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Courtney Loses Kurt, Mind -- But No $$$

3/30/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney LoveThings must be getting a little lonely on the bullet train to Crazytown, because now Courtney Love is trying to drag Kurt Cobain's mother and sister on board.

The rocker/actress/space cadet left several rambling messages for the New York Post recently, defending her unfounded conspiracy theory that she was hoodwinked out of $200 mil by some ultra-crafty scam artist. But in the messages, she also claimed the mother and sister of her ex Kurt Cobain almost got sheistered out of their homes too!

Of course, Cobain's ex brought all the hand-written, chicken scratched proof to the LAPD earlier this month, but we're told the police didn't take her claims seriously. One source even told us "it never happened." And don't forget this -- we're told Courtney has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. So just consider the messenger on this one.


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Poor Frances Bean!

2398 days ago

He's Boring now    

whats the frequency kenneth? mental illness, unchecked is a progressive disease, it gets worse and the behavior gets more bizzar as evidenced by this latest nonsense. Shes been through rehab, but getting off drugs (if she truly has) wont by itself make mental illness better. Only heavy duty scrips and psychotherapy ongoing can do that.

The poor thing

2398 days ago


Cobain isn't her "ex". They didn't get a divorce before he died. Are there no editors checking this stuff before it's posted? The proper reference would be that Cobain can be referred as Love's "late husband" or label Courtney as "The Widow Cobain"

2398 days ago


bi-polar is the "new black" dahlink.

2398 days ago


Courtney Love is not his "ex"- she's his widow. They were married when Kurt committed suicide.

2398 days ago

B. Rule    

Save Francis Bean !!!!!!

2398 days ago


It is in terrible taste to refer to Kurt Cobain as her "ex" spouse. I have no lost love for Courtney Love, and I do consider her the Yoko Ono of the grunge generation. Still, your magazine is showing poor taste when you refer to ANYONE's surviving spouse as an "Ex-"

Please fix this language on your website. You attack celebrities each day for their faults, so rise up and fix your own.

2398 days ago


okay the bipolar thing is getting old,
there are lots of ppl with bipolar and they do just fine on meds,
look at brit brit's turn around
in stead of saying it's cuz she's bipolar
maybe you should state that she's not getting the much needed help she needs,
also "EX????" come on get your facts before you post
and while your looking up things
look into ppl who have mental illness and do just fine with treatment

2398 days ago


good for TMZ to leave the ex part in. Kurt was going to leave this witch, but she had him killed before he could.

2398 days ago


I thought law enforcement always shows stars "special" treatment. At least that's what I read on here every day. So why arent' they jumping right on her claims. Who's to say whether her claims have any validity or not. This woman is sad. She really makes an effort to get herself together on a regular basis, so I give her credit for that.

And, as pointed out, your "ex" reference is either ignorant or disengenuous.

2398 days ago

Granny Pants    

bipolar crack

2398 days ago


Unless TMZ knows about a divorce between Courtney and Kurt that happened before Kurt committed suicide, it is not appropriate usage of English language to be referring to them as "ex" when their marriage was allegedly strong at the time. Courtney is a "widow," and Kurt is her "former" or "deceased" spouse. Not that I care if you're disrespecting Courtney, but please be considerate of Kurt and their child.

2398 days ago


Courtney Love is Cobain's Widow not his Ex. Get your facts straight!

2398 days ago


No wonder she's tripping up the stairs to visit the bats in the belfry--if you guys don't stop calling her Cobain's Ex, who knows where she might end up next.

2398 days ago


I damn the day Kurt Cobain met this woman.

2398 days ago
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