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Artie Lange to Howard: I Know How to Quit You?

4/11/2008 12:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Artie Lange stormed off the "Howard Stern Show" today, causing pangs of anxiety throughout Howard's loyal legions of fans that the bloated comic indeed put a fork in himself and would not be coming back.
Arite quits Stern?

The drama started when Artie and his assistant, Teddy, were heard fighting in the hallway. Howard later brought it up on air, causing Artie to lose his damn mind and at one point lunge at the assistant.

Sources close to the show tell TMZ that both the fight and the situation are definitely real. As for Artie never coming back -- we're not so sure.


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Robin Quivers    

He needs to get that anger under control. But, of course, therapy is gay, so he won't do that. So, the fat homophobe will probably get a little too high in Amsterdam, and that will be that. Oh well.

2353 days ago


I couldn't believe my ears yesterday morning. Nothing fake about any of it. Unfortunately, Artie will continue his present course of spiraling towards rock bottom. And an incident like that could trigger an accelerated dive. Dude, stop the madness before you cause your family the ultimate sadness...

2353 days ago

who dat    

Stern is a non-issue. He has about 1/10 the audience he used to have. This is a publicity stunt only. To bad because artie is on my dead pool list because he is a wortless fat slob drug abuser.

2353 days ago


This is the end of the Artie show? Yeah right. It's a nice thought though. Howard will go insane if Artie isn't in that chair. He always goes to him to talk about anything.

2353 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Losers getting angry at losers. They all want to talk such crap and then when someone actually goes off, they all act surprised! I wish nothing but misfortune for all these muckrakers and I mean it!

2353 days ago

Liz Chandler    

Do we not know a stunt when we see one?

2353 days ago

L.A. Native    

I love the Stern shown ~ 16-20 hours per week we are entertained by the first and original "Reality Show."

Paging Dana...get on a plane to Amsterdam and help your boy out!

We love you Artie!

2353 days ago

Sunny Florida    

Howard Stern FANS are an Elite Group that have The Greatest Sense of Humor .

They know how the world works and Laugh their way through Life. while the rest of you sorry Asses don't Get It

2353 days ago


Too bad it wasn't tht freak Stern that walked off......and please don't come back!

2353 days ago

All Stuck Up    

I love Artie, but he's got to grow up and get some help.

2353 days ago


Artie+Amsterdam= disaster

I think Artie relapsed a while ago. The missing work, the sleeping, the sweating and the short temper are all signs of drug use.

Howard, Robin and Fred, sorry about the events that played out on the show yesterday, I am sure you are all heavy hearted. I hope something can be worked out.

2353 days ago


Howard who? He ceased being funny after his divorce. He is on dead space now and if I was Artie, I would leave the show. Artie is very funny but needs to clean up his act. Howard treats everyone on his show like crap. Always did. And does Beth love him or his money? Why would anyone pay to hear Howard Stern? He is getting old and stale. All Robin does is kiss Howard's ass. Ever noticed how she always agrees with him? Doesnt she have her own opinion?

2353 days ago

Queen Elizabeth    

Thanks TMZ for taking the offensive moron comment out though I did not hear an apology. Anyway good-bye TMZ and hello Dlisted and Perez Hilton. Artie please, please, please get some help. I'm with you Howard I adore the guy.

2353 days ago

Charles Thomson    

Artie is a selfish fat pig. Anyone else would have been fired a long time ago. Artie calls in sick a lot because he's out boozing/drugging. When he does show up, he eats and sleeps. What is the point of having him? Howard doesn't need this ticking timebomb ruining his show. Howard was right for stand up and say what Artie did was OUT OF CONTROL AND WRONG. Fire that waste of human space. The assistant has some serious grounds to sue the pants of Artie.

2353 days ago


Artie's the best thing on the best show ever to hit the airwaves. Come back to the Howard Stern Show, Art. You will be missed more than you can imagine!
May the cynics and haters bleed from their anus until they are dead.

2353 days ago
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