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"Dancing With Stars" Dances with Truth

3/26/2008 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DWTSSo you think all those performances on "Dancing with the Stars" are arranged by the professional dancers, like Cheryl Burke? Think again, people.

Our spies -- and they're unimpeachable -- tell us many of the routines are arranged by outside choreographers, especially when it comes to the "younger, less experienced" professional dancers, like Burke, Kym Johnson, Derek Hough, and his sis, Julianne.

The show makes it appear as if the professional partners create all the moves for the celeb contestants -- but that's just not the case. All that rehearsal video is a little deceptive -- we're just sayin'.

One source says, "Cheryl Burke is the worst" when it comes to arranging her own material. She relies heavily on outside help.

BTdubs, we shot video of Cheryl Burke with one of the professional choreographers -- Wendy Johnson -- outside an L.A. restaurant. We're told Wendy worked on the dance that won Drew Lachey the cheesy trophy.

For the record, Cheryl's rep says any insinuation that she gets outside help is a "blatant lie," adding that Wendy Johnson is a good friend of Cheryl's -- she's known her since she was 11 or 12-years-old. Also, the rep says, Cheryl "spends Tuesday night choreographing her routines in her apartment."

An ABC source says it's not against the rules for the dancers to use outside help.


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Never heard of it

2349 days ago

Joey Bee    

Whatever. IT'S TV. I could have told you years ago TV is fake and produced.

2349 days ago

wait what    

I've always thought it was fake. Isn't one of the girls who won twice only 19 or something? So she won DWTS when she was 17? Yeah, sure. And Cheryl Burke only 23 or 24 and has been on the show for years?

I'm sorry but you just do not become THAT talented and successful that fast, and perform like that under pressure to boot. No way.

Next, confirm the truth about voting: it is pointless because the game is rigged.

2349 days ago


Dancing with the Stars uses choreographers? Shocking! Really lameo, TMZ.

2349 days ago


Ok, so whats the big deal? It's still an entertainment show even if it is a reality show. I think it makes it better that they do use choreographers, at least if they can't come up with something on their own then it helps to have somebody else there. They are having to come up with at least one dance EVERY WEEK! That's a lot of stress on a person who is also trying to teach somebody that has no dancing skills the routine also!

I love this show. Just because I love dancing! And just because they say this is what's happening doesn't change the way I look at the dancers or the show.

2349 days ago


Who cares, as long as they are actually doing their own dancing!

2349 days ago


Slow news day TMZ? cares?

2349 days ago


first of all, i dont really see a problem with dancers seeking outside help every now and then? because it isnt against the rules, and the show stresses the celebrities dancing MORE than the choreography but second, there is no doubt in my mind that the majority of the decisions come from the professional dancers even if they get outside help because they are the ones who know what their partners can / cant do and have to change the routine in order to match that...

someone who has been dancing most of their life, even if they are only 19, im sure has the capacity to choreograph a minute and a half routine, it isnt that long! even high school students can choreograph routines...

as for cheryl being the worst, im not surprised.. ive never been a big fan! haha

2349 days ago


Who cares? It's good clean entertainment compared to all the death, dying and sick crime shows on these days.

They also just get handed the music for the next week's numbers right after the show. They don't get to pick that themselves. Sometimes it's just awful and they're stuck with it. I think they do an outstanding job all things considered.

Get off their backs.

2349 days ago

Not True    

More crap spewing from TMZ. There's no "scandal" here, people.

2349 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Who Cares? A performance well danced, is a performance well done. They are judged on the weekly dances and their execution of said dance. It's about athleticism and visual artistry plus a whole bunch of other factors. Any dancer there could reach out for the same resources available to all. I feel you are gunning for Cheryl Burke. What, she won twice so it's her turn to be torn down? Pffft.

2349 days ago


The show is about what star dances the best, so whoever choreographs it really makes no difference. I always felt like the dancers did not make the routines up by themselves, but that they had some help.

2349 days ago


Second slow day in a row! Obviously~


2349 days ago


Didn't Cheryl earn an Emmy nomination for the winning routine that she and Drew danced in the Season 2 finale (and also for choreographing the final dance with Emmitt Smith in Season3)? It doesn't seem like it matters much that they get outside help until you consider that maybe Cheryl got nominated for something that was someone else's creation. If that were the case, however, wouldn't the person who "helped" her be crying foul by now?

There is a definite impression given on the show that the dancers come up with the routines, so if they're not doing so, it's a little deceptive. The professionals should give credit where it's due if they are co-choreographing the routines.

2349 days ago

bill park    


2349 days ago
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