes....

2360 days ago


This girl is being scruntinized to the point of being under a microscope ......she is AWARE of her mistake (how could she not be) ....but they chose to have the baby rather than abort the life within her ...that has to mean something.......yes, she made a grave mistake but how would any of us feel if we had a camera with us 24 hours a day revealing our inadequacies, tempers, imperfections, especially on a show that is a NON-REALITY SHOW, this is reality.................NOT ALL CHILDREN LIVE THE LIFE OF ZOEY......its "SHOW BUSINESS" which means its for "SHOW"........ITS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have problems like the rest of us ...."Are they in the public eye?" , of course, they are...........but does that mean they are not HUMAN, of course, it doesn't,,,,,,,,"Why do you think that Rock Hudson went all the years of his career denying his alternative lifestyle to the point of marrying a woman" ......................Ingrid Bergman was outcast due to wedlock with the child we call "Isabella Rosalini".............parents refuse to marry and live together ............the degradation of our society is displayed by the "Entertainment Industry" yet they are the first to judge siting examples or role models when they exploit it to their advantage ....this kid is truly a product of her environment...............except her mother opposed ABORTION while the other kept it on the lowdown without a a 2nd thought..........there is NO WAY IN HELL THAT THEY COULD HAVE THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE THE 'EASY WAY OUT"...........seriously!!!!

I do not agree with it , I have daughters myself that view this program but the common denominator is 'I HAVE DAUGHTERS!!!! so do not be so quick to judge especially IN LIGHT OF THE DECADENCE THAT IS PROMOTED WITHIN THAT INDUSTRY AND CAPITALIZED ON...............ITS HYPOCRITICAL ...AT BEST!

2360 days ago

who dat    

All the under-age girls in Louisiana have sex with their brothers and fathers. It's normal activity for that area.

2360 days ago


shame on you mentioned that it was not the father... make up your mind.. all your family are just
*************** basketcase ********************. all of you shud go to rehab...

2360 days ago

Vintage '51    

Looking and acting like this it's no wonder so many young girls are getting pregant at such young ages .She's their poster child. They don't know the meaning of "being a lady" and leaving "a little to one's imagination".It's sad that so many girls consider Jamie, Lindsay, Paris, Britney & so many more wannabee's their idols. Having morals is a thing of the past.Heaven help the next generation as we continue to see the destruction of our future "role" models.Jamie continues to seek and get the attention she craves. So pathetic but she's only one among many.

2360 days ago

Britney loves paparazzi    

That picture is probably a scene from the show... Why would she be getting out of a piece of junk car like that in real life?

2360 days ago


She's a SKANK!!!!

2360 days ago


#26 - you wondered why she was getting out of a "piece of junk" BECAUSE SHE IS A PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!

2360 days ago

Tyra Banks    

You're extremely smart, aren't you, Chas? Douche bag.

2360 days ago


"Spearette" ho(s) are poster children for other screwed up Louisiana youth. Check this breaking news story from New Orleans. It'll break your heart ...

2360 days ago


So much make up for someone so young...what a pity!

2360 days ago
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