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Firm Claims Employee Screwed Them at Sundance

3/10/2008 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a big New York PR shop hired P. Diddy's former chief of staff to be their marketing point man in Sundance -- only to see the guy totally ditch them on the first day of the festival!
In a lawsuit filed in New York, 5W Public Relations alleges that Akil Rucker took the post of Director of Marketing -- and a $250,000 budget -- to get the party started for several of the firm's clients at the Sundance Film Festival.

He was supposed to "attract and book corporate sponsors and celebrities" to head to Sundance- on their dime. 5W says after eight months of prep, Rucker abruptly bailed on the job the very day that Sundance started, without any warning, and after he'd already been given checks to give to vendors! As a result, 5W had to scramble to get their Sundance on -- though they still managed to get the Hiltons, Mary-Kate Olsen, and other celebs to come to their parties.

"Akil Rucker has tremendously damaged 5W Public Relations and will be held responsible. We can't comment any further on legal matters," said Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W Public Relations. Akil Rucker wasn't immediately available for comment.

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bob eubanks    

Akil Rucker is very good with people of ALL races and ages. He is a TRUE con man. I have known him for years and can say with confidence that I was shocked when I heard that he had been given a prestigious position as Director of Marketing for such a reputable firm. This guy couldn't follow through as a mailman! He is one of the most egocentric, womanizing, unprofessional fakes in the New York scene. 5W should have done their homework on this guy, they would've found out quickly that he is a fraud.

2329 days ago


i've dealt w/ both the plantiff & defendant for different projects in the past and have found mr. torassian a complete idiot, while mr. rucker has been nothing but professional, going beyond what he's expected in order to deliver amazing results. if anyone were to track the histories of both parties it's apparent who is accustomed to treating their people like crap (ronn) and who works their ass off to produce (akil). i also call think it's pretty low that tmz would publish this because of their relationship to ronn simply to try & run mr. rucker's name through the mud. a note to jack-off, why would you comment on the name akil while seemingly agreeing that it makes sense to add a second "N" to a name like Ron? stupid.

2392 days ago


Ronn Torossian is a complete idiot. He pretends that he is much more than he actually is. His firm represents all the flashy titles he says, Evian, McDonlads, Bad Boy etc, I just sourced how many PR companies represent Evian, over 32, and over 8 represent bad Boy and over 12 represent Mc Donalds in America alon. Ron Torossian is a broke, full of crap cheap pr man that is abusive to everyone around him. He is just a hype and nothing more than a night club promoter.

2385 days ago


Ronn Torossian is a sheer genius. Go Ronn go.

2384 days ago


Simple case.

Rucker stole. Torossian owns a business and got screwed. Seems pretty cut & dry.

Torossian's making millions and a smart guy. The future of PR.

2384 days ago


Ronn is an angry, litigious and dangerous man. Also just a jerk.

2415 days ago


Gillian Sheldon and Katie Daryl are hot... FIRST!

2415 days ago

Deliman in the 206    

Who gives a rats ass?

2415 days ago

He's Boring now    

P. Diddys PR man---that was their first mistake...their second was getting anyone with a first name like this clowns to be in charge of money without supervision.

Serves them all right...

2415 days ago

ron da don    

Hey Jack Off,
you sound really dumb and ignorant. What does his name have to do with anything? And just a reminder, P Diddy is probably more of a business than a business man and anyone who was ranked highly in his organization is probably so much more qualified than your backwards ass could dream of. Hopefully you realize that you are not very bright and refrain from making any more comments. Better to stay quite and let people think your stupid than to speak and confirm their beliefs.

2415 days ago

laura walker    

omg you are ignorant Jack off

2415 days ago

laura walker    

What in the hell does a name have to do with anything? Do us all a favor crawl back in your hole and turn on 'hee haw' or better yet save your comments for your like minded, ignorant friends at the clan rally

2415 days ago

He's Boring now    

This guy stole something---he promised to deliver and did not. That is theft, whether by money, commitment, time, people or things. It was a dirty thing to do at the last minute. he should never work in that field again. Oh maybe he did it because its mainly white people at Sundance and he has no feeling for them but if it was a hip hop thing he wo9uldnt do it, cause he'd probably get shot if he didnt. Stupid White people, getting taken by this guy. let the courts determine his guilt and the degree to which he should pay both in civil and criminal.

2415 days ago


To the don(ald) : Who was the General who said, " There are men in the Ranks, who will STAY in the Ranks, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T THE ABILITY TO GET THINGS DONE. " This applys here, doesn't it ? Thought so, you Pompous windbag.

2415 days ago


Hey you- the don, How could the guy be "highly qualified " because he worked for Sean Combs, when he did not deliver on the task at hand at SUNDANCE. You are really a certified NUT ! Just like everyone says !

2415 days ago
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