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Brady Wusses Out With Gisie, Again

4/1/2008 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom has been whipped into a total man-puppy since Gisele strutted into his life.

Check out Tom slumming it at an L.A. Whole Foods. All it took for him to be domesticated was a supermodel -- too bad it wasn't inspired by the mother of his child!

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Nice Dockers

2394 days ago


It will all come back to him.................sooner or later! I just hope his son realizes when he is older what a dead beat he is.

2394 days ago


They could go "green" by bringing their own bags to the market. What no social conscience?

2394 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

Tom brady & k-fed LOSERS !! 4 runnin off w/another woman while got an X-girl pregnant !!!

2394 days ago


leave this guy alone already! i agree with #2, maybe his baby momma was the reason why there not together. and what the fux wrong with shopping for groceries with your girl. this model cant be too stupid she did make the forbes list, if she knows nothing else she knows how to market herself and make money, bet yall cant do that.

2394 days ago


yeah, because going back with someone after you've broken up just because they are pregnant is definitely a way to build a happy home. grow up.

2394 days ago


i think the only reason why they make trips to CA is so people CAN THINK HE IS SEEING HIS SON which i dont think he does
the way paps follow them around we would have seen one picture of him with his son or seen a picture of him leaving bridget home we have seen NOTHING HE IS A DEAD BEAT DAD that cares ONLY ABOUT HIS MODEL

2394 days ago


If it wasn't for the birth of that baby and dating Gisele, Brady would be in the oblivion. And i'm referring tabloids.

2394 days ago


He's definately not doing anything for his tough football player image...what a GQ pretty boy. I like Bridgett way better anyway. she was hot in Coyote Ugly.

2394 days ago


It's funny, we always see him out with this bitch, meanwhile he's never with his son. Everyone treats the guy like some freakin God, when in reality he's a deadbeat dad. I mean, who the hell leaves their pregnant girlfriend? Not a real man at all...PATHETIC!!!!

2394 days ago


You people on here are a bunch of brain-washed retards. How do you know he doesn't see his kid? Why, because you only see pictures (reminder, a picture is a mere INSTANT in time) of him and Gisele?? In that case, does Tom ever go to the bathroom? Boy, i never see any pictures of it, so he must not go to the bathroom... Get a life.

2394 days ago


Was walking into my 17 yr. old son's bedroom the other day, where he and 3 friends were picking teams and players for some football game on playstation. anyhoo, one of them picks the patriots, but does not pick brady for qb, another boy asks why and he says, "I grew up without a dad, and I would never want to be like anyone who has nothing to do with his baby. this started a whole conversation between teenage boys about what a loser brady is for abandoning his baby. They were very harsh. But it was truely heartening to see that a group of teenage boys knew right from wrong, and hero worshipping someone who is not a good person is not the way to go. They also think the giselle looks like a man. They now call him LADY BRADY!

2394 days ago


Sorry but he is followed alot and he is NEVER once photographed with his baby. EVER. So he never takes the baby for a walk? He never takes the baby to run errands? What is he - just a babysitter who stops by the house every once in a blue moon? What a JERK!!

2394 days ago


Zara - Get out much?

2394 days ago


Kandie, Thanks for sharing that story. Nice to know what the young ones think! Smart kid's!

2394 days ago
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