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Nicole Kidman at Five Months Preggers -- Really?

3/21/2008 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Either Nicole Kidman's organs are completely squashed by her baby or she's not five months pregnant. The still waif-like actress was out yesterday with husband Keith Urban, looking more like someone who has gas than a woman having a baby.

We did a little research on other starlets at their five-month marker and Kidman's bump doesn't seem to fit in.


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what a world    

Get real. I'm almost 5 mos. and barely showing. Everyone's different.

2302 days ago


So you make fun of the pregos who are "big" ... now you're making fun of the pregos who are "small"

Are you starting to realize that every woman has a different body shape, espicially when pregnant?

Leave pregnant women alone, seriously GUYS. (You are clearly men writing these pregnant celeb articles...)

2302 days ago


Hope nothing is wrong. I was pretty big at 5 months.

2302 days ago


Nicole Kidman looks about 5 months along to me.

Sorry, no story here.

2302 days ago


i didn't pop until 7 months. NOBODY could tell i was pregnant and my boss didn't believe me. i gained almost all of my baby weight in the last 2 months. get off her case

2302 days ago


Oh, give it a rest. She's a tall woman and this is her first pregnancy. There's nothing weird going on. Stop wtih the ridiculous drama, TMZ.

2302 days ago


yall gripe if a woman has flesh on her bones. ya'll gripe if she doesn't. get a grip!! you'd be calling her fat and hyping how she was letting herself go if she was showing any significant weigh change.

baby weight is gained in different places and some women don't gain noticeable weight until the 6 month.

2302 days ago


Every woman carries and shows differently, every pregnancy is different too, she's fine and they will make a beautiful baby!!!

2302 days ago


tmz, come on! i didnt show til i was almost 7 mo. some people are like that.

2302 days ago


Oh please, I've seen women at 9 months looks as big as she does. Some women have big abdominal cavities where the baby can hide

2302 days ago


every women is different. i showed when i was 4 weeks!

2302 days ago


Some tall women don't show until very late in the pregnancy. At 5'10" and a starting weight of 130, I didn't show with my son until well into my 7th month and it still just looked like I had been eating too much pizza or something. Finally in the 8th month it seemed like overnight I had that basketball belly. Give her some slack! Sheesh!

2302 days ago

Tall Girl    

I barely showed at 5 months as well. She's much taller than all the other actresses which means her baby has more vertical space and doesn't have to push out as much. And if her baby isn't a stretcher (mine was a tight little ball) then she'll most probably not look "very" pregnant until 8 months. That's the sad thing about being tall, you only get to have the round belly two months. The rest of the time you just look bloated.

2302 days ago

I really don't care what you think!    

my wife got very BIG during pregnancy.

she ate everything she could get her hands on.

i was almost afraid to go to sleep at night of fear she would start eating me.

i think she gained about 125 pounds during pregnancy and the baby weighed only 5lbs and 6oz at birth.

2302 days ago


p.s. all of those stars you have in photos here at 5 months are a whole head shorter than Nicole!

2302 days ago
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