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Wendy W. to Employee -- Better F*** My Hubby!

3/25/2008 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Popular shock jock Wendy Williams and her husband have been drilled with serious sexual harassment charges by their talent booker, who alleges that Wendy tried to pimp her out, ordering her to dress "like a sexy little bitch" for her husband and encouraging her husband's unwanted sexual predation of the employee.
Wendy Williams
In a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Nicole Spence claims that Kevin Hunter, Williams' younger husband who does not work for WBLS-FM, repeatedly expressed his desire to "f***" her and that she needed "a real man in [her] life to mold me." Spence says that Williams did nothing to staunch the alleged abuse, and in fact "offered to take me shopping so I could dress 'like a sexy little bitch,' as Mr. Hunter demanded."

And it doesn't end there.

Spence also says Hunter got other employees, including Wendy's co-host, to "get into that bitch's head" in order to "break her down physically and mentally." And she also alleges that Hunter once charged at her and that he even assaulted his own wife, "choking her" and "pinning her" against the wall of a studio.

TMZ spoke to Spence's lawyer, Kate Webber, who says that she intends to file a lawsuit in court, after the EEOC reviews the case. Spence is still employed at WBLS. The station didn't respond to a request for comment, though Williams told the New York Post yesterday, "Her allegations are totally false. This bitch is out of her mind."

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2365 days ago


I say who cares? Who in their right mind would work for Wendy Williams anyway! She's just another loud mouthed, air headed personality who's claim to fame is amusement for her bold ability to be utterly ignorant. It's pure entertainment nobody really cares about Wendy Williams or her show. Next subject please! A side Note: TMZ need's to remove the ignorant ramblings of the idiot "Reggie". Take your "Good Ole Boy" ass back wherever came from! Bad American your a typical ignorant overly opinionated person. Get a clue nobody asked you a damn thing about what you thought consituted being an American!

2365 days ago


I love listening to Wendy and have been a fan for years, but you have to take the show for what it is "entertainment". Oh, by the way, I believe every single disgusting word of Nicole's allegations! Ms. Williams is simply doing what she does best which is protecting her own. Have you seen Kevin Hunter? his look can be described as menacing,at best. I would not want to be at odds with that man ever. I believe he did that and more and Ms. Wendy co-signed, too bad Nicole is the only brave soul willing to take a stand. I really hope that she has gathered evidence to substantiate her claims as well as corraborating witnesses. A word of advice to Ms. Nicole-hire some protection and make sure your lawyer is equipped to go up against WBLS and the Money-Maker that is Wendy Williams and Big Kev the Bodyguard and Manager from HELL! Maybe try to get some assistance from people like Diddy or Will Smith-they could possibly provide some financial support.

Best wishes and may God be with you Wendy Williams!

2365 days ago


personal charecter is going to come into play on this....Nicole will have to prove she in no way welcomed this behavior, and her actions on the air, in the office and while at events, personal traits will come into play. All i'm saying is if this was Tarin, I would feel sorry she's x-tra low key...but Nicole? Please she was trying to get in where she could fit in. Sure they were close...and that's what Wendy's team will claim....if you were sooo uncomfortable why repeatedly put your self in the midst of stuff outside the boundaries of your job. A true profeesional would book the talent, and go back to her desk...Do you ever hear about the affairs of Tarin?? NO! and she's been on the experience just as long as disrespect to your boss, but to be all buddy buddy causes situations like this.....Kevin is a mess- then keep out his your job and bounce, instead of kee-keeing, smoking, and drinking with them!

2364 days ago


she's not the "talent" she's the booker- her job was to go out with them, mingle amongst the attendees at events and sell them on being on the show...her job was to learn enough about topics of interest and prep the show host(s) accordingly, get the bios done on the guests....Wendy did good things for her- she was also booker for the VH1 show- something VH1 could have fulfilled on their own.....she was going to be publicist on the upcoming t.v. all this she still had the oppurtunity to handle it in a proffesional way. She was personal assistant to Wendy directly after her current position; she did soup to nuts for her including making doctor's appointments and the such; she was apart of the household way back..with that said you mean to tell me she didn't know about Kevin back then? She opted to stay??? for real?? i can't call it- but for me- if i was all that and had all the contacts in the industry she said she had i would have left...this industry is not forgiving to wave makers.....

2364 days ago


I'm an avid listener of the show...and while Nicole was great at her job, she was always in the faces of all the men guests and putting it out there like she was hot in the [EXPLETIVE]! on NUMEROUS occasions she discussed on air sexual thing and inuindos to the co host, they put it out there like she was screwing him!! I'm not kidding, from the rapper common to rick ross, she was always perpetuating this female looking to "hook up" after the show! I am soo [EXPLETIVE]ed off at her- what does shethink this i? another NY Knicks come-up type thing??!! I feel bad for Wendy, just when she is doing so well... I don't beleive for 1 second that Kevin would ever lay a hand on her- he's just not that stupid!! Wendy has been doing this for 22 years! KEvin with her for the last 14... Nicole was still on the school bus in the Bronx!! I don't beleive all this -- Nicole isn't even cute!

