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Kristin Sex Pics: Ex-BF Sold Her Out!

3/19/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So TMZ has completely blown the cover off the Kristin Davis sex pic scandal, and we've just unmasked the ex-boyfriend who helped stir it all up. Bad Charlotte!

We've confirmed that photos were taken back in 1992, when Davis was 27, by her then-guy Eric Stapelman. Eric was a chef in New York at the time and is now executive chef at Trattoria Nostrani in Santa Fe. We're told Stapelman was pissed at Kristin and sold the photos to a third party. That guy then had the pics stolen from him -- classy all around.

We've also learned there's no video (sorry, dudes) and there aren't quite 20 pics, as had been rumored. Her rep still maintains that it isn't Kristin in the snaps.


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When will these stupid girls learn...never do anything on film you wouldn't want your Grandma to see....hope Grandma is enjoying them.

2345 days ago


That man should be ashamed of himself, he is a dispicable human being and should be punched in the face. Uh.....does anyone happen to have the link of the unedited photos. I just want to fire off a scathing missive to the website for exploiting poor Kristen.

2345 days ago

Tyra Banks    

Isn't she a big lesbian?? Oh, no, that's the other Sex and the City girl.

2345 days ago


Why is it that people have no respect for themselves so they have nude photos, sex photos or a sex tape? What is wrong with that ex boyfriend that he would even sell these obviously private photos ? What a creep! There is really no reason to be broadcasting these photos for everyone to gawk at. These photos were taken years ago, does the jerk even care that this may be a source of embarrassment to her having everyone discuss her genitalia? Good grief...this is disgusting.

2345 days ago


So where are the photos?

2345 days ago

Audra Klida    

OK - who the bleepity-bleep cares??!!! This happened almost 20 years ago...She is an absolutely gorgeous woman who in my opinion has absolutely more class in her pinky finger than most of the trash that slithers out of Hollywood!!! I bet a few skeletons would come running and screaming out of most of our closets given the right opportunity....

2345 days ago


She's another skank!

2344 days ago


The problem is she can't blaim to her being young and naive because she was 27 yrs old!

2344 days ago


Eric showed me these pictures a year and a half ago...he caught her in bed with another guy...she got what she deserved.

2344 days ago

Are you ALL idiots?    

Have any of you people making comments actually looked at the other pics... and I mean the other FACE pics? Not just the *hairier* ones? There are about 4 or 5 snaps of the face. Only 2 of them in the same pose look even remotely like Kristin Davis. The other 3 CLEARLY show that this girl is NOT Kristin Davis. Seriously...not even the hair texture is the same. Look at the face pics! The eyes are WAY different.... Wow. The ability of people to just buy into ANYTHING completely freaking amazes me.

2344 days ago

Betty Lohan    

I personally know Eric Stapelman and can vouch for the fact that he is a hideous excuse for a human being. He co-owns a restaurant in Santa Fe where I was an employee and showed me and anyone else who would look the photos just before he sold them. She had dumped his sorry ass long before and he was simply trying to cash in on her new notireity from Sex and the City. He is also an embezzler, a tax-evader, a workers comp claim defrauder, a habitual liar and a coke head. His reputation is well known in Santa Fe and most folks here just wish he would go away.

2344 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Eric Stapelman has just officially neutered himself, because about 90% of the female population will not longer go near him with a ten-foot pole, if they have any brains at all; and he deserves the ones that are left who will.

2344 days ago

jane doe    

Eric is the biggest douche in Santa Fe hands down. All my friends and I know him...he is pathetic. He has several sexual harassment suits that were brought against him and he loves young young girls if you know what I mean. Also is a total cokehead. Everybody in my town hates his guts...he's a pig, hands down.

2344 days ago


I'd do her.

2344 days ago


I totally believe this guy leaked these pix. I've been to his high end restaurant (not worth it) and he treated me terribly because i had a scent. c'mon who doesn't shampoo their hair or wear lotion ? what an idiot. boycott the place it's overrated. after meeting Eric, i'm sure he did this. he's an angry person and i couldn't wait to get outta there. whatasnob!

2344 days ago
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