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Archuleta Saw "Angels" Way Before Idol

4/9/2008 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Archuleta made it seem like he just found the song "Angels" for his performance last night -- shame, shame, everybody knows your name -- it's been in his repertoire for years!

Check out a pre-"Idol" David singing (and perfecting) the Robbie Williams song back in 2005. This isn't the first time he's pulled out one of his old standards either -- he did the same thing with "Imagine."


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Vigilante Justice    

Oh TMZ...get a life!

Everybody in the whole wide world knows that David sung this song before in high school/church, unless you have been sleeping under a rock that's a NON-STORY!

David A. is the most amazing, humble, honest and sincere contestant to ever grace the AI stage, and to attempt to belittle him the way you do TMZ is just plain wrong. For Shame!


2351 days ago


Replay to post #26

you wrote... "As far as the David thing is concerned he is being pimped by AI to win, however, I think he will have the least album sales of any winner, as he appeals mostly to pre teen girls, who don't buy CD's."

Wow... then who is buying Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus CDs and tickets? Yeah, them kids don't have any money... but their PARENTS do!!

2351 days ago


who really cares. he is very talented. tmz is bored. let's get some real news. oh yeah, I think I found all th angry people on one website. whoopee for me.

2351 days ago


"You know, all of you bashing David A----it's just a shame you just don't get him! This kid reflects something in us that makes us feel really really good about life and in each other. Those of you that do not "get him" are really missing out. You guys really sound like miserable people. Maybe one of these days, you'll "wake-up" and get a chance to feel the joy that David brings to our lives."

Archuletology, coming soon to a mindless sheep near you.

2351 days ago


Amazing someone could sing the same song more than once in their lifetime. No story here what so ever.

2351 days ago


Does anyone actually think that any of these singers have never performed before? I'm amazed how quick people are to jump on David A. David Cook is the one that is overrated. Every time I see his giant head I nearly puke! Even Simon thought he was "pompous"!

2351 days ago


To #91 NJKnight, thank you so much for your added comment---you just made my point about pathetic people perfectly.
Keep up the good work. The mindless sheep inside of you shines brightly!

2351 days ago


Teresa - I'll be fine so long as I keep away from whatever Kool-Aid you've been drinking, thanks.

2351 days ago

Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

BLAH BLAH BLAH TMZ WHY ARE YOU PICKING ON THIS KID It's their JOB!!!!!!!!!!! Just like most of you said, if you don't like his music you don't have to listen. Same applies for reading people. I LOVE the story, it show what a PHONY BALONEY this kid is. Ohh really Simon, you think I'm that good? Geee wilikers Batman people like me. cue audience : aaaawwwwww. LOL Everyone is getting all defensive over a kid on a show. Followers lol If that's what you called yourself before this season of AI LMAO I must get some Lemmings for myself.

His little aaawww shucks attitude is wearing thin with people, it won't be long.

2351 days ago


NJKnight---why are you so intent on proving my point. Your just keep digging yourself into a deeper and deeper darker hole---please come up for air---there is actually light up here. It's a wonderful and loving light. Sometimes a person's ego keeps them pinned down so they can't see what's in front of them. I wish you love and luck and an open heart someday. If not through David A., maybe some other singer or musical message will effect you in a positive and loving way. My best wishes for you and a wonderful and loving future. Anymore further comments from you I hope will be positive and loving ones. Anything else will reflect un "unconscious" state of mind. I love you NJKnight, even though you are not loving yourself very much right now---but I have enough love for the two of us! No Koolaid here---just pure awareness of spirit---that is who you truly are. You've just forgotten.

2351 days ago


Um.... Just where does David state he 'just found the song Angels"? More shoddy journalism. Good luck with your last-ditch efforts to bring this kid down. Ain't gonna happen! He's soaring to a win.

2351 days ago


Everyone needs to check out this link... it is about david having an affair with a gay man from boston named phillip daggett. people have been talking about it on this link forever. It is strange how the songs that david sings to on american idol are on the myspace page of phillip daggett even well before he performs them on the show. Phillip told him to sing the angel song and he put a video to it on his myspace to prove it, so not just has david sang this song before but he communicates with phillip about what he is going to be singing. Phillips myspace is and the link to the website where they have been talking about this with overwhelming proof that it is true is below...

check out both of the links and see for yourself!

myspace link -

Gossip Link -

2350 days ago


God TMZ you are pathetic. What a story!!!! David A. sang this song before??? If that is the best dirt you can dig up, then you are pretty patethic. By the way, he didn't say he just discovered it. He said that he had a hard time choosing which song to sing. Losers!

2350 days ago


Simon once again asked David "why this song" both this time and the other time that simon had asked david this question has been because the song has been on the myspace of phillip daggett before david even performed it on the show. this past weekend Phillip added a music video to his myspace with this angels song on it, days later david performed it on the show. the same thing with that song "you're the voice" which again was on Phillips myspace page days before it was performed on idol by david. people want to know the truth about david and phillip and we have the right to know so why is TMZ taking so damn long to report the story? you want the story go to that hollywood gossip website and see the comments yourself. look towards the bottom of the page and look at what they are all saying. the rumors about david and phillip are true and everyone is covering it up!!! david, phillip, jeff. a., american idol, so what is up TMZ? do your job and let us know already! the hollywood gossip website is:

2350 days ago


I totally agree that this kid is WAY overrated. He has a passable voice, but certainly is not Idol material by any stretch of the imagination. He needs to go soon, but too many people are taken in by the hype. I find him just a wee bit creepy.

2350 days ago
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