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Janet Feels Too Nasty for "SNL"

3/11/2008 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet Jackson won't be live from New York this Saturday night -- she's got the flu!

Sources tell TMZ that Ms. Jackson has dropped out of performing on "Saturday Night Live" this week. No word who her replacement will be.

Us first reported Janet checked into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. last night for shortness of breath and the flu.

Story developing ...


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lied about daniel's results?    

Posted at 3:25PM on Mar 11th 2008 by magickat

obviously, you dont get much.
she is in LA, not NYC!

besides who are yu? the CDC flying over all newyork with your little flu monitor? how can you speak for all NYC?

2382 days ago


Feel better soon, Janet!!! And for all the haters that posted - kick rocks!!!! Janet is DA BOMB, always has been always will be. Enjoy a big, tall, cold glass of HATER-ADE. Lol...

2382 days ago


What do you BET that she's not got the flu -- but is jacked up from her latest starvation diet??
An album comes out ... she's suddenly thin and fit and "fierce" -- and is revered for her "fitness"... as soon as it's passed she gains weight and starts wearing sweats again.

She looked excruciatingly thin the other day on Live! with Regis and Kelly -- I think she's worn herself out!

Honestly - it's healthier to be a little overweight and STAY there than to yoyo up and down -- KILLS your body and your whole digestive system since you KNOW she's not doing it healthily (No - I don't buy that she "eats raw food" and that's how she "maintains" her shape)

Janet ... you, by nature, are a BBW ... accept it -- embrace it.

2382 days ago


BTW ... forgot to say -- She creeps me right OUT!!!

2382 days ago

double standards    

You mean either lip-synch or whisper, right? Thank you flu!

2382 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Aww too bad . . . she could have played Mrs Obama on SNL's next racist "comedy" skit.

Good for you

2382 days ago

He's Boring now    

Shes scared----she realizes she is a no talent when it comes to Live performance, whether the spoken or sung word. She probably cant remember her lines anyway.

Shes a confused as the rest of those Fathered by Joe Jackson...a known child and wife beater and abuser and cheat. why that momma Jackson stayed with him all these years says something doesnt it...the power of abuse over the come Tito or Jackie never roughed up the Old Man? Cause Joe still commands Fear over these people.

Shameful, the whole Lot of Them

2382 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

She probably has aversion to performing LIVE.. she lipsyncs.. that would not be cool.
I also think her failed album (yes her 3rd in a row) is killing her.
She got to Number 1 (orders to the stores..not through the registers) with 183,000 copies ordered.

She is done.

2382 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

the saturday night live write also said of the three he thought hillary was the most brilliant.
he said although he supported obama, hillary would be his choice to do skits about because
she would present a real challenge because she is so smart and knows the issues so well.

2382 days ago


4. What a coincidence, does she realize how many people cancelled their engagements and had planned on staying home to watch?
What a freaking bitch!

Posted at 3:14PM on Mar 11th 2008 by Jizy

Are you serious? I wouldn't cancel taking out the trash to watch Janet Jackson!

2382 days ago

Hells Kitchen dogwalker    

Lack of talent is killing the music biz. Christina, Justin, Alicia, John Mayer, Pink, Mary J- none of 'em are any good. Compare them to the stars of the 80s (never mind the truly talented stars of the 60s) and they come up as a buncha poseurs!

2382 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

God forbid the woman should die on a day that is inconvenient for you.
Just when did God put you guys in charge of health and death?

2382 days ago


I really hope this isn't true and we still get to see her perform.
For all of you who say she can't sing, ya need to watch some of her live performances
youtube a song like "Again" in concert or at the Academy Awards
no, she doesn't have a voice like whitney,
but she can pack just as much emotion into a song like that beautifully
#1 album in america, #1 movie in america, #1 dvd in america ALL this year
quit hatin, and recognize someone's true talent.

2382 days ago

tippy katz    

oooh, luscious, you hurt me so bad.
don't you talk bout my momma
(but how did you know she can't sing?)
That don't mean I'm happy she's sick.
and....YOUR momma!

2382 days ago


Ok by reading these comments, most just sound way too ignorant. It seems as if whomever writing negative comments need to educate themselves. If you look at old janet she has performed many times on SNL. If you seen her in concert, she blew it out of the water. Can the woman be sick? Can she please take care of herself? You are right, Janets voice isnt one of the strongest, but she is sure one hell of a performer. In her present album she has only ONE song where she "whispers" is the song "i wanna rock wit u" which actually flows with the song. This album is one of her best projects yet. Maybe some of yall are too young to appreciate Janet. Ive been following her music career ever since the Janet Album came out in the early 90s... And now that im 26 I really appreciate and have been watching her evolve. She still carries herself maturely. Moreover, her album is currently number one one the Billboard 200 charts. So before you go on and critizize this 41 year old woman, please do your reasearch because it just sounds like you are poorly educated. You cant knock a womans hustle, just like everyone else, she has to put food on the table, and pay bills. Keep it moving.

2382 days ago
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