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Parents Slam J.Lo Over Posh Nursery

3/29/2008 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

People mag's spread on J.Lo and Marc Anthony's newborn twins has shocked some staffers at Parents magazine.

The peeved peeps posted an open memo to J.Lo citing numerous baby safety hazards. But TMZ spoke to Kimberlee at Boo Boo Busters, a child safety company, and they say J.Lo is totally in the right.

Where Parents criticizes the nursery for having canopies and bows on and around the cribs -- suffocation hazards -- Kimberlee Mitchell, owner and found of Boo Boo Busters, says that for newborn babies like J.Lo's, this is not a concern. She says, "When your baby starts sitting up, at around six months or so, that's when you remove any canopies or mobiles." Emme and Max are barely a month old.

The blog's memo also went so far as to berate Lopez for not having window guards on the nursery's windows. Perhaps window guards weren't very photogenic? After all, in one of the magazine's pictures, Jenny from the Block is pictured feeding her baby ... in an evening gown.

Next time Parents might want to wait to nail J.Lo and Marc Anthony until they're seen driving erratically while dangling the twins out a car window.


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From Wichita    

Why does everyone have to be so judgemental? You don't know the personal and medical reasons why a person doesn't breast feed. That is just ignorant. As for the room, I'm sure it's just for show. I'm sure she would'nt put her babies in danger whether she's taking care of them or the nanny is.

At least they have nannies to look after their kids. Regular people just neglect their kids leaving them to get hurt or caught up in the foster care system. YOU CAN'T JUDGE!!

2307 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

tmz you made a huge deal about the cost of the nursery that Britney paid for for her new niece or nephew ... why not the same with JLO's nursery - why not splash the cost all over your site? Oh, that's right, her last name isn't Spears.

2307 days ago


Everyone is a critic. Too funny. No one wants to see my nursery, that's for sure. No one has offered me a penny to photograph WANT to see how the other side lives..and then gripe about it. LOL. If everything about the nursery and babies had been downplayed you would have blogged 'these poor babies'. Why shouldn't they enjoy what they can afford? And then there's the bleeding heart that screams 'save the world with your money instead of providing for your family' and 'shame on you for not trying to breastfeed'. OMG! So opinionated. So overbearing. So judging. So....wierd!

2307 days ago


I don't know how many of you have kids but those children will not be able to pull those curtains down for a long time. They are infants. The nursery is not practical that's for sure but it looks nice. Parents and people pulled this crap with Britney not being a good mom. I hope people learned their lesson on talking about other people and leave Jennifer Lopez alone. They are new mom's they will screw up but then find their way back.

2307 days ago

He's Boring now    

Looks like the waiting area of a Mexican Whore House....My Lord how Gawdy can one get, complete with hanging and swinging chandelier. These kind of people, with a little money given to them have no understanding of what Class is. How could they when they were raised in squalor by others who have no Class either. She whored her kids out for 6 million dollars to People Magazine for this photo spread? Shows you where her own Class is. May she never return to the level of Stardom she once had before she married that philandering Rat Boy Marc Anthony. Who would name a person after a famous Roman Emperor when they are Puerto Rican? Weird stuff

2307 days ago


Does Marc Anthony remember that he has other children. He seems to have forgotten. I hope he is supporting them with the same high standard of living. Just because you get married again to the next "hot thing" doesn't mean you forget your children from the previous "hot thing".

2307 days ago


Who cares if she didnt even try to breastfeed. I nursed my first son for 3 months, then my second son for 1month. I only even did it because of boob nazis who try to make mothers feel like the worst mothers on the planet for not being happy and successful with breastfeeding. IT FREAKING HURTS and I dont care much for hard, achy leaky NO THANK YOU. My breasts are reserved for my husband ONLY from now on.


2307 days ago


Every mother has the right to make their own choices in how to raise their child. If she doesn't want to breast feed or use cloth diapers it's her own choice and none of your business. Superbeanie, you and Al Gore need to zip it, I am so sick about hearing this media pumped up green crap. I bet your hook line and sinker on all the global warming garbage too. Yeah, and just like in the 60's 70's we were in a global cooling. Get over it and raise your own kids.

2307 days ago


Is that overboard guady or what. Even with money, there is something called class and dignity - JLO, that's not an example of it. You can tell JLO and her tiny husband did that for show.

2307 days ago

From Wichita    

What a dumb ass. Maybe Marc Anthony's other children were not in the picture for a reason. Their mother may not want them in the spotlight so much. I wouldn't. Anyone that is that judgemental has major issues. You should think before you speak.

2307 days ago


Why didn't Ken Paves and Eva Longoria donate the money towards the high-priced baby buggies they gave JLo to charity? I never understand why celebs give gifts such as these to "friends" who clearly have no need for them! I think it is highly doubtful that JLo and Mark will ever actually use them... unless a camera is in front of them! I also think it is laughable that 2 people have 2 baby nurses but "really are hands-on parents!" Give me a break! I am sure they are as happy as can be with these 2 beautiful babies, but this lifestyle truly makes me sick... just pukey!

2307 days ago


I'm sure that after paying all that money for the photos People mag wanted a posh museum-nursery.

2307 days ago


What a bunch of whiners you non-breastfeeding girls are. Breastfeeding hurts some so you give it up. Your poor kids. I hope they become overwieght, get diabetes, and infections becuase you couldn't handle it. It isn't the best for YOU selfish people - it is the best for your kids. That is what being a mom is about. Plus it only hurts for a few days at most. What wimps you are!!!

For JLo- she is a washed up diva with a skeleton husband. Those kids might have a nursery with tons of bling but they will never have 2 parents that are there for them 24/7.

2307 days ago


Who cares what her nursery looks like. People just want something to complain about. Has it been a slow Britney or Lindsey day? She has the money to do whatever she wants. She's not hurting anyone. She has the children she wanted and she's happy. When you have a baby, you can decorate your nursery how you want. Im not a J.Lo fan by any means but leave the woman alone. Such BS.

2307 days ago

Annie in Cali    

So, she should give her money to charities and other mother's that have less. why? What is it with you people who think they are so entitled to EVERYTHING. why the hell should she give her hard earned money to other mother's who have no bussiness pro creatging anyway? If you cannot afford your own children, then do not have them, Simple as that. No one owes anyone else anything. Ever hear of personal responsibility? JLo has the right to decorate a thousand rooms if that is what she chooses to do with HER money. I think you people complaining are just jealous.

2307 days ago
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