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Court to Brit Wannabe: Your Claim's Bogus!

3/24/2008 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained paperwork from the California Court of Appeals throwing out a claim challenging Britney's conservatorship.

Attorney Jon Eardley filed the challenge last month claiming the conservatorship violated Britney's rights. That claim was rejected. Today the Court of Appeal ruled the whole thing was bogus, not even waiting for the conservators to file a response.


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He's just another Idiot    

TMZ, show us a picture of Jon Eardley. We want to see what the biggest money mooching, phoney, moron in the world looks like.

2412 days ago


I have some questions, I have been away from the board for a while. 1. Don't you all think Shar was in on it with K-dud? I mean he did leave her while she was preggers. Most women in that situation would be pissed. 2. How much is Brit paying Shar since you know kdud isn't paying anything? 3. How long do you think her hair is now? 4. does she ever wash her weave? 5. Does she get to see her kids yet? 6. Has anyone ever said what her disability actually is, or is it still speculation? Look forward to hearing the responses.

2412 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

poor brit sumbody save her this iz such a fake democracy she haz a right 2 her personality watever the judge thinks of it,and her freedom its slavery its unconstitutional THIS JUDGE IZ REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

2412 days ago

Honey Carlson    

This is wonderful news....Everthing is going so well right now....I know that those of us that love Britany are very happy with this ruling.....

2412 days ago


OK, How many times has this imbecile tried this stuff ??? He is a habitual offender ! The court was ready for his snarky Ass! Psst !! 1 for the CA Court.

2412 days ago

Me in DC    


2412 days ago


This shows how difficult it is to challenge a conservatorship and how easily they can be abused. It is Britney's father who is selling off Britney's assets, getting $2500 a week to play golf, exploiting her on a TV show, reportedly going to use her money to open a restaurant, and extended the conservatorship to cover a concert tour which will produce millions of dollars. He's using her money to hire guards to control her, and then gives her rewards to pacify her, like seeing Adnan, teaching children, and going to the beach.
It's a catch 22. Britney can't hire a lawyer to challenge the conservatorsahip because she been deemed a dependant adult, but the lawyer appointed by the state has a financial interest in keeping the conservatorship in place. $58,000 is his cut so far.
Eardley is using technicalities to try to get the conservatorship stopped and eventually he'll find one. The Supreme court has already ruled that "the state may not confine a non-dangerous adult solely for the purpose of providing custodial care."

2412 days ago


Get some zit cream and start using it! Your complexion is NASTY.

2412 days ago


You don't have a dog in this fight.

2412 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Britney is mentally ill. She needs a Conservator. Better her dad than anyone else. Jon Eardley made up the story that Britney hired him as her lawyer on the phone. How phoney can you get. Eardley just wants on Britney's Gravy Train like K-Dud and Kaplan. It is so obvious. What a scam artist.

2412 days ago


Ok if you ask me the only thing the K-Fed ever brought to the table was Shar and kids., plus all the kids. Then he needed child support K-fed also needed a way to pay for his high powered attorney through out his divorce. It only seems to me that Britney caught on to K-Fed taking his child support from Britneys money for Shar and then Britney found it out. Then came along the "irreconcilable differences." Well K-Fed promised Kaplan he was going to get some money too from Britney plus all the publicity. Shar kept getting all her money so shes been happy. K-Fed doesnt know what to do next because Daddy Spears might find him out so he has to play golf with him to find out what he can.All K-Fed can really do is party and live off others. Oh what a web we weave.

2412 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#21 jh Are you that Lowlife Jon Eardley ? Shame on you !

2412 days ago

yeh yeh    

Hmm ACLU Report, Deprogramming and the Law, Anne Prichard, January 1978 This is older law but a new way of looking at conservatorship.

To lend color of law to what would otherwise be unadorned abduction, a standardized method has been devised whereby a parent hires a lawyer to obtain a temporary guardianship or conservatorship over the adult child. Affidavits are prepared for the parent's signature which contain allegations that the child is a victim of "mind control" or "brainwashing", that the child's personality has undergone an abrupt change since joining the particular group and, sometimes, that the child has turned over assets to the group. This affidavit is presented to the court with a petition that one of the parents be appointed temporary conservator of the child.

Historically, guardianship or conservatorship proceeding have been readily obtained. The standards have been loose. These proceedings were perceived as beneficial to the subjects of the proceeding. Safeguards were neglected. A provision in the California law which expired this summer, similar to provisions in the laws of other states, allowed a thirty-day conservatorship for a person who "by reason of old age, disease, weakness of mind, or other cause, is unable, unassisted, properly to manage and take care of himself, of his property and is likely to be deceived or imposed upon by artful or designing persons." This standard could not withstand constitutional attack if it were part of the penal law designed to deprive a person of liberty. Even so, it was embodied in the state law used most frequently during the past year to obtain custody for reason of religious affiliation. In this context, the law is an application of the parens patriae doctrine under which the state becomes, in effect, a substitute parent. It was used most often to deal with elderly people in "second childhood."

2412 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

In other Breaking News:
Al large, orange-ish colored, oil slick has mysteriously formed in the ocean just outside of the quiet beach front community of Malibu this past weekend. Samples of the the strange oil revealed an almost pure content of two primary ingredients: Cheet-O oil mixed with dangerous levels of acne facial oil.
The resulting mixture has stained much of the pristine beaches with a putrid smelling orange substance. Our sources have also confirmed that large numbers of fish kills have also been localized around the disaster site as well. The clean up is expected to last for years and biologists are just starting to realize the sheer amount of ecological damage done to that region.
In related news:
Britney goes swimming in Malibu! .....

2412 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Now Investigate kaplan(k fed lawyer) for defaming britney ,through sands, and making her pay his large fees & sam lufti for lying about & endangering britney.
Investigate kaplan,adnan, sam , sands , jon earley for exploiting britney for huge profits..

2412 days ago
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