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Wendy W. to Employee -- Better F*** My Hubby!

3/25/2008 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Popular shock jock Wendy Williams and her husband have been drilled with serious sexual harassment charges by their talent booker, who alleges that Wendy tried to pimp her out, ordering her to dress "like a sexy little bitch" for her husband and encouraging her husband's unwanted sexual predation of the employee.
Wendy Williams
In a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Nicole Spence claims that Kevin Hunter, Williams' younger husband who does not work for WBLS-FM, repeatedly expressed his desire to "f***" her and that she needed "a real man in [her] life to mold me." Spence says that Williams did nothing to staunch the alleged abuse, and in fact "offered to take me shopping so I could dress 'like a sexy little bitch,' as Mr. Hunter demanded."

And it doesn't end there.

Spence also says Hunter got other employees, including Wendy's co-host, to "get into that bitch's head" in order to "break her down physically and mentally." And she also alleges that Hunter once charged at her and that he even assaulted his own wife, "choking her" and "pinning her" against the wall of a studio.

TMZ spoke to Spence's lawyer, Kate Webber, who says that she intends to file a lawsuit in court, after the EEOC reviews the case. Spence is still employed at WBLS. The station didn't respond to a request for comment, though Williams told the New York Post yesterday, "Her allegations are totally false. This bitch is out of her mind."

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This lawsuit explains ALOT!! You used to hear Nicole making comments on Wendy's show daily, now...nuthin! So her allegation that Wendy is fazing her out MUST be true. & fans of the show haven't heard Hood Heff in the studio so it's true that he's been banned from the studio. Secondly, fans of the show will remember that Wendy was trying to set up Charlemagne & Nicole for a we know why! Wendy likes "thuggish" guys, & with Hood Heff as her "manager" he is in a real position to control her money etc.Maybe she's afraid of him? If he is beating her up, it wouldn't surprise me, but I hope not since she gives people advice in their relationships to stand up for themselves. If this is all true... a HUGE "donkey" sound effect for Wendy!!

2334 days ago


wendy is not a tranny...she shows her pictures as a child all the time she looks the same just a chubby version

1312 days ago


When you are a celeb as she is everyone can comment on her life...what is yours like?
She is not a "TRANSY" she has shown her childhood pictures in Brownie Scouts and school pix and she is 100% GIRL.
Her parents both taught school and are held in high esteem in Asbury Park. LAY OFF WENDY

1312 days ago


This message is for Harvey: I love you very much however, stop taking such a stance on things that are apparent. The Chris Brown incident. Yes I feel that he was exploited. He tried to be the bigger person and kept indirectly telling the interviewer he did not come there to discuss what happened nearly 2 years ago and she kept on and on with every comment. The public is not stupid - She was badgering him and he was trying to be polite and take the high road. He is a recovering person with anger issues and she kept pushing him to the brink. She is an inexperienced interviewer - Had that been Barbara Walters she would have read the signs and know when to back off. Thank God, she was not interviewing a serial killer with anger issues she would have driven that man to kill her on camera. As an interviewer you have to read the sign when enough is enough. She barely stayed on the subject of his album which was what he came there to discuss. I am quite sure that was not the script they gave her nor him about the interview.

Lighten up Harvey and address what roll did GMA have to play in all this, they knew exactly what they were doing for ratings - THEY SHOULD BE SUED because they contributed to the iging on of his emotions.

1277 days ago

Billy Valentine    

Dear Author of Comment 9..."Reggie," I believe you say your name is...Are you IN FACT Reginald von Youcantbefugginserious?


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The Real 'Merkan

1277 days ago
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