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"Bachelor" On Hunt For Human Remains

3/20/2008 11:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Bachelor" bachelor Andy Baldwin just got back from the island of Palau in the South Pacific -- not on vacation, on a mission with the Navy. Now let's talk about why we the taxpayers are footing the bill on such BS.

Baldwin was among 20 military types who were on a search mission in the middle of the ocean. What, you ask, were they looking for? A B-24J bomber that went down during the war. Not Iraq. Not Vietnam. No, not Korea. We're talking WWII, as in more than 60 years ago.

Turns out, the military spends $52 million each year to find the remains of missing soldiers -- it's part of the POW/MIA program. That's all well and good depending on the circumstances. But a crash that is ancient history, at a time when the economy sucks and the Federal government is sucking the life out of everyone with taxes??

Baldwin, a Navy medic and diver, and crew found what could be human remains. We're told it's all being tested in the lab and it could take months, even years, to determine identities. At least he got a really good tan.

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The military is committed to recover their own. If there is a chance to find the remains of a relative, they will do it. This is a small price the US Government pays to provide service members' families peace of mind.

2408 days ago


These are the lightest taxes we are going to have for at least another 4 years. You think this is bad? I wish this was bad.

2408 days ago


Spoken by someone who has never lost a loved-one to battle. Stick to following stars, TMZ. Your commentary on US spending leaves something to be desired.

-Someone who opposes war (old and new) but who supports the veterans (old and new) who have fought them.

2408 days ago


How could this even be spoken as a possible waste? Many soldiers in any war have been MIA. These family members would give anything to find out what happened to their loved ones and give proper respect and burial. TMZ's stance is pretty clear. Very Sad, Very Sad

2408 days ago

Oh boy    

Any American soldier that dies in a ANY war has a right to be brought home for burial! The peeps that think it is a waste obviously don't have any family in the military........

2408 days ago


I don't think it is too much, not considering they gave their lives for the freedom of this country and the freedom you have right now to report on this story and like the freedom I have to view it and comment on it.

2408 days ago


Taxes have nothing to do with it. We have money for this mission, but our soldiers who are in harms way NOW have to buy their own body armour. Disgraceful!

2408 days ago

proud american    

Service members and their families deserve any and everything we can do for them. How very shallow to put taxes above honor.

2408 days ago


I'm glad they are still looking for fallen military people. If someone had a relative missing for years, that would be great closure.

BTW, does anybody care about The Bachelor anyway? Who is this guy?

2408 days ago

Tony P    

You children at TMZ have no idea of what you are talking about (again)...this program makes certain that we will bring our heroes home, no matter what, for their final resting place. Not all deaths occur in lands where the people are grateful, like the cemeteries in France...and not all deaths occur where an immediate retrieval is a possibility.

As for your comment about kids keep supporting Socialists like Obama and Hillary and you'll soon know what taxes are really like...ask Harvey about 75% income tax rates and 20% interest rates. You'll have to go and get real jobs then...but at least mom and dad will let you keep living in your old room so you can afford to live like you are successful.

2408 days ago


You suck, TMZ! I don't care if the soldiers remains were from the Civil War. They gave their life for their country. The VERY LEAST the USA can do is to return the remains so that families can have closure regarding their lost loved ones. I hope you and your staff never lose a family member in a war, but if you do, I'm sure you will think differently about the military's long standing practice to bring their own back home. TMZ, you should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

2408 days ago


Shame on you for picking on on a MIA mission! Just because it's in the Pacific doesn't make the work any less serious or grueling. Yes, the economy sucks, and we'll prob. be paying for this current war for generations to come, but we should always try to provide closure for the families of those who've fought so hard for our country. As you wrote, this particular mission was for a WWII bomber. Even if you think that our current war in Iraq is unjustified, I can't believe that you'd think that the U.S. entering WWII (after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, in case you forgot) was unjustified.

2408 days ago


Wow, "TMZ Staff." I hope you never have to go through the experience of never knowing what happened to a missing serviceman/woman in your family. These "human remains" which you call such a waste of time and money to identify because they're, what -- too old??? -- are some family's sons, brothers, fathers, even grandfathers. Your coverage I usually find amusing and fun, but this is really callous. Have any of you "TMZ Staff" given ANY amount of time to your country (let alone your life)? Or is your definition of 'danger' the possibility of being run over by Britney Spears? Shame on you. And guess what, I'm a Democrat who is against the war but FOR our servicemen, of ALL ages in ALL wars. Go back to your hanging around on the sidewalk waiting for some vapid star to exit a coffee shop. God Bless servicemen and women who help protect America, in ANY war or action, and YOUR FREEDOM to report and OUR FREEDOM to read about every idiot star's beach butt or denial to a club.


2408 days ago


Strange, the real waste here was reporting on some D list celebrity. The fact that he's is activily part of a unit that searches for our fallen warriors puts him on my A list. Your dead wrong on this one TMZ.

2408 days ago

montana mike    

tmz, if this was one of your relatives, i'm sure there would be no bitching about taxes. harvey, i hope you're not the one who wrote this, because i thought you were a little better than that.

2408 days ago
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