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Dennis Quaid -- Hospitals are Killing Us

3/16/2008 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an interview that airs tonight on "60 Minutes," Dennis Quaid opens up about the medical mishap that almost claimed the lives of his twins.
Dennis Quaid: Click to watch!


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I remember that time when Amy Sedaris was mad at Dennis Quaid and shoved a Mountain Dew up his ass. Talk about product placement!

2349 days ago


Are these comments being political correctness censured? I posted a comment with absolutely no profanity or hate and it seems to be gone

2289 days ago


Why so many post on this on one page? Come on TMZ. How much sympathy do we need to give. It happened a while ago.

Sorry for your misfotune and hope your kids are ok!! :)

No more Idol news eithier.

2349 days ago


It should be an interesting show. If you know just how many time the wrong meds or the wrong dosages are given to hospital patients every day, it's scary to even think about! He's doing a good thing to have the interview and draw attention to an ever-increasing problem.

2349 days ago


Too bad Dennis Quaid is drunk and on pills during the interview. He would be much more convincing if he wasn't loaded.

2349 days ago


Obviously the immediate risk to life and limb is greater in the Quaid hospital negligence. However, the dosage mishap was an error – a mistake. The employees who accessed Britney’s records knowingly did so – on purpose. I have some sympathy for the negligent parties in the Quaid case, though they should be held accountable for their mistakes. I have no sympathy for those in the Britney case, and hope they are swiftly disciplined.

2349 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

The hospital personnel is to blame for not reading the labels.The manufactures have no blame at all.If I read the bus # wrong and get to work late and get fired, is the bus company's fault or mine?.If the hospital personnel is illiterate then they should not work in a hospital.Dennis Quaid was only looking for publicity.He's not even a C-lister and he'll do anything to be in the tabloids.The whole incident is deplorable but worse is a shame that these was-one a-celebrity use it for his own agrandizement and to bad mouth hospitals that are under-staffed and doing the best they can for us.Our society with its celebrity oriented focus and giving credence to everything some past-tense actor says is getting dangerous to our health.

2349 days ago


Hospitals are killing us but he's not suing the hospital (instead he's making his stand against the manufacturer)?!?

2349 days ago


It does happen 80 year old mother was given her bedtime meds in the morning instead....and somehow ended up on the outside of the hospital ...falling down ...and a passerby helped her and called me.....the hospital did not know she was gone....and they tried to cover up their mistake......(and she had no mental problems )....I would stay everyday from morning till night to make sure they didnt hurt was horrible...

if you have young or old....stay there with them....and watch every move those nurses can tell the dr.....but the dr. cant do anything ....i guess because the nurses have a union........

its a have to stay there all day to make sure nothing happens to them in the hospital........

2349 days ago


oh yes.....and when i asked the nurses why she was given bedtime meds in the morning....because it was clearly written on the chart...what meds were supposed to be given at what one had an answer.....but the one who did it...gave me the ........evil to intimidate me....

they also used my poor mother a training dummy for all the shoot their needles into....they ruined her arms...even the phlobotomist told call her ...if they need blood....

again...stay with your folk...if they are going to be in the hospital....cause those nurses pull all kinds of crap in there...

bet they wouldnt do one of their own........

2349 days ago


Sorry cat. I can relate but everything worked out for mine. Hope everyone takes your advice.

2349 days ago


Thanks Kelli...........I don't know how it is everywhere else.......but here in Clevelad, Ohio....they have closed so many hospitals...that only a few are open now.......and .....they are at times really crowded......and although....they closed the hospitals.....the ones that are still open ...are so the quality of care everyone is getting is really bad.......(not all the hospitals )...(.but a select few..).......but when a loved one has to go ...and becomes a victim in the hospital ...because of it......or because of negligent, arrogant, nurses......who don't care because they feel like they are being overworked, underpaid, and burnt out...........

....I'm not kidding when I say....from the very old to the very young......stay with them the whole time they are in there...

my mother had all her faculties.......we always left her hearing aids at home....because of the thefts in the hospitals....
so when she could not hear the nurses........the nurses just took it upon theirselves to assume....that she wasnt all there...

The same mother went to the emergency room.......they checked her....and the nurse came and released her....we were 1/2 way home when my mother said her arm was pinching...........they left the damn needle in her arm....i had to turn around and go back for them to take it kidding....all these things happened at the same hospital......coincidence......or .....negligence..............

2349 days ago

main difference between Europe and USA    

Dennis Quaid sucks!!!!

2349 days ago


I am a nurse and I think that people need to start appreciating nurses more. We do our very best to take care of each of our pt's to the best of our ability. People make mistakes and "We are only human" Until you put as much responsibility on your shoulders as us nurses do I do not think you have the right to speak badly about a nurse. I am sure that the nurse that gave the wrong dose felt awful and that moment will stick with her forever. I am sure that she is a caring nurse and is good at her job! A nurse that tells you she has never made a Medication error is a liar! We all make mistakes! I think the only person who has the right to bad mouth the hospital is a person who has NEVER MADE A MISTAKE!

2349 days ago


Big Pharma does NOT care about anything but profits...Over 100,000 people die every year in hospitals from medical mishaps, but thousands also die from adverse reactions to pills. This does not have to happen. Doctors should read the labels, read side effects, check for bad combinations of drugs, etc. They usually don't.

Why aren't people tested for allergies to pills before being given them? Why are people put on pills they don't need? People's jaws drop off from using Fosamax. People have heart attacks from cholesterol lowering pills because you NEED some cholesterol for healthy veins! Pills are rushed to market, and the public is the guinea pig. Side effects are added to the list post market, which means, after you and I have tried them out in place of long term pre market tests. New illnesses seem to be invented all the time, doctors are given free trips, meals, gifts and even cash to push the latest pills.

And often the latest pill is only one molecule different than the last version. They can slap a new name on it and get ten times as much. Why don't doctors first give the older often safer pills? They don't get kickbacks for that.

This horrific near death accident could have been spared the Quaid babies and so many other babies, if the pharmaceutical company would've put a red label on the bottle. Why is that so difficult? But ask yourself why another pharmaceutical company shipped blood products it knew was tainted with AIDS to other countries after they were caught red handed here. They didn't throw it out; they just sold it someplace else. MONEY is all that matters...even if it's a dollar they will risk YOUR life for it.

Knowledge is as much as you can, watch the videos on You Tube and educate yourself about as much as you can. Anyone in a position of influence should be pushing for hospital and pharmaceutical reforms and a patient's bill of rights. Bravo to the Quaids for speaking out.

2348 days ago
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