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C-3PO's BFF Riding the Death Star?

4/10/2008 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 3'8" actor who played R2-D2 in the Star Wars flicks (yes, there was someone inside that thing!) is in the hospital with a mystery ailment. Blame Jar Jar!
R2-D2 actor in hospital
Kenny Baker was rushed to an English hospital last night immediately after getting off a plane from Chicago. Baker's son told reporters that the pint-sized star has problems with asthma, although friends initially thought the 73-year-old's condition was more serious. Help him, Obi-Wan!

As Yoda would say, better get soon.


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Gee, you better get cracking and sneak a TMZ pap into that hospital to ask him how it feels to be dying. Sucm.

2389 days ago

Ms. Scarlet    

Oh my.... didn't know that... get better soon.

2389 days ago

Jim Albertson    

2389 days ago


Get well soon Mr. Baker.

2389 days ago


You guys are truly tasteless, after the Elliot thing and some other lude comments you guys have made when people have died. Haven't you guys learned your lesson or do you honestly just not care? There are plenty of people who aren't sick and almost dead that you can make fun of, Gummi and Racist being two fo them and I am sure no one cares when you make rude comments about them. Have a little class guys. And honestly who is screening this and telling someone "now that will get a laugh" because I would like to know and apply for their job because I can guarantee you that they are overpaid and have no class. Are you guys accepting resumes?

2389 days ago


What the heck is " BFF " ??

2389 days ago


Oh Boy, here we go again...all the FREAKING NERDS who love CHUCK NORRIS jokes are going to be sooo upset about this one...

2389 days ago


Your site is disgusting. These people you target have friends and families. Do you ever stop to think about their feelings? If you were dying or in serious trouble, would you take kindly to someone exploiting your plight and making offensive jokes at your expense? I bet not. Do you ever stop to think about what you're writing before you write it? What if that was your father, or any relative for that matter? Would you say the same things? This site and eveyone who works for it should burn in hell... and eventually will.

2389 days ago

Mom of Three    

I haven't logged on for two weeks, hoping that whatever malevolent minion you had writing your copy had gone back to college or high school. Now I see that you're adopting this shallow and mean tone as a general motif around here. Off my bookmarks you go. Nobody needs this garbage in their lives.

2389 days ago

Ms Kris    

Some more dumb TMZ staff?

He had credits in the films.

Wish him the best.

2389 days ago

king b    

Get some class, "Riding The Death Star"? You're disgusting.

2389 days ago


Last week you were making fun of the death of Elliott Yamin's mother, (I am not a fan of his and it still makes me mad) and now you make fun of Kenny Baker's illness. TMZ has zero class, and no respect for anything or anybody. The last few months you have only gotten worse. I cant believe you are allowed to get away with this kind of stuff. You are vile, disgusting, and morally bankrupt. You have not one shred of human decency. Everything is just a big joke to you, no matter who it involves or how serious it is. You always take the low road. You are the equivalent of trailer trash. You are the trashy, lowlife neighbor who embarrasses the other neighbors, and who everyone wishes would get rid of the old junker with no wheels sitting amongst the tall weeds in the front yard, and the 375 empty beer bottles on the front porch.

Clean it up, TMZ or you will be the only one left in this neighborhood.

2389 days ago

Boycott TMZAOL    

You guys suck, You don't always have to try and be funny, most of the time, you're not, This is the last time I come to your site.... I guess i'm going to have to stop using aol too, since they link you from their homepage.... Perez Hilton site has way more class....

2389 days ago


Poor little guy...May the Force be with him!

2389 days ago

Star Wars Fan Forever    

You guys at TMZ should be ashamed of yourselves. Kenny Baker is such a wonderful person. And anyone who makes any negative comments regarding Mr Baker should also be ashamed. I pray he gets better here really soon.

2389 days ago
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