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Yep, Disney's Going to Ruin The World

3/21/2008 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Disney adding new characters to Despite heavy protests from angry fans (check out our poll from yesterday), Disney appears to be going through with their plan to add signature characters to a new and improved version of "It's A Small World."

A source was on Disney's Burbank lot yesterday and saw concept art displayed on monitors in the commissary. The video monitors showed Imagineers in the Disney workshop already building pieces for the new ride.

Specifically, Abu (Aladdin's monkey side-kick) appears to have found a home in the Middle Eastern section, Nemo is swimming around an undersea area, and Stitch looks like he might be popping up in the Polynesian section.

What'll be next? Mickey sipping rum with the "Pirates?"


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Disney is De Shiz Nizzle .. (It IS a small world after all)

2343 days ago



2343 days ago


TMZ post monitors - you suck - I go away for a week after you were actually deleting the Amy Sedaris and millionaire virus posts. Now with no one (me) shoving it in your face, there they all are back again in every topic.

Whoever is supposed to be monitoring posts obviously can't do his job. Maybe you should become a pap - no brain needed for that job just a hand, finger and big mouth.

And thanks for blocking my IP address, works about as well on me as on the spammers, huh?

TMA doesn't care if their readers get spammed, get viruses or are exploited by vicious untrue rumor mongers.

Yes the millionaire crap is spam - fall for it at your own expense if you are a desperate moron who can't get laid at least you will have a nice virus to help you pass the time.

Amy Sedaris - didn't do any of the things the stupid spammers are saying. It's some kind of internet attack against her. If you believe any of those lies I havea bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

- Billy Bong

2343 days ago


Hey Moron's!

Being someone who works on the studio lot here in Burbank, that's not concept art for Disneyland. It's the Small World attraction overseas.

Get real facts, would ya?

2343 days ago


I am a disneyland annual pass holder and have been on that ride too many times to count. I think it NEEDS a new look! I am excited about the change!!!

2343 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Walt Disney's philosophy regarding Disneyland was that it would never be finished. It would grow and change as society grew and changed. The old favorites have great sentimental value to millions of us. But change is not only inevitable it can also be good. They need to freshen up the place. It's not going to keep me from going there for my next vacation.

2343 days ago

sherrie forsythe    


2343 days ago


The items spoken of in this post are of the model produced for the Small World attraction in Hong Kong, not for Disneyland in Anaheim.

2343 days ago


These images may very well not be related to Disneyland's "it's a small world". Construction is nearing completion on "it's a small world" at Hong Kong Disneyland, which has been planned to include the characters from the start. Still a bad idea.

The "Disney will always change" issue is moot. Change is not good because it is simply change. Change should have reasons that improve the quality of show. These changes just further point out that Disney believes its guests to be idiots who must be constantly bombarded in order to remember they are at a DisneyPark.

2343 days ago



See... told ya' so !!

2343 days ago


The new song will be sung entirely in spanish in honor of our Mexican friends and bosses. With all the illegals in California, Disney needs a way to get them into the park. Ariel will be dressed in Mexican clothes and the other children of the world will be singing "Mexico is our dearest friend.".

2343 days ago


We went to Disney World in 2006 and my family rode "It's a Small World" because growing up, I liked that ride and wanted to share it with my family. First of all, I have to admit, I was totally bored with it as was the rest of my family and secondly, we were the only ones on that ride. I think it will be nice to see a different approach to It's a Small World.

2343 days ago

Silly Lilly    

well as someone recently on the ride in Florida... may I point something out? People SUCK at geography and have NO CLUE where half the "dolls" are supposed to be from or what country or continent they represent. MAYBE adding a few Disney Characters andiginous to the region will allow the children of some VERY ignorant adults I personally witnessed on the ride to figure out where the dolls are from ! It isnt like they are throwing characters randomly throughout the ride. They are simply putting characters where they are from. Its either this or a big ole neon sign that says THIS IS RUSSIA THIS IS ENGLAND THIS IS HOLLAND etc etc etc. It was an unbelievable experience for me to be on the ride and hear children say "where are they from" and parents say the most UNBELIEVABLY WRONG answers.

2343 days ago


Bring back the mule ride at Disneyland now THAT was fun. I enjoyed the "Indian" (native American) village too.

2343 days ago


well, the ride was intolerable to begin with, unless you enjoy hearing the same song over, and over, and over again while remarkably caucasian looking animatronic children dressed in "ethnic " clothing dance in circles for what seems like an eternity! even as a child I was tempted to jump from the boat just to get away from the song!

2343 days ago
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