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Hulk Gives Paps the (Ringless) Finger

3/18/2008 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With his marriage as dead as his fried blond hair, alleged cheater Hulk Hogan showed off his ring-less wedding finger in Miami on Monday.

The musclehead wrestler still has one remnant of his 24-year marriage to gorgeous Linda Hogan -- a tattoo of the ring on his finger. Yet another example of why the only ink you want in a marriage ... is on a pre-nup!


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gorgeous Linda Hogan?? You're kidding, right? She fat and nasty--

2409 days ago

I Hate this lame tramp    

If I were him, I would have that tattoo removed immediately. His wife is a slob, attention hungry, and now, soon to be rich. He shouldn't have slept around, but look at him try to walk around - he is physically hurt. He has sacrificed his body for his family and their lifestyle (legal bills too). He was wrong, but she is so much worse. Good luck and if Lohan tries to stalk you, don't answer the phone.

2409 days ago


In their case, there was no reason for a pre nup........................they didn't have squat when they got married!

2409 days ago


sometimes when people get married and have kids their relationship goes from marriage to partnership, esp. with raising kids. Once the kids are grown they'll find very little the 2 married folks have in common anymore, and they split.

2409 days ago


a pre-nup, you idiots ? Linda was in that marriage for a long haul. She raised two children, and was a full ,equal partner in a MARRIAGE. She deserves HALF of EVERYTHING. She wasn't the hired help, she was his WIFE. He ASKED HER to MARRY him. That comes with a certain amount of responsibility and supposedly ,RESPECT. I'm sick of hearing about "pre-nups". It's an automatic sign that someone will ditch you without caring about your future and treat you like you were "fired" from a job !. I'd ditch anyone who wanted a pre-nup.

2409 days ago


The musclehead wrestler still has one remnant of his 24-year marriage to gorgeous Linda Hogan


When was this woman ever gorgeous? Come on TMZ, skanky Linda Hogan is more like it.

2409 days ago


Now, if only his son Nick would have the word GUILTY tattoed on his forehead!

2409 days ago


I COULD NEVER BE WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2409 days ago


"His fried blond hair"

Honey, that's a weave if I ever saw one. Please..............

2409 days ago


Enjoy your fingers while you still have them Hulk...Linda will soon be taking an arm and a leg from you...ya cheatin' BASTARD!

2409 days ago


They are an example of white trailer trash of American making some money but not being able to shake their skanky roots. Boring and embarassing to all Americans.

2409 days ago


Too bad he can't also remove Lindas smell from that finger...STINK-FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2409 days ago


Married 24 years and you guys mention pre-nups? Amazing!

2409 days ago


Gimme a break Hulk and Linda didn't wear wedding rings they had their fingers tattood years ago to take the place of rings. When are people going to wise up and realize this is all a hoax the Hogans are NOT getting a divorce Brooke Hogan slipped a few weeks ago and let everyone know this is not for real. They are doing it because the family of the
guy in the Nick Hogan crash are suing. The Hogans are low lifes and don't want to pay this poor guy or his family

2409 days ago

Whatever about Linda    

Gimmee a friggin break!! Don`t tell me that you didn`t see the episode where she told Hulk that she was used to living a certain lifestyle and he had to work!! She would be nothing if it wasn`t for Terry. He has worked hard entertaining people and making good money doing so. His poor body is giving out on him!

I still think that this is all a media ploy to divert attention away from their idiot son. Like mother like son two idiots!!

So what Terry slept with that person. Big deal, he supported his family and gave them the good life....
Dump the blonde Hulk and get some young meat!! You`ve paid your dues

2409 days ago
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