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Did David Cook Rip-Off "Eleanor Rigby"?

3/12/2008 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook was on fire with his rendition of the Beatles classic "Eleanor Rigby" on "Idol" last night -- but a Seattle band claims he swiped the arrangement from them.

The band DOXOLOGY recorded their version of the track a year and a half ago, putting it up on iTunes and on the band's MySpace page. The band's manager tells TMZ the song is what they're best known for and have played it at nearly 200 shows.

Click to hear!The manager says the band has no intention of suing, but they're trying to get in touch with the show -- they want some props.

"Idol" tells TMZ the contestants pick their song and present their ideas for the arrangement to the show's musical department and work with them on it.

Welcome to Hollywood.


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How could David possibly know this version from a band in Seattle that no one else has ever heard of? Putting a rock twist on the song doesn't have a lot of options. I agree with the person who said Doxology should be happy they are getting some publicity. Did they actually copyright their version? I think not.

2417 days ago


Incubus was another joke of an accusation. Listen to their version. It is nothing like David's. Just because they are a 'rock' group and have done the same song does not make it a copy. I can not hear any similarities whatsoever.

2417 days ago


I listened to the Doxology version of Eleanor Rigby and it sounds nothing like David Cook's. The melody is the same but is not really that much different than the original. Doxology's version sounds like Elmer Fudd is singing it. I also listened to Incubus and their vocals are much softer and the tempo is slower. It sounds nothing like David Cook's verison. Again the only resemblance is that it was sung with a rock vibe. All of the songs on the show are being sung by someone besides the original performer with their permission. Give David his props for doing what he needs to do to win the competition. He's got the looks and the voice. He is a great performer. Move on already.

2417 days ago


I just checked out Incubus's Hello and they are not even the same either. You people are all mad. You know I also didn't see the 1866# the other night for any of these "arrangements" either. Where was I suppose to be voting for that?

2417 days ago

Who did Doxology cover?    

Ok, so you compared David Cook to Doxology. How about comparing Doxology to all of the people who have covered 'Eleanor Rigby' as well, which one of them should Doxology be crediting? All of the following are available on YouTube, just type in eleanor rigby and one of the names below. So yeah, check them out and you tell me.
Godhead, Pain, Ray Charles, Stanley Jordan, The Zoot, Thrice, Montana Skies, The Fray, Acceptance, Kanye West, Panic! At The Disco, Rocko and the Devils, Boemia Rock, Oasis, Cidado Quem, Kansas and the COUNTLESS others who have done covers of this song.
Fact is, IT'S A COVER!! They didn't write the song, they don't own the song, they don't own the credit FOR the song, so what right do they have to demand props for anything?? Many have covered the song before them, many after them and I bet that people will be covering it for years to come, that's what makes it a classic. And I'm sorry, but in my opinion, if you're doing a cover, even if it's a cover of another cover, the ONLY people who deserve any type of credit are the people who actually wrote the song in the first place.

So yeah, Doxology, you get PROPS for covering a song by The Beatles, but go cry to someone else and take a ride on your own fame, not someone else's.

2417 days ago


Bottom line: he sang it better than Doxology.

2417 days ago

DOX ROCKS!!!!    

All of you NON-musicians need to stop writing in. You might as well be talking out of your butts!!!! 1) Doxology is NOT a cover band. They do one cover in there shows, and guess what, it's Elinor Rigby. Everything else is original and DAMN good also! 2) It's not about the vocals of David, which by the way, were not very good at all, its about the music. The keys, the rythem, the hits, the pauses, the guitar licks, and everything else that gose into making an arragment. With that said, Daivd Cook what did not belong to him, and now he's going to make Money off of it. THAT IS WRONG!!!! And last but not least, to the person who wrote that DX sounded like Elmer Fund. Before you write something so FREAKING STUPID!, maybe you should first, figure out what a good singing voice sounds like. Because you, yourself, probably sound like a dog in heat when you try to sing, and think you sound like Usher for God sacks. Get a life.

DX - Keep doing what your doing. You guys are Awesome and deserve the proper respect! Keeps your heads up and remember, Everything works together for good.

2417 days ago


I watch the TMZ show regularly and were wondering when they were gonna dish dirt on David since they've been throwing it at a lot of the other Idol contestants each night. Is this the best they've got? Who Cares!!!! DC Rocks! So what if they're covering songs if he does anything remotely different it's still coming from him. Kinda like plagirism people change a word in a sentence and it's not copying. I tried listening to Doxology's song. I'll admit the musical arrangement is similar maybe even pretty close but their lead singer has nothing on David's singing. I almost fell asleep playing Doxology's song & Elanor Rigby is my fav. Beatles song. David never took credit for making that song his, EVER. Get a life and TMZ find better dirt!!!! I bet you can't on David.

2417 days ago


No way, no how, no comparison. Nice try for some free press, though. The song has been done to death so they are kinda grasping to say the least.

2417 days ago

DAVID COOK FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

David Cook is funny, personable, cool, sweet, and HOT!!! In addition, he's a fabulous musician and vocalist. Why are the "spies" at TMZ trying to find dirt on him??? Thsi is getting old. Pick on someone else!!!

2417 days ago


Hey Dox Rocks I don't have to be able to sing to know what good music sounds like. I know the difference between what I consider good music and bad. I listened to the link and I watched a YouTube video and both were pretty bad. David Cook sang a Beatles song and if he makes money off of it he will have to share with whoever owns the song not all of the cover bands who have played it around the world. I'm pretty sure I've never seen the name Doxology on any major hit lists and I would be willing to bet that the lead singer couldn't even get past the initial screening much less into the top eleven of American Idol. So don't go hatin' on me because I have an opinion.

2416 days ago


Everyone coming down heavily on the side of either Dox or Cook, you're creating a tempest in a teapot. Both versions are so close to the Beatles arrangement, Cook did not rip off Doxology, he merely covered a Beatle song in a similar way. McCartney has a softer sweeter tonal quality, but it is still the Beatles arrangement any way you look at it. And it's the quality of the song that makes it, not Cook's performance or Dox's performance, both of which are mediocre. The Beatles always rock their own songs best.

2416 days ago

Not Taken in by Public Opinion    

You people need to take the time to listen to all 3 versions carefully (Beatles, DOXOLOGY, and David Cook's), Sure, DOXOLOGY made the song sound different, but only due to the instrumentals they used. The tempo is the same. David Cook ROCKED the song with his voice. Get off his back!

2416 days ago


Who cares if it sounds the same on american idol you sing other peoples songs!
david cook is AMAZING im like his biggest fan!!!! he is going to win!!!!!!!
i love him!!!!

2415 days ago


Um, ok so I had a comment on here, I was #176 but I guess you guys did not like what I wrote, so I will just write this instead....

David Cook Rocks! He is much better than Doxology will EVER be,,, I hope this will not be removed, as it is the truth!

2415 days ago
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