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Francis -- Finally Finished with Florida?

3/11/2008 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Francis is on his way back to Florida to face the legal music there, and TMZ has confirmed that he could be finished with his contentious case as soon as tomorrow -- striking a plea deal to answer felony charges stemming from a 2003 incident involving the filming of two allegedly underage girls.

Law enforcement sources have been telling TMZ that they've been "licking their chops" to get their legal mitts on the "Girls Gone Wild" pimpresario for the past year, while Francis was in a Nevada jail facing tax evasion charges. But we hear that both sides may have decided at last to get the mess over with and settle the case.

The State's Attorney's office was mum on what form the plea deal will take tomorrow, but, if he goes to trial, Francis faces up to 40 years in prison on the two charges of using minors in a sexual performance. He's scheduled for a noon appearance at Judge Dedee Costello's courtroom.

Joe's rep had no comment on the situation today.

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Very Interesting    

Good For JOE!!! Welcome home my friend... now get back to work and make some more movies!!!

2416 days ago

Dick Weed    

Not 1st,but I don't care bitches

2416 days ago


If there was justice, he would be free today. He did NOT film those minors. Check out meetjoefrancis dot com for the real story. Screw the florida justice system. If you hate porn so much, ban it, but don't use dirty tactics to go after one man who happens to be in the industry. The judge and the mayor of that town should resign, what complete ass*****.

2416 days ago



2416 days ago


I would like to know how much this sob had to pay under the table.........................if in fact he does get off!

2416 days ago


well first of all I think its pretty sad that a person of this stature has to involve himself with underage kids for his own enjoyment. he is just as bad as a pedafile. you would think that someone with this kind of stature and money has the ability to just go out and pay for a prostitute who is of legal age. duhhhhh, but I guess its more exciting to have someone underage.. how pathetic is this, again stars think that they can do anything that they want. goes to show you , you arent all that now are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2416 days ago

Adam C.    

Good for you Joe. Now you can continue to peddle the smut that contributes to the degradation of our youth, as well as home life for married couples. In some ways, its not entirely your fault that your smut is consumed by susceptible persons; people would probably use lesser known porn anyways if yours wasn't available on public television. Congradulations on your release, now you can continue to contribute nothing to the moral fiber of our young people. It looks like you'll have to wait until God himself renders judgement upon you.

2416 days ago


I'm sure the meetjoefrancis website was developed by Joe! So, I am sure it is the TRUTH!!!! Right!

2416 days ago


Joe you are being so railroaded over this whole thing!

2416 days ago


Keep up the good work Joe!
Congratulations on the new magazine coming up.

2416 days ago


Congrats Joe. Good luck in Florida.

2416 days ago

GGW Fan    

Heck Yeah. Those girls showed fak ID and signed a form saying they were over 18. How is this Joe's fault? It's not. He got on the wrong side of some hill billy floridians who decided they would make an example of him. OOPs, going to settle after one day? Guess thier case isn't that strong after all.

2416 days ago


What the hell?! People who commit murder don't always get 40 years!!! Are you kidding, me!!! He didn't even film them!

2416 days ago


I can't believe something so pity as this is taking this long, I mean gimmie a freakin break! It's not like he forced them into doing anything!

2416 days ago

Joe the plumber    

He WAS NOT THERE WHEN THESE GIRLS WERE FILMED. NOR DID HE EVER VIEW THE TAPES. This guy is a victim of people not liking him due to his success. Is his success from a moral business. NO! But nobody is forcing people to buy his tapes. Sex sells and he is meeting the demand. He deserves a speedy trial and BAIL!

2416 days ago
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