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Racist Shields Greasy Self Behind Uncle Tom

4/5/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the low point since TMZ turned its lights on. The ever-disgusting Brandon Davis, who polluted the streets of H-Wood Thursday night with the words "nigger" and "faggot," showed up at the scene of the crime Friday night, arm and arm with a black man who told the paps, "I'm a nigga man, he likes me." How this man could embrace such a sleazebag is beyond comprehension.

Davis, ever the sub-human coward, refused to say a word. No apologies, nothing. Remember, he's the same guy who went on the firecrotch rant.

Watch the video -- and we strongly advise to do it on an empty stomach.

By the way, shame on Villa nightclub for allowing him in. Guess they don't have a bigot policy.


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Who is he? and Is he bi-polar or something?

2319 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Racist druggie who steals from his own friends! I wonder how much that guy got paid? What bullcrap!

2362 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

'ever the sub-human coward'. Cool, that's some serious dislike and it is well deserved for this dirtbag!!!

2362 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

He's low class , bigoted and not a gentleman.

But it was you guys and Page Six that disseminated "firecrotch!" to the four corners of the world. And poor LiLo was barely out of her teens when you guys indulged and magnified her sexual harassment. So don't feign outrage now.

2362 days ago


Well well, look whose talking. Pot calling the kettle black. TMZ enjoys insulting the elderly about their body shape, those with physical flaws they can't help, dead mothers and anyone else they can possibly post a cruel comment about.

2362 days ago


And he paid this guy how much ~ oh that's right, his family supposedly CUT HIM OFF! So, he paid him how?

Brandon Davis has no class. One day soon, he will mouth off to the wrong person and get exactly what he deserves!

Why is it OK for a black person to use the "N"?

2362 days ago


RE: the link referred to in the above story "Return of "Firecrotch" -- Lindsay Fued Not Over "


2362 days ago


I sincerely applaud TMZ and Harvey Levin for not backing down off this premiere douchebag. This famous-for-absolutely-NOTH-ing rich boy is the epitome of what is wrong with young Hollywood.

Brandon Davis needs to issue a formal apology for (yet again) causing what must be untold grief and shame to the members of the Davis family who might actually be HUMAN, and then go crawl under a poisonous-bug-infested rock-- and stay there.

Viva TMZ! When it counts, you guys have balls AND backbone!

2362 days ago


Sure he shouldn't have said it - but so what?? How many people use that kind of language on a daily basis? It just doesn't get caught on camera/tape. Yes, it's the price they pay for being in the limelight - but at the same time give the guy a break. Why is it that he uses a work considered taboo by society but as a race - black people call each other that as a term of endearment so why is it wrong? It's a contradictive society so who cares what some rich kid says? Anyone who is offended by his statements need to look at themselves and wonder how many times they've done the same thing.

2362 days ago


Black guy = producer Dallas Austin, got busted for drugs two years ago

2362 days ago


Oh please, enough with this already. I know you think this is your "hot" story and you're going to beat it completely to death, but you really need to think about it a little bit. This is a dirt bag that nobody liked to begin with. So you harrass and bait said dirt bag into calling some offensive names. So what's the point? We're now supposed to get up in arms over this guy? We never liked him to begin with, so you aren't causing anything to happen. And I agree with the previous poster that your feigned outrage is a little silly. There is no celebrity gossip site that is any cruder, ruder or politically incorrect than TMZ. You aren't qualified to be outraged about anything.

2362 days ago


Yeah, and I agree with what someone else posted. It's hilarious that TMZ wants to get self-righteous, especially in mentioning Brandon Davis' whole LiLo rant when TMZ took the ball and ran with that one, going so far at one time as to refer to Ms. Lohan by exactly the same demeaning name that Brandon used for her. How about some TMZ outrage about its own? Let's see, referring to women as "sloppy seconds," "hos," "b**ches," etc. No problem objectifying and degrading women but I guess they draw the line when it comes to orientation and race issues.

2362 days ago


"Well well, look whose talking. Pot calling the kettle black. TMZ enjoys insulting the elderly about their body shape, those with physical flaws they can't help, dead mothers and anyone else they can possibly post a cruel comment about. "

Don't forget the popular word trainwreck, frequently used by TMZ.
TMZ should keep there mouth closed!

2362 days ago


Anyone who is offended by this needs to really take a step back and think why are you offended?? people call each other that as a term of endearment and all of a sudden when a white boy says it it's wrong? Wow. We live in such a contradictive society that we as a whole are no longer even close to anything resembling reality. So what if some rich kid no one made a comment that was caught on tape. Millions of people use that language on a daily basis and no one is chastised for it. But no one ever says anything when the black societies go on a rampage about the "white man" - we are all Americans. I don't know about you but I don't know a single black person from Africa. You have groups like the NAACP who feels like "white society" owes "black society" the world because their ancestors' ancestors were slaves two hundred years ago. Grow up and move on. Who cares.

2362 days ago


i think the black guy is dallas austin, a music producer

2362 days ago
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