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Gwyneth Paltrow:

Jacko 2.0?

4/10/2008 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If only Moses could part the pap sea, his mama wouldn't have to go to extremes to keep him under wraps.

Gwyneth Paltrow tried to block her oddly-named kids' faces in NY yesterday -- and they were not pleased.


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just my input    

leave her alone...go bother Bret....she si just trying to live a normal life and you all are trying to make her out as a freak...get over yourselves!

2364 days ago


who cares about her or her kids.

2364 days ago


Kids should be off limits. What did they follow them home after shopping? Pathetic.

Cute kids by the way.

2364 days ago


She actually made it harder on herself. What an idiot! Leave her and her kids alone, who cares!

2364 days ago

Just sayin'    

Go Back To England Gwyneth! We're too patriotic here, remember? And take Raspberry and Pear with you.

2364 days ago


Can you blame her for hiding her kids faces? Can you blame Jackson? A law should be made to make it illegal to photo the kids without parents permission!

2364 days ago

Mama Says    

I guess the old rule about leaving the kids alone has fallen by the wayside. Not good, there's a lot of nuts out there, and kidnapping is a real threat for these celebrity kids. Leave the kids out of it!

2364 days ago

it takes a molester    

Gwyneth your kids are cute!

2364 days ago


Do you want to write about screwed up kids from famous parents in a decade or so? If not, leave the kids alone. You're not helping families who are already under a lot of pressure. Those kids deserve a chance to be kids that the constant barrage of photogs won't allow them. You should be ashamed.

2364 days ago


Her kids are adorable, I commend her for trying to protect them.

2363 days ago


How stupid. I think it is disgusting to put something like that over your child's head just because someone might see them. What must that do to the children? I guess she is taking lessons from Michael Jackson, another nut job celebrity.
I think Paltro is a legend in her own mind.

2363 days ago


guys remember - she only SELLS her kids photos for moola $ -- a la People Magazine spread. no free pics -- so greedy, so ridiculous.

2363 days ago


and btw, why is she suddenly on the press/publicity circuit? she must be in need of an ego boost.

2363 days ago


I don't like Ms. Paltrow - since she had her first baby and was going on and on about how can women work after having babies, they need to stay home and care for their children...excuse me miss thing, we were not all born with a golden spoon in our mouth to allow us to do that unlike yourself. Having said that, I can understand wanting to hide her children, not necessarily from being photographed, but all those flashes right in their faces cannot be good for their eyes, and probably scares them having all those people crowd and crush them.

2363 days ago


Why the hell is she dragging these kids around when she doesn't want them to be seen.
Buy a nice ranch and get the hell away from the lens!
wtf is wrong wirh these people

2363 days ago
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