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Rihanna's Continental Irony

3/14/2008 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RihannaDuring a recent radio interview in Stockholm, urban diva Rihanna made it clear why she sticks to singing and not commenting on foreign policy -- and an umbrella doesn't cover up this one!

According to a Nordic TMZ source, the sultry songstress claims to love South American** and Thai food, but "doesn't like Mexican or Asian food."

Clearly Rihanna- anna- anna thrived more in her music classes than geography. Shut up and eat!

**Clearly we are aware that Mexico is not in South America.


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Nor Cal Reader    

Wouldn't be funny if the next photo of Rihanna we see is her eating at Taco Bell? Or is that what she thinks is Mexican food?

2383 days ago

Wake Up    

to Geography 101 (#69)--The Americas got the name from Amerigo Vespucci, NOT from a French map maker, LOL.

And the disparity in beliefs regarding whether or not Mexico is part of Central America is a result of people not understanding the difference beween "Central America" (capital C) and "central America" (lowercase C). Mexico is most certainly part of what was once called Mesoamerica or Middle America, but as a whole has never been part of the proper name, "Central America," which is defined by the group of countries that were once together as the Federal Republic of Central America. Prior to the formation of this republic, the area of Chiapas was considered to be part of Central America but then became part of Mexico. Mexico itself was never part of "Central America." The Federal Republic of Central America eventually split into separate countries, which we now know as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and so on, down the isthmus up to and including Panama.

2383 days ago

April Fouels    

The title is GOSSIP / RUMORS, I wanted to see if anyone has any REAL intelligence, Thanks for confirming it, I know you had to look it up. Your response took too long. Love-ya......

2383 days ago

Wake Up    

to Geography 101--if that comment was directed at me, I didn't have to look anything up, my friend. I simply don't spend massive amounts of time sitting on the TMZ site. I responded to your post when I read it. I teach history for a living and it just gets to me when I read so much misinformation. Yeah, I know, it's just a silly gossip site, but the ignorance is pathetic.

2383 days ago

April Fouels    

Sorry for delay, Norton was running, Thank You, see you again soon, don't eat any Rihanna....

2383 days ago


haha funny how she says she likes thai food but now asian food..
darling haha hate to break it to u but thai! is asain..hahah!

2383 days ago

April Fouels    

The only difference i know of between thai, and asian food is....Nothing, Maybe hotter sauce, take 3 steps and your either in Cambodia, Viet-nam, Laos,, is all called THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE....

2383 days ago


Yep, she looks good, can barely sing and no one told all of you that she's smart. Just because you have a huge forehead doesn't mean that serious geography knowledge is stored up there! So on cuteness, eyes and nice ass, she gets a pass.

2383 days ago


tmz staff your the ones that need a geography lesson not rihanna!!
leave the girl alone

2383 days ago


what at a dumb, pointless article. A waste of space and nothing more. TMZ just don't post stupid stuff like this. Nobody wants to read it.

2383 days ago


I thought Mexico was considered "Central America". I don't know much about geography but I looked it up once because a friend and I were debating on it recently. I could be wrong...

2383 days ago

Wake Up    

Chris--#83--"technically," Mexico is part of NORTH America, not Central America. But at least you knew it wasn't South America.

2382 days ago


Yes, it's true that not all asian food is the same but for dummies like Rihanna, saying she likes Thai food but not Asian food shows her stupidity. Uh hello, I guess they didn't teach you that Thailand IS an Asian country.

2382 days ago


Isn't Stockholm outside of the Thirty Mile Zone? TMZ do your readers a favor (or at least this one) do not waste our precious reading time with worthless fillers. We need substance. Focus on what matters, commercials for your grand TV show.

We should all thank Rihanna for her discerning palate of sophistication.

2381 days ago


Rihanna is not all that dumb. Mexico is NOT in South America...FYI TMZ! And Thailand is NOT the only country in Asia!

2321 days ago
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