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Greasy Gets Firecrotched!

3/8/2008 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After Brandon Davis finally found his ride outside of Villa last night -- and it took longer than it should have -- a very boobalicious club-goer unleashed a rant on him to rival the classic "Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch!" diatribe.
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Is not having a table at Villa really an insult?


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Virginia Grand    

Brandon Davis is a useless human being.............Although I didn't think much about the way the girl presented herself, I agreed with her! Somebody needs to put him a way from the camera.

2417 days ago


Thanks for the interesting news

2403 days ago

Sharon M    

He is such a douchebag!

2428 days ago


Looks like his Grandmother cut the funds! Good for her..He is a disgrace. A classless piece of trash.

2428 days ago


Please! Like this skanky whore has any right to open up her mouth! She's all class! She's just thinks she's all that because some rich dude picked her up from her corner.

2428 days ago

Sir Boo    

Oh that chick is REAL class. Barely dressed and cussing up a storm. Her boyfriend must be real proud. SKANK!!

2428 days ago


No sympathy for the boyfriend. You guys want a girfriend who looks like a porn star, then you have to accept porn star behavior too.

2428 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

That girl has been tag teamed before by 2 guys. I bet she hasn't told her BF about that

She is a self conscious loser, and talks about all her GF behind their backs, because she is unhappy.

2428 days ago


she pretty much summed him up yeah

2428 days ago


Maybe it's the lurid glare of the camera lights, but the nighttime club scene at the so-called hotspots always looks weird and repellent, like someplace you'd want to avoid rather than patronize (even if you could get a table).

2428 days ago


Thats the worst kind of woman....shes given attention for being cute and grows up to think shes smart, cool, etc.

2428 days ago


I know this HOBAG will be on here reading these comments, because she so obviously flocked to the TMZ cameras as soon as they were present to her. Wellllll, you wanted you 15 minutes of fame you dirty tramp, now you have them. Unfortunately, I do know this trash and instead of making Brandon Davis look like a douche (which he undoubtedly is), one again she has shown herself to be nothing but Jersey trash. You can take the trash outta Jersey, but you can never wash off that Jersey smell. Disgusting. And more more tidbit, your boyfriend cheats on you quite often, so you might want to focus on fixing that problem, instead of trying to make yourself a "star" for TMZ. You're an embarrassment.

2428 days ago

L. P.    

I CANNOT BELIEVE the way that woman (slut) is dressed! (??) Are there really women who walk around lime that?? She is just asking to get raped! What has this society come to?

2428 days ago


Something nice: At least her boobs looked natural.
Something mean: If it walks like ho, talks like a ho', acts like a ho'...well you know the rest.

2428 days ago


#10 Rape does not have to do with what you wear. That's a very ignorant statement. It's about power and control. If you have time to come to a gossip site, maybe you should find the time to educate yourself about rape.

2428 days ago
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