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Artie Lange to Howard: I Know How to Quit You?

4/11/2008 12:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Artie Lange stormed off the "Howard Stern Show" today, causing pangs of anxiety throughout Howard's loyal legions of fans that the bloated comic indeed put a fork in himself and would not be coming back.
Arite quits Stern?

The drama started when Artie and his assistant, Teddy, were heard fighting in the hallway. Howard later brought it up on air, causing Artie to lose his damn mind and at one point lunge at the assistant.

Sources close to the show tell TMZ that both the fight and the situation are definitely real. As for Artie never coming back -- we're not so sure.


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Area 51    

This is all so scripted. Don't buy the hype.

2352 days ago


Howard needs to get Jackie Martling back...the show has sucked big time ever since he left

2352 days ago


This was an April fools joke. You've all been had.

2352 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Howard Stern is for simple minds who are entertained by crass, crude sexual related content. I heard him on a co-worker's radio and was amazed that anyone would enjoy that garbage except for 8 year olds thrilled to hear "dirty" talk. I never listen to the show and I've never heard of Artie so no big loss to me.

2352 days ago


Artie Lange= Lucky and absolutely not funny! Period.

2352 days ago

Right On    

"I guess when someone is willing to pay you 500 million you are considered a nobody." Yeah, because the brilliant folks at Sirius (stock price currently $2.50) decide to OVER pay Stern, that makes him somebody. Dope. Wait, let me fill in your insipid comeback. "Oh yeah, well, I don't see YOU getting paid $500,000!" Sorry to steal your thunder...what else you got?

2352 days ago


I sure hope Artie doesn't try that Canterbury Institute BS. Those commercials are ridiculous, especially their claims that it works better than 12-step. What crap!

2352 days ago

nyc bobby    

From a legal standpoint, Artie cannot remain on the show without putting the corporate entity that employs him in potential jeopardy. His outburst yesterday has placed Sirius "on notice" of his potential for violence in the workplace. He actually sealed his fate himself when he stated that he "could not guarantee it would not happen again" and he "could not be trusted". If he were to remain on the show and something like yesterday's behavior reappeared, whomever was the target of his attack could have a strong civil case on their hands. The only way I see Artie remaining on the show would be if he went through either an anger management program, or therapy and was "cleared" psychologically. Short of that, Howard was smart enough to realize the legal implications of Artie's actions, and responded accordingly when he stated that he did not condone Artie's actions, and given Artie's statements, Artie would have to leave the show.

Bye bye Artie. This time there is no one to blame but the guy in the mirror.

2352 days ago


I really hope this is the end of Artie Lange on the Howard Stern show. I'm a long time fan of the show and it's never been better since moving to Sirius. I can't get enough of it...and not at all with because of Lange. I never thought he was funny, he's a miserable slob filled with self destructive self hatred and I hope this is the thing to finally gets him off the show. I'm sick of his long boring stories and then sometimes endless time they all spend talking about him...there's nothing funny about an arrogant obese man who hates himself. He needs intense therapy.

2352 days ago

tony shoes    

arties been back on dope for a while, and howard continued to ignore it. now artie is going to amsterdam... lets hope he makes it back alive.
its all such a shame.

2352 days ago


I love HOWARD but........Artie is a outa control blowhard ! He needs to go to rehab and totally dry out of everything, Including the BOOZE.........When he is done with rehab, he then can go see a shrink to fix his head.....He has issues with the accident and death of his father........HE NEEDS HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2352 days ago


I don't agree with what Artie did, but give him a break. We all make mistakes in life. I hope Artie gets the help he needs, because he really does have a kind heart.

2352 days ago


Artie was one on the best things on Stern. If I start hearing more Sal or Richard i'm done with with that show.

2352 days ago


Lange is a douche. So long loser.

2352 days ago

Eric The Sh***y Actor    

Fat Ass ha ha ha. My plan worked. I got Teddy to slip Acid into your Hi-C fruit punch. You were a lard-assed powder keg with a short fuse. Teddy works for me now you Sloppy Wop. I'll actually pay him money instead of just promising it. The plan worked too good. We didn't know you'd drain three cans of it washing down carb-laden fat boy treats. You were like a raging meatball. But you blew it. The best gig of your career. Say hi to Jackie Martling. Now, the coast is clear for me to take my rightful position next to Stern and that Cackling Witch Robin.

2352 days ago
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