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Archuleta Gets DUI -- Daddy Under the Influence

3/26/2008 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, Simon Cowell lashed out at someone after David Archuleta's performance, and we know who.

A well-placed TMZ spy tells us Simon went after David's dad, Jeff, for the kid's song, "You're the Voice" by John Farnham. Simon said, "I don't think that is you at all and I'd be amazed if you chose the song yourself." Our spy says Simon was blaming the fiasco on daddy dearest, adding, "It's exactly where the gun was being aimed."

As TMZ first reported, Jeff Archuleta is the ultimate nightmare stage dad who was so bad when David was a contestant on "Star Search," he got banned from the lot.

Almost no one even heard of the song David sang. Simon said it sounded like David was singing something at a theme park -- which would make Daddy Jeff a real Dumbo.


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I bet the dad will sue FOX if his kid doesn't win.

2404 days ago


Umm this song was numebr 1 in Australia. I dont know how your guy sang it but John F rocked it. Actually quite a good choice and shows Simon doesn't know everything/anything :)

2404 days ago


I never heard the song before, but I thought his voice sounded amazing. I also thought he looked more comfortable singing than ever before. I liked it!!!

2404 days ago


He is good but I dont think as great as people make him out to be David Cook, on the other hand rocks it out each week and you never know what to expect... but it is always a song most people know

2404 days ago


I can't believe you people never heard that song before. I'm 22 and know that song and I was only 5 in 1990. I think he did a good job with it. I'm sure he did pick it so leave the kid alone. Not everyone likes the same music. If his dad is to controlling then he's old enough to say something so don't blame his father for everything...David is a big boy.

2404 days ago

To #26    

I think it might be better for the contestants if AI raised the qualifying age to 18 and graduated from high school before the show begins. Besides the freedom from parental influence on song choice (I'm looking at you, Daddy Archeleta!), being a little older might help the kids more easily weather the criticism of the judges and having their high school diploma would level the playing field a bit in that the younger kids wouldn't have to spend some of their available rehearsal time with a tutor.

2404 days ago

Vicki in Canada    

If what I've heard is true - shame on you Mr. Archuleta for behaving in that manner. Shame! Shame! Shame!!
And yay to Simon for having the balls to put it out there - now mind you sounds like the father is a publicity whore so who knows if he'll actually chill out now. I agree - kick his ass out of there! Let the kid go on his own - you cannot control your kids forever. And again, SHAME ON YOU POPPA FOR TRYING...

2404 days ago


I'm so tired of this kid singing songs with lyric "Messages". These songs are fine for some burned out old hippie selling cassets out of the back of a van, but frankly nobody needs to be lectured to by a 17 year old. The father needs to get wise and let the kid sing something fun. I used to like him, but after the last few weeks there is no way I hope this kid wins.

2404 days ago


The kid always sounds like he should be at a theme park. He is NOT a good singer.

2404 days ago

Patty Pecora    

This father is going to ruin his son's career if he doesn't let him free. David is amazingly talented (moves people to tears with his voice), but it is obvious his father's behavior is affecting David's self-confidence on the show. David should be getting stronger with each performance, but his performance has been masked by nerves and lack of charisma when he performs. Time to butt out JEFF - CONSULT YOUR MORMON BISHOP for advice!

2404 days ago


Add me to the list who have never heard the song. I have felt Daddy Archuletta has had a major hand in picking the songs since David A. did Imagine. He was a failed jazz musician, he is just trying to live vicariously through his kid.

And i agree-if he wants to do Message songs, great, but mix it up with fun things here an there. Being a preachy 17 y/o can be quite obnoxious (like when he did his spiel about the homeless in the semis)

2404 days ago


Hes just plain and boring nothing special about him I dont get why hes the projected winner well not so much anymore with David Cook and Michael Johns bringing it like they have been!

2404 days ago

bsb fan    

Jill, I've heard of it before...

Somewhere.. and I'm 21, 4 years old when that song came out... so I dunno...

It sounds familiar! With the Ooohh parts lmfao

2404 days ago


Did anyone notice the picture they flashed of him when he was a baby. By the look on his face, you'd swear Daddy Dearest was already screamin' at him to sing, highlarious! Lame song after lame song for this poor kid. Too bad, because he can sing. Thank God we can count on David Cook and his uber-pretentious self. Kind of counterbalances this poor kid shakin' in his boots while Daddy spits daggers.

2404 days ago


This isn't the David that's going to win it anyway - it's David Cook. This kid is too young, controlled and green to win this competition.

2404 days ago
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