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Archuleta Saw "Angels" Way Before Idol

4/9/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta made it seem like he just found the song "Angels" for his performance last night -- shame, shame, everybody knows your name -- it's been in his repertoire for years!

Check out a pre-"Idol" David singing (and perfecting) the Robbie Williams song back in 2005. This isn't the first time he's pulled out one of his old standards either -- he did the same thing with "Imagine."


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Who cares when he sang it before? What difference does it make? He did a great job. I am sure that all the other contestants that have a singing background use songs they have done before. They are probably comfortable with a song they know and have done before. I can remember some of the scathing remarks from the judges when someone forgets the lyrics. Leave all of them one except a few people that would complain if they were given a sackful of money and bi%#* that it was dirty.

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2396 days ago

Carol P    

Music is so subjective. I just don't get the hate mongers. If I hear a song on the radio I don't like, I turn if off but I don't hate on the artist (except for Paris Hilton maybe).

I don't get the people calling him boring....... like you are all so fascinating. People it's music and either enjoy it or turn it off!

2396 days ago


TMZ--this is such old news. Seriously. AND it's lame. Come up with some useful stuff, please and thank you.

2396 days ago


So he sang the song before, big deal. Do you think others on the show always maiden voyage it with the songs they choose? They're pulling from their own repertoires when they can; they'd be stupid not to. All of the Idols have sung in public many times before. If they're familiar with a song and it suits the night's theme, great, more power to 'em. Sing away.

2396 days ago


If I didn't know what this kid sounded like talking or looked like, I might be ok with him, but because I do know what his goofy innocent talking sounds like and what he looks like when he talks, I can't stand him. He's so immature, I don't even think he knows what American Idol could do for him. Maybe he could go be a wedding singer somewhere.

2396 days ago


"mommy," he's 17. He has an extremely domineering father. I don't think he's had much of an actual childhood, as he's been performing, constantly. You're a mom(?)...Give him a break.

2396 days ago


Husky McMuppet is the most annoying thing to happen to AI since Sanjaya. He suffers from an acute case of Doolittle-itis. Symptoms include: constant smiling, faux-humbleness, bad jokes, and general fakeness all around.

He has one vocal style: ballad. He doesn't even have the personality like other one-trick-ponies like Michael Buble. He'll continue the streak of crappy album sales by Idol winners.

2396 days ago

Not True    

TMZ, he never said the song was new to him......sheesh, always trying to create drama where none exists. He said he was having a hard time deciding which song.

2396 days ago


so according to tmz all AI contestants most be totally new to singing.....the requesits is to never ever had sung in oublic. or have a video of it..........
now i understand the rules.......i was so way off........

2396 days ago

angel anderson    

Almost all of the contestents have mentioned when asked, (WHY that song). Almost all responded that they have been their favorites over the years. What's the question here?

2396 days ago

KR Love    

I agree with how OVERATED he is. He sooooo needs to clear the mucus out of his throat. I can't stand to hear him sing. He sounds like a cross between someone constipated/needs to clear throat. He's a wanna be like I've never seen before. He fronts like he just woke up one morning and was discovered on American Idol, when in reality, his dad has been pimping him out to talent shows since birth...good grief...give it up! He is not American Idol material.

2396 days ago


I happen to think David Archuleta is an awesome and inspiring singer.

I like some of the other singers, but David A. is my favorite; I really hope he has a chance at winning.

2396 days ago


So what if he sang it before?? Carly sang a song a few weeks ago that she had performed before and no one jumped all over her.

2396 days ago



I understand David has a crazy father and he's been from one competition to another, but he doesn't need to be so peaches n'cream. He needs a bit of spunk. He almost comes off as being afraid of his own shadow. Maybe because of his dad, but still, any bit of spunkiness would help.

2396 days ago
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