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F***ing Around With Rob Lowe Will Get You Sued

4/7/2008 9:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Lowe has taken his battle against his former nanny from the Internet to the courtroom -- and he's not f***ing around!

In a lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Lowe and wife Sheryl claim former employee Laura Boyce violated a strict confidentiality agreement and spread "malicious lies" about their family, a "betrayal [that] reaches far beyond possibly marring the Lowe's image in the public eye." (Hmmm, what about that little thing in 1988?).

Rob and Sheryl say Boyce worked for them for a little over a year, and became very close to the family -- even going with them on vacations. Then suddenly, last November, they say Boyce was a no-show, and didn't respond to repeated calls and messages from the family, who were worried about her whereabouts. It was only after a missing person's report was filed, the suit alleges, that Boyce contacted them to say she wouldn't be coming back to work.

Since then, the Lowes say they've gotten wind of what they say are serious lies spread by Boyce. In his post today, Lowe claims that she demanded $1.5 million in hush money, otherwise she was going to go public with her claims.

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She demanded hush money? I hope this isn't true. Hush money is blackmail isn't it?

2355 days ago


You get sued for messing around with Rob Lowe, BUTTTTTTTTTTT he didn't get anything for making a sex tape with 2 minors back in the 1980's?

2355 days ago


This is why they created restraining orders. Hope the Lowe's can put a stop to this woman's blackmail attempt ASAP. So unfair not only to the Lowe's but to their children.

2355 days ago

Dick Lick    


2355 days ago


I believe that"little thing" you are reffering to is that porn video he made with two girls. I don't think there was a cup.

Thanks for helping me remember that TMZ!

2355 days ago

shelby bear    

My ex-husband worked with Mr. Lowe back in 1993 on Stephen King's "The Stand" - my husband struck up a friendship with Rob and both of them frequented hotel bars etc., in Salt Lake City and also Vegas while on location - and both of them had their fair share of various women (Mr. Lowe's wife was pregnant at the time, if I remember correctly). I don't know about her, but I do know his reputation as a serial cheater precedes him everywhere!!!

2355 days ago

Once a rethuglican , ALWAYS a rethuglican    

Rob has to take a stance and strike before this nutjob files . People who decide to work for people that are in a higher income brackett than them cannot be free to extort once things go sour or they go their separate ways . This should go as a message to all the hired ' help ' to beware ever toying with the idea of extortion ...
BRAVO ROB , show them you won't take this lying down , especially where it includes your family / innocent sons.

2355 days ago

that's all    

Rob, you sexy thing you

2355 days ago


does anyone really care?? Me doth think the man protests too much

2355 days ago


i've never seen a slimier person. SLIMY !!!

2355 days ago


I don't know the whole story, BUT...I do know that he wouldn't be making such a big deal out of shutting her up unless there was some major truth to it. Rob Lowe is an idiot and he's attempting to discredit the messenger so that no one believes her. All celebrities can fall back on accusing someone of "blackmail" even if it's not true. It's probably his only way out of an uncomfortable situation, and I wouldn't believe a word of what he says. I think Rob Lowe has alot of skeletons in his closet, he wants to control the info that gets out to the public, she is talking and he's afraid of what the public will learn. He's used to controlling everything and everyone around him, and well, guess what. This time he couldn't. It's just another embarassment for that self-centered MORON. Grab some popcorn, and, by all means, let the nanny speak. lol. This is more entertaining than the cinema.

2355 days ago


If I were Rob Lowe I'd be a "serial cheater" for sure. You only go around once, knuckleheads!

2355 days ago

She looks great    

Ditto to #12

2355 days ago

Once a rethuglican , ALWAYS a rethuglican    

Andi , take your misery pill again ? Damn .

2355 days ago


Your pants and your it...

2355 days ago
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