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Forget Firecrotch: Greasy's a Racist, Homophobe

4/4/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting taunted by the paparazzi sucks -- but it's still no excuse to attack someone with some of the most offensive slurs in the English language. Paging Michael Richards!

One photog was definitely laying into Brandon Davis outside Foxtail last night, but Brandon took it to another level by calling the black photog a "nigger." The pack of photogs was shocked -- and ripped back, calling him "Greasy Crotch" and "d-bag."

Around an hour later, cameras caught the scumbag oil heir still fuming outside of Villa, where he called TMZ's photog "a faggot." Classy.


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I can't believe all the "you can dish it out but can't take it" idiots out there, who will use any excuse to jump on the racist bandwagon. You really are show your true colors (no pun intended). While I understand the underlying sentiment that the photog was out of line in the first place (he was... they usually are), there is never an excuse (other than outright racist ignorance and hatred) to resort to racial and/or homophobic slurs. The only thing using those types of words really proves is what a redneck, imbecilic dumb-ass you really are, and having money or a family name obviously doesn't preclude you from being any of those things. There are plenty of other insults out there for those of us who actually have a vocabulary. If it's that difficult for you, get a dictionary, or a thesaurus -it's LIKE a dictionary, but not- look it up,you low-class moronic bigots.

2395 days ago


It's so sad that a person today can still be racist, I don't even know what race my son's friends are until I meet them. That is an ugly word and it should never be used by anyone, anyone EVER... It's a word that cuts through you like a sharp blade and no one can ever know that feeling unless you are black.

2395 days ago


This greasy pig should remember how Jews have been discriminated against and the names they have been called. He is Jewish and should remember how Jews were treated because of being Jewish. He contributes nothing to society and will probably live the first of his life as being famous because his grandfather made money. He is pathetic and worthless.

2395 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Amen to that . Shows that God Damnn-ah the racist billionare who traveled up the " hills " to view the firecrotch . He who is with sin should not cast the first stone . We have seen the light and it the flashlight beam shone in Brandons' ear and comest out as light on the other side ......

...... CAN I GET AN AMEN !!!!!

2395 days ago


last i heard this is america and he can say what he wants!!!!! you hound these people all the time what do you expect?! i would never use those words, but what do you expect when you have a camera up his ass all the time.... and what about doing checks on your photogs to keep people safe, i do beleive the guy he called the n word has been arrested for sexual battery on a minor or something, saw a story on that..... You all are disgusting and should be ashamed of yourselves! it is apalling the behavior that the photogs have to try to get this reaction from people..... why dont you check out the guy that is being called the n word and stop having him follow people with kids or anyone in general.... you disgust me....PIGS!

2395 days ago

hook, line and sinker    

What do you expect from D-List story lines......Garbage in, garbage out........When TMZ started Harvey tooted his far........D-list.......D-list.........D-list.......It's only going to get worse folks.........readers won't make or break it......The sponsors will.........

2395 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Every single day on TMZ there are far more racist, homophobic, mysognist, bigoted, and generally ignorant statements posted without any substantive rebuttal, save a few isolated voices, so the moral outrage at this wealthy and drunk young caucasian American's racist and homophobic tirade is not only ridiculous on the part of TMZ posters it is simply hypocritical. Either, apply the standards you wish this young man to incorporate into his life into your own internet blogging community, or just remain silent, because he is only doing verbally what you do annonymously in writing every single day at TMZ.

2395 days ago


hahahahahha brandon...

2395 days ago

Area 51    

Don Imus rocks.

2395 days ago


isn't it true that any time these celebrties get their picture published they get paid for them? Maybe someone just needs publicty!

2395 days ago


How come Rev. Wright (Obama pastor for 20 years) could use that word in his sermons without being called a racist?

Can you say double standard TMZ?

2395 days ago

Rosie O'donnel is way too gross for words    

Why do they continue film and take pictures of this guy?

2395 days ago


Why is this worse than the paps taunting him to begin with?
Not that his behavior is okay but he wouldn't have gone off if they weren't taunting him.
Why do the paps always get a free ride then act all aggrieved?

2395 days ago

Gavin McGavin    

Douchebag needs to be put out of his misery.

2395 days ago


Brandon and Jason Davis are an embarrassment to their family. Where did the gene mutation occur in that family? I guess I will speculate it's from his fathers side, since his mother's father was apparently a brilliant businessman. This makes me appreciates Trumps kids so much more, than may be arrogant but at least they aren't worthless losers.

No wonder Brandon and Jason's parents cut off their financial support of their lame asses.

What is ironic about this is........ he once ranted about Paris Hilton being a racist, homophobe.. which I believe she wonder they hang out again.

I thought this lame ass just got out of rehab for the zillionth time? I am sorry but I don't see a bright future for Gummi and Greasy bear. I think their days are numbered. They are going to OD eventually... disgusting, vile creatures.


2395 days ago
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