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What Happens In Vegas Stays On K-Fed's AMEX

4/3/2008 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Daddy got Britney to pay his legal bills, claiming relative poverty. But, as her lawyer calls it, "Bank of Britney" may have been taken for a ride -- specifically, from L.A. to Vegas.

According to legal docs, in a recent eight-month period, Federleezy blew $50,489.71 on hotel rooms and refreshments in Vegas.

In one day alone, K-Fed dropped $2,632.50 at TAO Beach (the pool club at The Venetian). And on one wild evening, he spent $2,862.60 at TAO nightclub. One day at the Hard Rock Beach Club -- $3,008.33

Oh yeah, and there's this.... at Scores strip club, he once spent $365, but left a $2,000 tip.

And for this he dinged Brit? Dang.


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J Doe    

this is alllllll a big part in the britney camp damage control, tryin to save her whats little of her reputation to make kevin look bad.

kevin deserves every cent for what she's done to him and the kids, being married to her must of been pure hell !!!!!
he deserves compensation.

their still trying to save her carrer...

2360 days ago


I would love to see his weed bill.

2360 days ago


Kevin Federline is the only reason there is a custody battle at all. They had worked out a 50/50 shared custody arrangement before all this crap started. Britney didn't start it, and why should she give in?

The custody battle is based on Kaplan/Federline saying what they say "might" happen if Britney retains any custody of her own children. It is based on supposition, not fact. Harvey knows that's not legal. And a lot of what I heard from the beginning of the custody situation was Kaplan/Federline stating that the children would be endangered being with Britney BECAUSE OF THE MEDIA/PHOTOGRAPHERS putting everyone in danger surrounding her trying to make money off of her photos.

This is the basis of the custody battle. It all started right when Federline's alimony was due to expire. Then it spiraled and snowballed, with K/F harassing Britney on and on until she finally had a breakdown.

I am very familiar with these facts and have stated them correctly.

2360 days ago


The question isn't did K-Fed screw Britney...the question is who didn't screw Britney. Her family and the lawyers (on both sides) have equal culpability. No one is innocent in the pillaging of Britney's fortune and/or fame...including Britney herself.
And just for the record...if Britney can tell the courts with a straight face that she spends $160,000 on clothes a month why is Kevin spending $50,000 in 8 months so out of line? I don't know about anyone else but as far as I am concerned Kevin probably deserved any money he has gotten from Britney for having to put up with her crazy ass for as long as he did. Just imagine living with her on a day to day basis? Never taking a shower or washing her hair...poor grooming...putting the same clothes on day after day. Not too mention her smoking cigarettes and probably her house was in just as bad condition. Besides, there hasn't been even 1 incident of suspected child neglect since Kevin has gotten custody of the children. Damn, the man might deserve a medal!

2360 days ago


I think this IS newsworthy. Brit is the one that has made the $$$$...and yes she has had her share of totally losing it mentally and in her parenting skills to say the least towards the end of her antics prior to this last hospitalization.
Then, while she is "sick" literally, many, including TMZ spoke of him like he was a saint for the boys at least having one stable parent. Well parent he is not.....the nannies parent the children not their father!!!!
He was boo'ed at his B-day bash cuz he thinks he is a STAR and had the mike taken out of his hand by one of his "boys" AND had his baby mama Shar there too. Even if Brit supposedly "stole" him away from Shar, she is paying for everything for BOTH of them and has been all along even before the crazy Brit antics....and stuck up for him and took care of his kids with Shar before the marriage went awry.
This boy is milking her for all she has and this is deserved because what......she made bad choices, got sick, showed her crotch and and and!!!!! But this lowlife can not only live off of her in the name of their children and being the "better parent" (yeah right) but is throwing HER money around on his BS and Shar, when it is suppose to be $$ for the children. Utter BS.....she has made mistakes, many yes, but so has he and he continues to, while she is attempting to pull herself out of the hole she has gotten into, on her own I know but still, he is reaping the benefits AND sharing it with anyone that he can buy, which is the only way for this jackass to have "friends" or his wannabe entourage around him.
I would not doubt for one minute, and my gut feeling is his marriage and rush to have not one but two children with her in their short time together was a well played out plan by him AND his ex Shar....or current Shar. He's a dog and I don't mean dawg in a good way.

2360 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

"Did she get screwed??? " Of course...she paid for it..and still is.
He is worth it. He is hot.
She is not.

2360 days ago


Be easy on him, after all he's a stay at home dad. All that "domesticity" is starting to show on his waistline.

2360 days ago


Good thing he has never used her.

2360 days ago


Federline suffered being married to Britney? Oh come on. When she met him, he was living with 3 male pals and not paying one cent toward the rent or expenses. He said he didn't mind letting them pay it all. He came from nothing and never was anything. He came to Hollywood trying to become famous as a dancer, but he didn't have any dance training or experience.

He married Britney and became Mr. Moneybags. She enabled him to make that piece of crap cd he made. She tried to help him get some businesses started. She bought him expensive clothes (even though he looks like an idiot in baggy draws), expensive cars, expensive toys. He lived the life of a multi-millionaire. He sure didn't look miserable.

However, he never intended to marry anyone or settle down to be a parent. That's why Shar Jackson has his illegitimate children. He tried to marry a millionaire popstar and still have his fun on the side, but she wouldn't have it. Now the situation has devolved into what it is today. People say he's stepped up to be a great parent. All I see is that he's given the boys a palatial roof over their heads, thanks to mommy, and hired a black nanny and a black bodyguard to raise them, while he takes up his single, millionaire lifestyle.

2360 days ago


The funny thing.... real celebrities don't spend money in Vegas (unless they are gambling).... everything is comped. Poor k-fed LOLZ

2360 days ago

just wondering    

#34 & #40 anonymous...u have said it all in a nutshell.

2360 days ago


To #40 by anonymous, you are so right. All these nuts going on and on as to what a great father he is..and how he desrerves to go out and have a good time. He disgusted me from day one. Shar Jackson can say what she wants as to how wonderful he is as a father. With all his running around spending his kids child support, when does he have time to be a great father? Jackson was just a drop in the bucket compared to Spears money wise. And any money Jackson may get for the 2 kids he made with her comes from Spears. Everything you said anonymous is so right....he hires a nanny and bodyguard to raise his kids from Spears so he can have the high life. I truly hope that britney gets her act together and with lots of support gets those boys away from him and ends his free ride.

2360 days ago


Kevin Federline has some of his own money. It is typical to ask for a reversal of legal fees when someone has to initiate the legal action. His Credit card information should not be made public!!

2360 days ago


death to K-Fed, MVK, and commishioner responsible for this. Leave Brit alone and go to hell.

2360 days ago


I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Now that Britney is on the right track, you (TMZ) can bring down Federline. lol Love it! MORE MORE MORE!!!

This guy is dirtier. Dig it up!!

2360 days ago
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