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Courtney Loves' Pills

4/10/2008 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Hole singer turned mad blogger Courtney Love has gotta brand new bag -- of prescription drugs!

The rehabbed widow Cobain (Can you believe Kurt committed suicide 14 years ago last week?!) was caught outside a London club on Wednesday with a plastic bag full of prescription pills. Ever hear of a medicine cabinet?!

Well, at least she's on some sort of meds.


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Yo #16, it is called conspiracy to commit murder, if she did it herself she would have been caught by now, use your brain, she did...

Read up on it, read about that Hole bass player that "OD-ed" as well and you will see the light.

Listen to those phoney MTV clips again with C's fake show going on, you will see....

2366 days ago


re #18, I meant #14 not 16, my bad...

2366 days ago

Never inked up!    

Ah, Tracey, NO ONE needs that many drugs in their purse. Ya, we are all going to assume. Like her peers, EVERYONE is on the "scrips" in Hollyweird. Wake up girl. Its legal, that is why they do it, they won't get busted.

2366 days ago

Kat Ramone    

She needs a nice, large pouch to keep her meds in...that will fit in her purse...just like many of use...jaja...

Unfortunately, when one goes through the airport, everything has to be put into a CLEAR PLASTIC BAG... Do you know how embarassing it is to have one's one gallon zip-lock legal prescription stash pulled out of one's bag--in front of EVERYONE--as it goes through the screening??? It's amazing the "friends" one makes after this happens!

2366 days ago


I'd commit suicide if I was married to Kurt or Hole..................oh, I messed up Courtney

2366 days ago


2366 days ago


Kurt was murdered.

Read the facts.

2365 days ago


she is such trash.

2365 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I'm lucky because I only have to keep 3 meds with me at all times but, yeah, it can be very embarrassing at the airport and having people watch as the TSA looks through your luggage and examines every single bottle to make sure it's legit. You almost expect them to bring a pharmacist over to check if the pill in the bottle is the same as the one on the label. I don't know what Courtney is carrying with her but I only see four bottles. That's not really all that many especially if she's carrying everything she's been prescribed.

2365 days ago


IF you care to know the truth, READ and you will find out how the bitch had her husband killed while she was in another state! People DO get away with murder. She WILL pay eventually!!!!!

2365 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Do ya think that a site called is going to display rational objectivity? This was investigated at more than just a local level. There must have been insufficient evidence to point that smoking gun at Courtney. That's just the way it is.
If conspiracy theorists are just plain wrong about her so-called involvement, then that is downright cruel to have lost the father of your child and partner in that way, and then spend the rest of your life being wrongly blamed for it by a bunch of whacko, over involved and misguided super fans. If there's any real evidence, then cough it up. If there's any there, they'd arrest her.

2365 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Actually, that site is quite well done, give or take a few decidedly slanted presentations. I take it back about justiceforkurt.

2365 days ago

mrs. brand    

Courtney loved Kurt. He overdosed, then shot himself 14 yrs ago (go mathmetician). How can anyone claim to have sorrow for Frances while accusing her mother of being a murderer? Drug addiction doesn't equal murder. Courtney is a very talented musician herself. Judge not, blah blah blah.

2365 days ago


Hey there 90's girl! You have no clue! Courtney admitted in many interviews that she had ' fallen out of love" with Kurt and that he knew she was sleeping around. It was shortly after Kurt told her that he was going to take her out of his will AND was going to divorce her that he was found dead! READ and if you have half a brain, you'll understand the truth! There IS proof and it's just a matter of time before the world knows it! Even if you are not a FAN of Kurt's, he deserves justice. ANYONE who is murdered deserves justice!

2365 days ago


You pitiful people who can't subtract and conclude that Kurt died 14 years ago are probably the same ignorant people who will never believe that this chronically depressed, walking zombie couldn't have killed himself! Of course, he did, so face it and move on!!!

2343 days ago
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