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Nicole Still Givin' Away the Milk for Free

4/5/2008 8:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood may have wedding fever but Nicole and her baby daddy Joel Madden have no plans to get married. Nicole tells Us that rumors of summer nuptials were bogus and that the couple are not even engaged.

With these kids, Paris and Benji could be hitched sooner than Nic and Joel. Hey -- you never know.

No Mo' Malawi Mama for Madge

After two years, Mo's adoption of her Malawian boy was finalized and the mom of three was hoping to add one more to her pack. Madonna planned to adopt a young girl from Malawi so her kids could have a little sister, but the red tape was too tight to battle the government bureaucracy. The Material mama, who is turning 50 this year, will instead support the orphan she wanted to make her own financially, from her home in England according to Showbizspy.

Party Favors: Leo Goes Green ... Jenny Garth Moving Back to 90210? ... Norah Jones Cruising for Love

Leonardo DiCaprio isn't just a pretty face, the earth loving activist is walking the walk and reportedly just bought an eco-friendly apartment in NYC according to NY Mag. ...Class is scheduled to go back in session at West Beverly High and alum Kelly Talyor, AKA Jennie Garth, could be rejoining the zip code for a cameo role (via LA Times). ...Singer turned actress Norah Jones is looking for love, puppy love that is, reports the NY Post.


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What 20 year old stringer wrote the story about 90210?!? It's Taylor, not Tannor. The Tannors were from Full House.

2362 days ago


Kelly Tannor????????????? It's Kelly TAYLOR!

2362 days ago


Kelly Taylor!
Everybody knows that.

2362 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

yeah 'cause I guess that's how tell tell our generation how a family is done,(nicole richie & joel madden) is havin a baby out of wedlock, and I really don't think they will last several more months, It's just a big fling, U can almost tell. I can see being a single parent if things go wrong or If ur other half dies, but this couple won't go anywhere toghether in life, sheesh !

2362 days ago

The Warden    

NicAhole only had a baby to try and stay out of prison. I feel sorry for the baby cuz it will have a skank ho for a mom who will feed it coke and booze.

2362 days ago

The Warden    

I heard that Nichole refers to her baby as her little "crack baby"

2362 days ago

The Warden    

I understand that the Madden wanna be won't marry Nicole because he doesn't want to marry a junkie. He just likes banging them.

2362 days ago


And why buy a pig just to get a little sausage? Come on, TMZ, my grandma was using those jokes. I guess everything does get recycled.

2362 days ago


finally Malawi is treating Madonna like anyone else coming there to adopt a baby

always tons of red tape!

last time they let her adopt a child purely because of her celebrity and fame and of course money (there was a justified outcry) not because she went through the paperwork, red tape and proper channels

just wish she would have given the little David's father money so that he could afford to give his son a good life in his country and not have to leave him in an orphanage type of setting to be sure he was fed and cared for .

for some reason I've never been impressed with her and find her actions always suspect since she's constantly marketing herself

She should adopt a "true" orphan if she really wants to do the world a favour and with all her money she could start a fund for the starving parents to be able to afford to raise their children

Don't know what the currency in Malawi is, but can you imagine how far a US dollar or British pound would go in that country-it wouldn't even dent her finances!

some how I wonder if she gave 4 million plus to charity like Brad or Angelina...and I'm not counting proceeds fro her children's books-but out of her pocket

does she give 10% ti charity-not counting kabbalah

2361 days ago


To #10 sally, very well put. I too am highly suspect of any thing Madonna does. Her talent is so minimal it is comical but she definately knows how to market herself and keep herself in the headlines. As for Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden...who really cares? Where does being a responsible adult come in anymore? Ritchie has proved how irresponsible she is over and over again and now she drags an innocent baby into her wreck of a life. Sad, for the child.

2361 days ago

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