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Lara Flynn Boyle Is Lookin' Swell

3/30/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We know Diddy doesn't go by Puffy anymore -- someone else has that title.
Lara Flynn Boyle
WTF happened to Lara Flynn Boyle? Has someone been injecting silicone used to lubricate auto parts into her too?!

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You know, she could very well be ill. Steroid/cortisone treatment often blows you up like this. Why not give her the benefit of the doubt and leave her alone? In any case, it's none of anyone's business. This gets more and more disgusting. I only hope that, if your loved ones ever fall ill, someone as low as you is not following them around with a camera, shooting their every movement. EVERYONE deserves some respect --and privacy.

2306 days ago

Granny Pants    

She looks like that Gilmore Mom.

2306 days ago


I will never stop asking myself why people do this. Do they really think it looks better?

2306 days ago


I can't prove it but these photos look like they have been "anamorphically squeezed" (the way a Panavision film looks when projected without the Panavision anamorphic lens). I wonder who did that, Lara or the photographer? And why?? The result just makes her look weird! And just what was going on when these shots were taken? She looks like she's being cornered by a hostile attacker! When she actually looks up you can see her eyes are quite bloodshot, like she has been crying! This isn't news, it's just a vicious attack piece against a talented and well-regarded actress. Shame on you!!

2306 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

Typical Hollywood fad gone bad. That serves the dumbasses right. Yea doc, come on over, do a little medicall procedure in my living room and we will pay you & say its so cool! My God what are those dumbass freaks thinking. Look at their butchered faces! Joan Rivers, Nichole Kidman's lips, Michael Jackson's whole transformation from black to white, Meg Ryans transformation from a beautiful natural woman to the freak that she has become. Jennifer Grey flushed her whole career down the toilet because of a nose job. Ashley Tisdale has done the same thing, once recognized by her nose and now flushed it down the toilet by getting rid of it. Priscilla Presley cant even talk or smile because her layers of silicone and botoxed dead skin wont move. Lisa Rinna is a beautiful woman but honey, look at those lips! You paid someone to completely butcher them. It looks like you have bags of puss hanging from your upper lip Lisa. It is not pretty! No matter what anyone says, it is not pretty Lisa. Look at Paris Hilton, that ugly celebrity wannabe has entirely flushed her entire megar career down the toilet because of this and now has to judge beauty pageants in Turkey to make a living.
If someone in Hollywood started painting their body green, everyone else would too. Eveyone that butchers their body like this deserves to have their career end and be laughed at.

2306 days ago


I saw her on Law and Order too! I didn't realize it was her until the middle of that episode. She looked HORRIBLE! She used to be very pretty. WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO HERSELF?!

2306 days ago


she is only 38 years old

2306 days ago


When these "stars" start messing with their faces, you get to see what they really look like. It's like "stars" who hate people of color but love fake tanning. It makes no sense.

2306 days ago

HI YaLL    

Leave the lady alone. Maybe she went to the dentist.

2306 days ago


she's no lady.

2306 days ago

Black Teef    

I'd still wreck that puffy ass.

2306 days ago



2306 days ago


Hollywood + very insecure aging actress or reality whores = Meg, Laura, Nicole, Omarosa....
you get the point...your basic cosmetic surgery mess. They faces start to fall into the cosmetic surgery abyss....

2306 days ago


I'm betting she has an illness. As many people have said, there are medications that make your face swell. Usually steroids used to control some sort of inflammation or supress the immune system. I would hate to jump to conclusions and criticize if she is ill. People need to be a bit more compassionate.
How would you like to see your face swollen twice its size in the mirror because of your life saving medicine???

2306 days ago


holy crap.are you kidding.she is ony 38 and is starting to look like that Hemsley thing.i believe she was 200 or something.

2306 days ago
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