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Mary Ann -- More Like Mary Jane!!

3/11/2008 2:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dawn Wells, the actress that played Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island," was busted with marijuana in her car after driving home from her birthday party in Idaho -- and she's 69!
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Wells was pulled over on October 18 after a Teton County sheriff noticed her swerve across the center lines of State Highway 33 and repeatedly speeding up and slowing down. A search produced four half-smoked joints and two small cases to store marijuana -- which she blamed on hitchhikers. Even Gilligan wouldn't buy that one!

Wells is now serving a three hour tour six months of unsupervised probation for the crime. She pleaded guilty to one count of reckless driving and was sentenced last month to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation.


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OMG, Gilligan got his Pot from Mary Ann!! LMAO

In 1998, Denver was arrested for having a parcel of marijuana delivered to his home. He originally said that the parcel had come from Dawn Wells (who had played "Mary Ann" on Gilligan's Island) but later refused to name her in court, and testified that "some crazy fan must have sent it". The police reportedly found more of the drug and related paraphernalia in Denver's home. He pleaded no contest and received six months probation.

2383 days ago

lied about daniel's results?    

Posted at 2:42PM on Mar 11th 2008 by Cuesta_Rey

does that mean crystal meth laws are in place to put WHITES in jail?


2383 days ago


Right on! Everyone does it, shouldn't it be legal by now??????? Puff, puff, pass grama!

2383 days ago


I want to look that good when I'm 69. If pot makes you look that young, I'm going to get some today.

2383 days ago


# 9 What "Sad"? Sad is going to a Doctor and getting a prescription for narcotic pain medication or anxiety xanax...then getting easily addicted to it before you even know you are a drug addict thanks to good old Doctor's..

Why not legalise medical marijuana? Grow something in your back yard that can cure pain, cancer nausea, menstrual cramps relax you etc.
Cigarette smoking, is legal and has absolutely ZERO medical or health benefit , it's associated with Cancer and causes second hand dangers to ALL human beings. Liquor is legal and has catastrophic health effects.

After 9-11, I cant get on a plain with our taking off my shoes and getting a random pat-down ask yourself this: How is so many drugs getting into this country with our government observation?

Could it be that goverment has a 23 BILLION $ budget for education of the dangers of "Drugs" and the war on drugs?
Why change it? Wake up America Marijuana is on earth for a reason. Why not regulate it and tax it? It's probably more lucrative to jail non violent drug offenders at 60 thousand dollars each per year in packed prisons owned by private company's like formerly Wackenhut who gives generously to elected officials and has drug related prisoners working chain gang (Slavery) making hand over fist of dollars? And this is winning the War on Drugs?

Legalize Marijuana!

LEGALIZE MARAGUANA ! Don't operate a vehicle on it, but then People drive on Oxycontin, vicodin,xanax, & liquor, all the time.

2383 days ago


Good God, the woman is almost 70 years old, she was coming home from her birthday party, and she had a little weed. Big deal! She sure as hell didn't deserve to get five days in jail! And couldn't they have just made her fine $420 instead of $410.50? I say, smoke 'em if you got 'em, honey....we always did like Mary Ann (Jane) best!

2383 days ago


UHM............... Hitchhikers, yeah, hitchhikers left it in my car, yeah thats it. LOL! LEGALIZE IT. It is a billion times better than alcohol. Go May Ann!

2383 days ago


Hats off to ya little buddy!!

2383 days ago


sorry for the typos! I'm not a good speller but I can roll a fatty!

2383 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

maybe it inncocently washed up on shore or the proffessor synthisized it out of coconuts and salt water but seriously LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!already its healthy and good 4 all

2383 days ago

April Fouels    

2383 days ago


Go Granny go!

2383 days ago



2383 days ago


Now I know why she was always making coconut pies on the island!

Leave her alone!

2383 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

Hmmm, who would have thought that MaryJane was the secret to eternal youth? Damn, I gotta get me some chronic asap!

2383 days ago
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