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Heather Wants More -- $50 Million Not Enough!

3/26/2008 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather MillsAnd you wonder why everyone thinks she's a gold-digger?

Heather Mills, who was just awarded almost $50 million by a UK judge in her divorce settlement from Paul McCartney, is now looking for even more, says a report in the Daily Mail. She had reportedly told pals that she's getting forensic accountants to pore over Paul's finances, to prove that he's worth more than the court determined he was.

She's also been claiming that she can't support her 3-year-old daughter Beatrice on the nearly $70,000 that she was given just for her care.

Did Usher's Wife Dog His Hot Co-Star?

She already has a reputation for being domineering and controlling, but now it seems that Tameka Foster, Usher's wife and baby mama, is mixing it up with Usher's video co-stars.

The New York Post reports that Tameka intentionally dressed Keri Hilson, a singer who plays Usher's love interest in his latest music video, "like an extra" and was "guarding like a watchdog" during the shoot. "It was ridiculous – she knows Keri and knows she's no video ho," says the source.

Usher's manager says that Keri was fine with Tameka's styling choices and that the shoot went "brilliantly."

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Lenn K.    

Heather, you are what they say you are, a one-legged, lying, golddigging piece of crab. I believe this was a setup from the beginning and you knew he had just lost his wife of almost 30 years and slipped in on a very vulnerable man. This was all for money and nothing more, SLUT!!

2411 days ago

what a b****    

Please explain to me how someone who can donate 100's of thousands of dollars to Charities can not support her only child on $70,000 MONTHLY??????????????? Not including what she should have to bring in herself. If this is the case someone really needs to look into her life a little more deeply. She has Joint custody to boot, so she's not with her 12 months a year. If I had any say, I'd take everything away from her right now, and leave her with only the child support. No one ever needs 5 homes, etc. Sell one Heather!!! Your temper tantrums are getting old. You married a broken hearted man and are now trying to drain h im, thank god it has backfired on you.

2411 days ago


If Heather cannot support Bea on 70 mil then maybe she should give custody of Bea up to Sir Paul.. She is a greedy bitch

2411 days ago

kim suck    

give Heather DEATH

DIE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2411 days ago


My opinion of Heather continually drops lower and lower. She says she's not a gold-digger? Not an opporunist? Not a fantasist? Maybe she should cry on someone else's shoulder. We should feel sorry for her> I don't think so!! MANY people raise an entire family on less that 70,000 a year .. and Paul STILL has to pay for her nannies and schooling. Heather needs a reality check. And she needs to grow up.

2411 days ago


What a greedy Witch! No wonder the public cant stand you! You're exactly what every man, rich or poor worries about having to deal with..

Go away for good already! Lets hope she doesnt get another penny You ROCK PAUL!

2411 days ago


GREEDY, Greedy ..only 4 years of marriage,,,,,& only one child,,,,, 50 million not enough?????
Greedy & low class skank, give her less.....
that is 2,5 million /year in intrest for just putting the $$in tha bank

2411 days ago

Sick of it    

I agree with everyones comments about heather being a gold digger. I could raise my family and my neighbors family on $70,000.00. Especially with schooling and daycare provided. She needs to go to some third world countries and experience real poverty. I agree with #1, I think she had this set up from the beggining. Sir Paul has already given so much, what does she want? His blood!!! Yes, I think she does. Grow up Heather!!!!!

2411 days ago


Pore over??? p-o-u-r, did anyone graduate from 8th grade?
Re Heather, she must be certifiable, or better yet jail-able. Does she actually think she has ANY supporters? Sick.

2411 days ago


LEAVE MILEY CYRUS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2411 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

The federal government sets our poverty guideline at $13,690/year for a family of two and Heather Mills says she can't support herself and her daughter for $70,000? I didn't know things were that much more expensive in England. Maybe she should move to a more affordable country. Oh yeah, that's right, she'd have to find a country that was willing to let her inside their borders.
That woman needs a serious smacking upside the head with the clue stick. A couple hundred blows might bring her back to reality.

Go Sox

2411 days ago


Heather Mills is nothing but a greedy, stupid whore. She most likely has a personality disorder, which causes her to one minute make statements that she is "happy" with the settlement - and the next, hiring forensic accountants to find out how much money her ex-husband has. I think the British courts are wise to Ms. Mills, so I wouldn't worry about her getting her hands on any more of Paul's money. And If I were Paul, I'd be looking at getting full custody of their daughter away from her.

2411 days ago


How greedy can you get? Heather Mills greedy. Paul's daughter tried to warn him but he was not thinking with his brain. Old men should realize that young women only want them for the money/possessions/fame that they have and when they leave they want to take it all with them.

2411 days ago


I hope that since is "behind" him, that he changes his will. Provides for Beatrice (yes, he will). But not have Heather be the trustee. Have a lawyer be put in charge of it.

2411 days ago


Lord that woman needs a reality check! She wasn't even married to him long enough to warrant $50 million let alone more. And she wonders why people dislike her so much. She didn't even keep her word about the money she made during her embarrassing run on DWTS. The judge would be smart to lower her amount, give custody of the child to Paul, and toss that woman a measly million.

2411 days ago
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