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Affleck Goes AC (All Callate!) in DC

4/2/2008 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Affleck may or may not be running for office, but he's definitely running from our photog -- especially those TMZ probing questions.....and geez, bring J.Lo up and it's like you asked about Ashley Dupre. Silencio!


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TmZ Fan    


can you blame him..Jenny from the Block

2302 days ago


why would you ask him about j-lo anyway. geez! he's married with a kid, do you honestly think she is on his mind?

2302 days ago

Over It Already    

Again, TMZ has proven to be low-class... uhm.... how many years has it been since his mistake with JLO? Let's see... probably about 5 YEARS?!!! Get over it, and perhaps consider asking him something that is relative to his life NOW? You guys are boneheads.... LEARN YOUR CRAFT, would ya?

2302 days ago


Jennifer Lopez was in love with Ben Affleck, not the other way around! Ben is happily married has a daughter and is making a credible name for himself behind the camera. I think Ben would have had much better times and memories with Ashley Dupre than he had with Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer is well, Jennifer, she's in a smoke and mirrors marriage to a bi sexual cocaine user, has 2 trophy children and has moved out of the South Bronx. I'm fairly certain she is the same blood sucking pain in the ass nasty puta now as she was when she was with Ojani, Puffy, Chris, Ben and now pitiful Mark Anthony. The greatest indicator of future behavior is past behavior. She's already planning her next move and believe me, before 2008 is over they'll no longer be together. Trust me.

2302 days ago


¡Calláte! is the command form of callarse - to be quiet, or to shut-up. It just can't be used the way you have it fcr AC. Maybe someone at TMZ should find a Spanish teacher or someone to help them with their Spanish before puting it in print.

2302 days ago


and why would you even ask Ben about J-Lo??? He could care less about her, she almost ended his career in movies. Besides which, he is married to Jennifer Garner and has a beautiful daughter.

2302 days ago


Does TMZ hire their contributers right out of high school? The writing on this website is HORRIBLE. It has nothing to do with the story, but everything to do with how they can demoralize and criticize Hollywood. Yesterday with Elliot Yemen, today with Ben Affleck, tomorrow, who knows? The remarks, comments, snippets are crass, cheesy, and well, just plain stupid! Why not ask Ben something worth asking? J-Lo? That's all you have?

2302 days ago


It's almost embarrassing the stupid and irrelevant questions you ask the celebrities. JLo? That was years ago. They are both married to other people and have children. Why bring that up now? Such a low class bunch of paps you've got running around annoying people.

2302 days ago


Bonehead Bonehead Bonehead TMZ are Boneheads Boneheaaaaaaaaaads!!! Lol

2302 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

OOOoooooOOOHhooOOOOoohhHHOOOOooooHHhhHHOOOoooooooo!!! Do we not sail on a ship of fOOOOOoooOOooOLS?

2302 days ago


Did TMZ suddenly turn into Perez Hilton with the spanglish? And who cares about JLo who was never really "Jenny from the block".

2302 days ago


why would you ask him about jennifer lopez any way, they have both moved on obviously he's happily married with jennifer garner and they have a cute little girl, and lopez is also happily marrie to marc anthony and just had twins
tmz you are a bunch of morons!!!!!!!!!1

2302 days ago


What a pathetic, non-relevant, space-wasting, low-brow, no-class website. Your television show is a snoozer, and you guys and gals really need to find something meaningful to do with your lives. You are a prime example of what is wrong with the American culture today. Do us all a favor and sign off for a final time.

2302 days ago


So, he should be happy to answer any stupid question you ask him, anytime, regardess of how he feels or what he is doing?
He should be eager to talk about an old girlfriend, ON CAMERA, when he is married now with kids? Is that your point?
Please, TMZ.......tell me you are all not that stupid.

2302 days ago


TMZ .....a.k.a. The Moron Zone.

Somebody need to close this place down. The writing here is beyond stupid and the photogs are Neanderthals.

2302 days ago
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