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LiLo -- I Ditched the Demons, For Real

3/17/2008 8:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says she's definitely rid herself of all the bad influences that drove her to rehab at Cirque Lodge six months ago – even though TMZ has spotted her with a lot of the same people she used to hang out with.

"I was putting myself in the wrong situations and I didn't have the focus in the right place," she tells People. "I changed things." Really? Sources have told us that they're still concerned that she's with some of the same folks B.C. – Before Cirque.

Regardless, it does seem like she's solidified her relationship with her mom and dad. "I'm blessed to have a really wonderful family," says LiLo.

Spitzer Girl Making $200K Out of Nothin'?

It looks like Ashley Alexandra Dupre won't have to lay down to make a living anymore.

Eliot Spitzer's favorite girl may already have made as much as $200,000 from online music downloads, according to the New York Post. Her two singles, "What We Want" and "Move Ya Body," have been available to buy on Amie Street for 99 cents each, and with artists earning up to 70 percent royalty on downloads.

Whether or not she's making any cash on her music, she'll make plenty posing for men's mags ... and on the inevitable tell-all book.

Party Favors: Greasy Bear's Sticky Fingers? ... Melisma Alert: Mariah on "A.I." ... Maggie Rodriguez Saves "The Early Show"?

Brandon Davis and Scott Storch, pals and nightlife creatures in tandem, could be on the outs after Davis may have filched a $100K watch after a night on Scott's couch, reports the New York Post. After Greasy found out Storch has cams all over his house, he "started crying hysterically" and gave the bling back. ... Mariah Carey will be on "American Idol" to give the top 11 pointers on their singing. How 'bout this: Stop singing Mariah Carey songs! ... The LA Times wonders whether new CBS "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez – with her propensity for tightly wound zingers – can help the morning laggard make some inroads on the big boys – "Today" and "GMA."


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Note to young hot women everywhere;

You too can be rich and famous, live a glamourous life, become a recording artist and be on TMZ

All you have to do is the let guys have a go

2357 days ago




2357 days ago

Dr. M    


"Evil communications corrupt good manners" - Lindsay !

You cannot hang-out with bad company without being influenced -

You are not strong enough (yet) -

Find some peace and new friends Lindsay -

Shalom Aleichem

Dr. M

2357 days ago


Well, I'm glad she's getting 70% of her earnings from downloads. That's a much bigger percentage than she got from Eliot. Just one more reason prostitution should be legal.

If Eliot were really a friend to the little guys and the downtrodden, his next crusade would be to legalize prostitution, since even prosecuting the Johns doesn't reduce demand, as his old theory went. He proved, by ruining his own stunning career, that no deterrent is enough to discourage solicitation if a guy is in that state of mind. The least he could do, now that he has nothing to hide and nothing to lose, is work toward making the situation safer for the girls who do that kind of work. Make sure they are treated fairly by their employers, checked for STDs, and that no one is coerced into the profession through violence or intimidation. -- Oh, and 70% of the revenue would be a huge improvement. With that big a cut, the girls could afford to pay their taxes.

2357 days ago


Ashley the whore looks like Sandra Bullock a little--kinda masculine. She could make all the money she wants to live wherever she wants, drive whatever car, vacation wherever, wear designer labels...


2357 days ago


Both of the Davis brothers Brandon (Greasy Bear and he was the one who called Lilo a fire crotch) and Jason (Gummi Bear) are both fat pigs. Both are unattractive, and if not for their grandfather's money, would any female (or male) have anything to do with them.
The douche-bag duo are worse than vomit.
And now it is hysterical that Brandon cried like a baby, when Scott Storch told him he had on his security tape proof that fatty Greasy bear stealing his watch.
Hey Hollywood poptarts who knows what Greasy is lifting out of your handbag when you are too drunk to realize it.

2357 days ago


It's lie down, not lay down.

Lie = recline, lay = place something down


2357 days ago


The ex-govener's hooker; she is not very bright. . . not that --that matters apparently. Her quote of that which does destroy me makes me stronger??? What a idiotic error. Oh, it's not about the brain...I keep forgetting. Her friends sound like they could use more schooling too. Birds of a feather...all that money, without the wits to make it worth sad.

2357 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

A Bad Year to be a Davis brother!
This is a one and/or both type of thing:
Are thieves, even with 'friends' ( especially drugs I would imagine).
Are heroin/drug/alcoholics. Have diseases that will leak nasty
juices all over your stuff. Will say mean, nasty things behind your
back, or to your face( more Greasy for sure). Are liars. Are
dirtbags. Have more than questionable sexual histories. Are rich and
spoiled. Are lazy. Are nasty. Are cowards. Are losers. Are now at
15:01. Are a waste of perfectly breathable air. Have lived well past
their prime and are doomed to die an early death. Are a-holes.
That'll do for now, but feel free to add to the list.

2356 days ago


I am so disgusted with that HOOKER Ashley Dupre. I hate how people keep calling her a "high class call girl" and glorifying it. She is a HOOKER, a prostitute, with unlimited potential diseases. Now she's making ridiculous amounts of money off her music, and getting offered millions to pose in adult magazines, and movies. I find it repulsive. And to top it off, she will not be charged as a prostitute, and have to register as a sex offender - WHICH IS WHAT SHE IS.

2356 days ago


Carpediem -

I love how you have no problem criticizing the call girl's intelligence in an post filled with misspellings and scary punctuation. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to roll my eyes this morning. That was fun.

2356 days ago


to ken are you from jersey? If your not please keep my state out of your conversation. She is Jersey "whore'ish pretty.It is people like you that give jersey a bad rep. Not everybody is a whore

2356 days ago


Maybe another Heidi Fliess on the horizon with entrepreneurial spirit? There is always a man behind the scenes.... I'm from NYC and while it is disgraceful in public to be caught in the private sector......that's another matter.

2356 days ago


Well, she should. After all she was taking good care of Sptizer. When you compare what Ms. McCartney got for a little while, maybe this little gal is entitled.

2356 days ago


How much is Dupre's Pimp going to make out of this

2337 days ago
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