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Carnie Wilson's Big Comeback

3/11/2008 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She had her gastric bypass surgery broadcast on the Internet in 1999 and appeared on "Celebrity Fit Club" in 2006, but former Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson's battle of the bulge wages on -- as she worked out with a trainer in L.A. on Monday.

Hold on for one more day, girl!


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Bless her heart that sucks! Hang in there.

2394 days ago

pattie in cali    

sorry, work it off

2394 days ago


Weight gain is a complex mechanism. In some cases, such as during gastric bypass, the body sense starvation and drop its baseline lower. Therefore even eating small portion will still cause weight gain since the body may see 100 lbs as sufficient and then store the rest as fat.

These are sad cases where research studies have not been able to understand the process. There are scientists worldwide who are spending their entire careers studying the mechanisms. Much is known, but the complexity makes it a seemingly slow process in the understanding of obesity.

For this reason, people, including TMZ staff, should not make fun of overweight individuals. Remember no one likes to be overweight.

2394 days ago

how dumb    

To #38 hedda hopper -

I think your idea is TERRIFIC! I agree.... TMZ should post pictures of their own staffers, and let viewers make comments on their physical appearance. See how they like it....


2394 days ago


Bless her heart, that has REALLY got to suck. Skinny doesn't necessarily equate to happy, but she's at a very unhealthy weight. Good luck to you, Carnie....just keep on working at it!

2394 days ago


great, but you have to RUN, not walk to burn off some calories. walking slowly with a water bottle isn't going to do it. this is what happens when you are basically lazy and try to fix the weight problem with surgery.

2394 days ago


You have got to be a lazy pig to still be fat after that surgery.

2394 days ago


How the heck do you people know that she 'Is trying her best' to be healthy? It sure doesn't look like it. I bet you 10 BigMacs that she stopped exercising and started eating junk food again..
The super sympathetic comments must be coming from other fat people. Take responsibility and move on.

2394 days ago


No discipline

2394 days ago


Just so we are clear,
Having children does not = being fat.

2394 days ago

how dumb    

To the person who posted the info about Caroline Sutherland's book "The Body Knows".... any idea where to get it for less than $60? Her website charges $60!! Thanks..

2394 days ago


You know, I've always liked Carnie, very nice lady with a talented voice. And it must be really difficult to have gone through surgery and still be having a weight problem. But of course, that's my point. Surgery is dangerous and is not a guaranteed fix. I had a girlfriend several years back that spent $7000 on liposuction, just to gain all the weight back six months later. If you don't change your eating habits, exercise routine and lifestyle, no surgery is going to work. I feel bad for her, and good for her, at least she's not letting it get her down and she is trying to lose the weight naturally.

2394 days ago


Just have to add - #55 - you are sooooo right. I am 46 years old, I have FOUR grown children. I am only 5' tall and weigh 120 pounds. No, I am not fat and most people cannot believe I ever had four kids. After my 3rd one I still had a 23" waist and after my 4th one at the age of 28 I had a 26" waist. Alot of it has to do with metabolism and then again, so many other factors. Hell, I think I was just too busy running around after four kids to ever gain weight!

2394 days ago


Gastric bypass is not a permanent fix. It is possible to out-eat the surgery. Food addictions are just as hard as drug addictions to beat. It's just as easy to fall off the wagon, and just as hard to get things back under control. And, no, the stomach isn't attached to the outer opening (look up for info good grief). Fact is...gastric bypass is a TOOL for losing weight. I had one 5 1/2 years ago, lost 135 lbs and have kept it off. That doesn't mean I don't still struggle with food addiction--esp at Girl Scout Cookie time! I hope Carnie can lose the weight she's gained without having to have surgery again. She's used this tool before to get to the size which made her feel best; I hope she can do so again.

2394 days ago


I thought I had read she was trying to have another child. Could she possibley be pregnant? Or maybe she has the bypass reversed as some have complications (such as Sharon Osborne). Either way, she is a talented girl and I would love to hear about her next musical venture. I just don't understand why the way someone looks is so important today with all the other complications of life. We are at war, the enviornment is being trashed, in a recession and so many other important issues but we have to trash a vibrant woman who happens to not meet some stupid magazine ideal? Get a grip and move on.

2394 days ago
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