2364 days ago


Like she said she has put lots of people on the show in cluding Kim Kardashian and the such--- and he wanted her regular 'round the way girl ass! With that 1994 Mushroom hair cut?? I don't think so! She is trying to come up for real.....i just hope they will settle before it gets uglier. she is trying to start her own thing and use wendy to do it!! She is a big time WEED HEAD...I seen her all high - Nicole PLEASE! U could have moved on why did U stay if it was soooo bad? If u are as TALENTED as u say u were --Why weren't u out there gettin' ur next hustle at bigger and better???????Wendy just throw that ho a diamond off one of those rings and maybe a fur from Dimetrio... herdumb ass just may get a man and be happy!! I love you all and i'm praying for all 'yall: the whole pink room, everyone at home (lil kev, miss lopez, the williams parents u know) Keep comin at 'em Wen!!!

p.s. 'Yall leave that baby out of this: he has done nothing to deserve any of this - stop acting like your parents were the best things ever!! If Wendy does nothing else, she LOVES that boy!! Let's be real: half these kids out here are fat and lazy...he is big because of his genepool!! She's big and tall and so is KEV- what the hell do you expect? Use some decorum....i'm sure those of you with kids, they aren't perfect either dammit!!!


2364 days ago


Wendy acted like a high school bully on her show yesterday.I believe Nicole and I hope that she wins this case.

2364 days ago


Whoever this "Princessmommy" is sure has a lot of insider information about the goings on on the show. Could it be the so-called "queen of media" herself??? I can't imagine it being anybody else. PULLEEZE, YOU AIN'T THAT SLICK!!! If I'm wrong, so be it, but I do have a gut feeling about this one.

2364 days ago


Hi "i'm so into you!"

I guess you need to get your guts checked! beacause no, i'm not Wendy....i just am informative, my dear! I am in full support of the whole Wendy Inc. empire... and NO, I don't work for her either!!! I hate oppurtunists, i think Nicole is taking advantage of the oppurtunity...she was there long enough to know wendy's weaknesses (and Kevin's for that matter) and now she's taking full advantage...

2364 days ago


I hope that Nicole was smart in getting her evidence. That is going to be the key. It would be sad for her to loose because she did not have enough evidence. These are hard cases to win. But if she is smart she did her homework and knew how to nail them to the wall. This mess happens all the time with companies that are driven by money only. Wendy brings in alot of money for WBLS and they would not do anything to make her unhappy. So I am sure they allowed this mess to go down.

What you need to know is that Big business does not care about you. They only care about the bottom line. "THE MONEY" It is really sad, that this station is black owned and they did nothing. I hope that Nicole comes out of this on TOP and that she can move to bigger and better things. Wendy, should not have let this mess go down. She should have kept Big Kev under control. He should not have been able to come on her job and act like that. I really don't care what you allow at home and in the streets..... but don't mess with my money maker.

Wendy is the classic battered wife. Kevin has broken her down and he is in her head. She has very low self esteem and the show is all a front. That is the only place where she can come and be the BIG BAD ASS!!! Because she knows that she cannot act like that at home. Big Kev has her right where he wants her. It's sad that she will allow this YOUNG BOY to bring her down.

At the end of the day... Wendy knows the real deal, and she will have to give an account for her actions.

2364 days ago

Queen B    

Reggie love your post, you rock!

2364 days ago


The Biggest problen Nicole has is that she allowed herself to be apart of the show, all the antics, craziness and wild ways. WHen she tryed to seperate the two it wasn't happening ..she conducted herself like this flirty, needy women and of course wendy helped egg her along. Notice no one ever jokes about her situation but she jokes about everyone elses. She even
jokes about trev Hollywood and he is newly married.....I know of someone who works up there and all this is nothing new to me it was bound to happen if not Nicole someother brave soul. ther is a level of intimidation here trust me. they ll idolize Wendy and her whole crazy f-up world so the last thing thy would want to do is hurt her..but enough was the way why do you think Arty Arty Life of the party left? he was also intimidated but rather than appear like a bitch ass he went out silently. maybe soem of this will expose the fraud of the show by the way advice hour is only ther efor ratings.....really yall get real. Nicole is not lying and Wendy knows it she will try to smooth it over when its all said and done or have her lawyers place a gaag order....where there is smoke there is smoke there is FIIIIRRREEE!! trust!

2364 days ago


Hi Princessmommy:

W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R!!! Practice what you preach. AIN'T NO GOOD GON' COME TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2363 days ago


Hi "i'm so into you":

yes it is ...good is already coming to Wendy!! AWWWWRIGHT!!

2363 days ago
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