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Artie Lange to Howard: I Know How to Quit You?

4/11/2008 12:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Artie Lange stormed off the "Howard Stern Show" today, causing pangs of anxiety throughout Howard's loyal legions of fans that the bloated comic indeed put a fork in himself and would not be coming back.
Arite quits Stern?

The drama started when Artie and his assistant, Teddy, were heard fighting in the hallway. Howard later brought it up on air, causing Artie to lose his damn mind and at one point lunge at the assistant.

Sources close to the show tell TMZ that both the fight and the situation are definitely real. As for Artie never coming back -- we're not so sure.


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Welcome to the D-List Artie. . .

2394 days ago


This is supposed to be "great radio" from the King of All Media? I don't think so! Everyone on that show needs to grow up.

2394 days ago

Ronald Austin    

We have been duped by Howard. Why in the hell did he censor his un-censored show. I guess when it comes down to it, money is all that he cares about. As in most big business the dollar counts and people will sell their soles for it. Howard promised to keep the show un-censored, keep the commercials down and make the listening an enjoyable experience for those who pay. I for one was a sucker who fell for it. Pull the show replay? What was he thinking. Sirius should deduct, from Howard's salary all of the money they will lose from this big f-up!

2394 days ago


Did you hear when they brought Teddy back in aftewards? When he was crying and saying "I knew this would happen. He didn't mean it." It sounded to be like an abused lover making excuses for her addicted mate. I guess we now know why Dana left him, He probably abused her too. I don't think Howard can bring Artie back after this. You have to feel safe in the workplace, Howard aint risking legal problems.

2394 days ago

Lisa G    

This was no hoax and it has been building for some time like a volcano. It seems to me Artie has had a series of bad things happen lately to him which has led to this pent up anger and low self esteem- he is overweight, got publicly canned from a charity, is having issues with a house he is building, got stiffed by a promoter in FL for a show he did, the fights w/ High Pitch Mike, Sal & Richard, poor health, addictions and now (it appears) money issues with his lousy assitant.

He seems like a great guy who needs to get away, deal with his deamons, and do a check of hisoverall life. Sirius should suspend him for 2 weeks and Howard should have a closed door discussion with Artie- about life. In 2 weeks time, Artie can return and be funnier then ever- and hopefully happier, as well.

2394 days ago

$tern $uck$    

Stern show is nothing more than a couple of nouveau riche narcissists. Artie never stops talking about money, and throwing it around and now the big blow up is from his ass. stealing? Robin was called out on her narcissism to the point where she felt guilty and created a charity, hope she feels better now. Artie should stfu go away, and count his luck stars that his no talent ass ever had any job in show business, because they won't be lining up now.

Stern and sirius misrepresented their package, never telling the fans originally that they would cut the show one day a week and take 12 weeks of vacation. "Life-time" memberships refer to a radio, not what it implies. The merger will only strengthen their position to one of a monopoly.

2394 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

i love howard and artie and when i heard this yesterday i was heartbroken. artie was soooo out of line here. teddy can be a jerk sometimes, but artie could have simply fired teddy as his assistant. instead, artie chose to blame everyone but himself for his actions - HE gave/lent money to teddy; HE went ballistic and he was definitely not goaded by howard in this situation; artie continually blames others for "making him" do something. be a man artie - go seek help NOW - and own up to your part in this debacle. your fans love you and howard too. but you were so out of line here.

and btw, if you all don't have sirius you don't know what you're missing. this is the best howard has EVER been in all his years of broadcasting. artie, you will be missed on the show until greg fitzsimmons steps in to replace you and in 6 months everyone will forget about you except for the day you had your meltdown. so please artie - get some help NOW and come back to the show healthy. please.

2394 days ago


Huge fan... but this is the second time Artie has "resigned" before a break. The last time being when he wasn't Howards Bro.

2394 days ago


Personally for him and his wealth, best decision he ever made. For fans and being relevant, Sirius was the stupidest
move he ever made. When he was on terra radio, he could always be heard, even by people who didn't like him, they
might catch him on the office radio or car, and come in talking about something that happened, we'd all laugh
throughout the day. Now, he is so irrelevant, you never hear anyone talking about them at all anymore. I still listen
occaisionally, when I'm driving. But, half the fun was hearing other people talk about the show, now it's just not there anymore. I suppose for the diehard, it's terriffic, but, for the regualr fan who listened everyday, haven't even discussed Howard for a couple years, until I saw this today. Oh well, hope they're all doing well. Apparently Arties not??

2394 days ago

Sal Monella    

Artie is a great sidekick to Stern. Will not be replaceable. Greg Fitzsimmons is most likely Howard's first backup guy, not sure he would take it though. Howard is the most listened to host on all of satellite radio(both brands), so I am not sure what all the hate is about. He gets around 7 million listeners, more than Jay Leno or David Letterman get on TV, and people treat them like Hollywod gold. If you listen to the show, you know this is no joke. The reaction from Howard, Robyn, and Fred was very real and you could tell Howard was shook up. Believe me these people aren't good enough actors to pull off a reaction like that. Stern may not be as good as he was 10 years ago, but show as a whole is a thousand times better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2394 days ago


Contrived, lame PR stunt? Typical Stern BS?

2394 days ago


Quote: "Who is Howard Stern? Didn't he used to be somebody?"

I guess when someone is willing to pay you 500 million you are considered a nobody.

2394 days ago


I like Artie but he is really out of control. He needs to get back on the medication again.

Oh yeah I heard after Artie Lange resigned Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling cancelled his gig at Uncle Joe's Bar & Grill in Pigs Knucke, AK as short order cook/comedian/ janitor to come back to New York and beg Howard for a job.

2394 days ago

Mona Mona    

Anyone who thinks that this was a PR stunt obviously has never heard the show-- or hasn't listened in a long time.

So sad..the entire crew was audibly saddened and scared. The show is the best it's ever been. I hope they can all reconcile.

2394 days ago


I was a Howard Stern fan for 20 years but when he moved to satellite I didnt follow because he added some losers Richard and Sal to the pack and they were not even remotely interesting or funny. I was surprised he chose such losers without a shred of talent. I used to like Artie, but when I've seen him lately on Jimmy Kimmel or recently on Donnie Deutsch I had to turn him off, he is scary to watch, he is on the verge of a breakdown and/or suicide. It seems like he never got over his old girlfriend, he always mentions her in one way or the other, whether in a joke or a story and it has been four years. I hope he gets help.

2394 days ago
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