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Scott Storch -- Going Broke?

3/15/2008 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiffany, Scott Storch's yacht (listed by Rolling Stone at a cool $20 million), has just gone up for sale on eBay -- because it looks like the vampiric music producer can't pay the bills!

The 117 foot, 4-bedroom water palace is going for under $600,000 at the moment -- a huge price cut that can only be explained by this statement on the eBay bidding page: "Owner bought her and got short on money." Hmmm... Or could it be that someone exaggerated its price tag?? Naaaah.

Next step for Scott? This.


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Big Fred you're so full of crap it isn't even funny. Scott Storch is a homo. You will find him, Fred, and Larry Craig at a public men's room near you. Oh yeah, ebonics, whether spoken or written, are not scary or cool. You just look like a retard wannabe gangster.

2412 days ago


yea never heard him but if hes sellin it on ebay hes not too broke...if he was he would try and sell it to other rich fools for my opinion :).................and anyone who helps brooke hogan sing and annoy me is no friend of mine!

2412 days ago


Math doesn't add up. He brought it for $11M and is selling it for $600K after adding $300K worth of rennovations? I think the ebay listing poster added an extra 1 to the original purchase price.

Not sure who this character is (it seems like he has a lot of defenders on this site who have a 3rd grade grammar level), but $600K is a -steal- for this boat. Might be some sort of scam.

2412 days ago


this guy and his associate are such crooks, they took over $300,000 of mine for producing beats and he has never delivered them! Not only are these crooks but they are all and out liars! What goes around comes around!!!! The record industry needs to cleanse itself from crooks like this!

2412 days ago


#7 PUH-LEASE dude is going broke! His label sucks! Brooke FLOPPED! HIS BABY MOMMA IS TAKING HIM TO COURT FOR NOT PAYING CHILD SUPPORT! Sounds broke to me!

2412 days ago


Scott who????

2412 days ago


I just went to see the is soo ugly, the interior looks like a bad 80s apartment, with the white carpet floor and the dark little dinning table and the completely mismatched living room furniture that it clearly asian and not art deco. the kitchen it horrific for a "20 million dollar yacht"....that was built 13 years ago....on coke money no doubt. the bedrooms r awful and dull and outdated. the art deco theme was sadly misrepresented. i would much rather have the 1.4 million dollar yacht above it that was built in 2002. HEY SCOTT! WHY DONT YOU SELL SOME OF YOUR MILLION DOLLAR CARS! and maybe feed a third world country for a are disgusting no matter how you look at it. humans shouldnt be allowed to have so much waste and excess while others are eating dirt cookies for dinner...i hope you lose everything scott, so you can appreciate what you still have....your health.

2412 days ago


That little ugly prick is crap. His biggest thing I've read was the Roots??? Who the hell is bumpin the Roots right now? Anyone? I can't even think about a song by them but I hear their name. Are they like the Fugees meets Black Eyed Peas meets Arrested Development meets horse crap? This guy thinks money makes him hot, or that he's the white puff daddy with his clothes. He may drive a Bugatti, but when he goes somewhere in person, he's rollin a rusty 78 Pinto (himself). Let's put it this way, Bono is a quarter as arrogant as this guy and compare the stats. Ugly, lousy beat creatin, poser.

2412 days ago

nick cant drive 55    

Is that th guy from "F" troop i heard he had his own acting school

2412 days ago


Working with Brooke Hogan,Paris,and Lindsey will do that to your career!!!

2412 days ago

Girl from Cail    

I checked E-bay - The latest bid is 940,600.00 - and THE RESERVE HAS NOT BEEN MET. It isn't over yet gentleman...And yes - it does look like an 80's interior nightmare that Tony Montano designed personally by himself, with the help of his 'little friend'.....Here is the link

2412 days ago

hes a geek!!!    

22. and 23. are hilarious and RIGHT on!!!!

and yes, there is definitely WAY to much money in this world for there to STILL be people who don't get to eat!!!!!

2412 days ago


LOL! Timbaland and Christina are probably their asses off! like Ms. Aguilera said, F.U.S.S, you deserve every bit of misery for giving us that Parasite tripe

2412 days ago


FOR EVERYONES INFORMATION...............scott sold the yacht to some guy in miami, and now THAT guy is selling is. Daymn.Why does everybody gotta jump to such negative conclusions. The guys not going broke.It's all just bad press.

2412 days ago



2412 days ago
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