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Girl Scouts Leave Mary Ann Stranded

3/15/2008 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dawn Wells' arrest for pot possession is no laughing matter -- the "Gilligan's Island" star has been dropped from speaking at a Girl Scout event in Palm Beach because of it!

Although a third party claimed responsibility for the marijuana, the Girl Scouts of the Palm Glades Council have nixed Dawn from speaking at their April 5 luncheon in Palm Beach. TMZ spoke with Holly Policy, a Scout spokesperson (who found out about Dawn's arrest by reading TMZ), who said, "We didn't feel it was appropriate for her to speak under the circumstances."

Who knew that Thin Mints and the munchies don't get along?


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That sucks. Mary Ann has always been a model Girl Scout. Thin Mints are my favorite.

2416 days ago


No matter how many years pass by, the crack of Dawn is always a sight to behold.

2416 days ago


Holly Policy??? For real? And Holly Policy works for the Girls Scouts??? ha I'm now boycotting the cookies until they rescind the dropping of Dawn. She's Mary Anne for cripes sakes!!!!!!!!!!!

2416 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

She can speak at my luncheon anytime. I would still hit that hard.
I use to spooge all of the time looking at Mary Anns and Gingers photos while growing up. I can just see all of them now out behind the minnow, rolling a fat doobie & smoking between takes. I bet Gilligan was the one that got all of the good pot. Remember he was arrested in Princeton WV for getting pot in the mail. I bet Mary Ann was just sending old Gilligan a sweet birthday present.

Mary Ann....if you read this, email me. I will meet you and rock your world. Your a hottie in my book!

2416 days ago


The Girl Scouts should be thankful that potheads have probably single-handedly supported the cookie sales over the last 4 decades... Don't bite the hand you feed!

2416 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

You American's and your creepy laws! cross the border and enjoy a smoke in Canda....

So much for your Freedom!

2416 days ago


but all the ped's are still fine.

2416 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Problem is the Girls Scounts shouldhave never had this lady, a former actress of a former tv show onthe F list be a speaker. No body of celebrity, tv etc., should be called on, paid, by these peopel. Why not pay money to a school and have that principal spaek. A nun is good. A teacher of the year. A local well-known, self-made business woman. A sority group from the university ...the lsit goes onand on. All money would go to a charity of the speakers choice. This country is too celebrity crazy. It is sick.

2416 days ago

hook, line and sinker    

Isn't that just wonderful........A story of a long forgotten actress leaving a quiet life in another state. Has the Hollywood slime barrel gone so dry that TMZ has to track a story of someone far removed from the Hollywood press?.........I certainly question Harvey's professional integrity to release this story. I would have thought better of someone from the People's Court. But then again that is just a court of law and not a good representation of right from wrong. Harvey, how does it feel to get paid to discredit someone who hasn't hurt you? Who made you the ultimate "ruiner" of lives. People don't need your help, they can do that to themselves. Didn't your mother ever teach you the "Golden Rule"?

2416 days ago


I wonder if it was kind bud?

2416 days ago

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

"Harveys professional integrity"

That has to be the funniest thing that I have ever read. Harvey is just another slimeball lawyer.....and gay.

2416 days ago

Lenn K.    

This is still a very funny story. I guess I'm neutral on this one. But I was a pot smoker when I was young and I do think it's harmful, but so is alcohol.

2416 days ago

Doctor Harvard.    

#6 our Freedom allows stupid Canadians like you to express your two sense towards Americans. Shut your trap and work on becoming our biggest ally instead of a dispiriting neighbor!

Oh and yeah, we grow the best herb...HA!

2416 days ago


Sorry she lost the engagemnt, bu you can't blame the girl scout people for nixing her. Otherwise I think this story is funny. However, who with sense drives with drugs in their car? On the news the cops said she smelled like pot. In that state she could take a trip to an island and not have to turn on the tv and see herself.

2416 days ago


The Girl Scouts need to check all the facts. Most original charges have been dropped. Ms. Policy, use TMZ for a heads-up about a future speaker, but realize your responsibility and make sure you follow through to get ALL the facts before you make a decision. This one is blatantly unfair.

2416 days ago
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