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Gloria, The Dr. Ruth of Lawyers, in Rob Lowe Case

4/11/2008 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed Gloria Allred will be repping at least one of the nannies in the Rob Lowe case.

Allred will rep Jessica Gibson, who allegedly tried to extort Lowe to the tune of $1.5 mil. Lowe has said in his lawsuit Gibson accused him of having an illicit relationship with her.

With Gloria involved, this case ain't going away. And there's a buzz she may rep the other employees -- no confirmation on that.


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If the Lowes really are such terrible, terrible employers, you know what you do? YOU QUIT. You don't stick around collecting your paychecks and then later whine about how terribly you were treated. They didn't hold a gun to your head forcing you to stay with them.

A terrible employer doesn't warrant extortion. It also doesn't warrant breaking your non-disclosure agreement.

The fact is, this case is about her allegedly extorting money out of the Lowes. This case is also about her breaking her non-disclosure agreement. He may be a completely jerk and a-hole, but that is completely irrelevant.

Just because you don't like your boss doesn't mean you get to break contracts. A contract is a contract.

2349 days ago


I hope this Nanny ends up in PRISON!!!! I have been a Nanny for 23 years and I would never dream of breaking a confidentiality agreement and I have worked for very wealthy, crazy people. Your job is to care for the children not extort money because you feel you are owed something from your employer. Granted there are many families who take advantage of their Nannies. However, GETTING A NEW JOB IS AN OPTION!!!!! When you work for people of this stature your paid VERY WELL! So stop crying and trying to bribe him into paying you off. Grab an orange jumpsuit and have a seat in club fed, cuz that's where your going to end up????

I also think it is wonderful that the Lowe's have made this public. If they were trying to keep it quiet then people would say they have something to hide???? It's a no win situation for them!!!!

2349 days ago


To THIS BROAD IS BAD NEWS. What evidence do you have to say these things about Gloria ? She is an advocate for women and children. Maybe you just don't like her Persistent personality. Or, maybe she is on TV, and you are not. She is a tireless advocate and sharp as a tack. She always wins ! What an uninformed person you are to make these off the wall comments ! I have followed her career, as I am an attorney who advocates for women and children. She has great respect for men, but is not intimidated by them. Think before you write nasty things about someone.

2349 days ago


Personal Assistant workers, Domestic workers, Elder-care workers, Child-care workers, and Pet-care workers for the rich and famous including the-not-famous, are all too often subjected to abuse and humiliation in the work enviornment. The live-in workers suffer the worst. The attractive ones get screwed. Usually it is the male head of the household who is the sexual predator. Employees have certain protections under State and Federal laws so refuse to waive them. Beware of those so-called Confidentiality Contracts. Unfortunately our courts and most judges have resigned to just accepting appearance based discrimination as normal. When those delusional and ego-fueled employers cannot find any employees willing to sign their Confidentiality Agreement in order to work as their "muzzled slave" then they will begin obeying the California Fair Housing and Employment (labor) laws. Gloria is the lawnmower; Rob's azz is grass. Go Glora Go!

2349 days ago

just wondering    

Liz...good post.

2349 days ago


Thank you Bonnie, you took the words out of my mouth.

2349 days ago



Pardon me if my question is naive, but can't any employee, including domestic employees, file a complaint against their emloyer for harrassment or breach of contract or whatever?

2349 days ago



2349 days ago

Fed UP With Gloria    

Every high profile case Gloria Alred seems to stick her nose into the situation for yet another 15 minutes of fame. We will all have to endure yet another round of Chanel suits with fake flowers pinned to them and interviews with Nancy Grace, Gretta Van Sustren, Larry King and all the other sensational news junkies. My real thought is all this will do is drive up the legal fees for the Lowe Family. The basic concept is that the employee stayed employed by the Lowe Family on and off for 7 years. If conditions were so bad, she certainly could have found some other spoiled rotten brats in Beverly Hills to "parent" with the Lowe name on her resume. It's another case of an individual getting close to a family, learning all their dirty secrets and wanting to extort them for a cash payout. Maybe seeking help for her alleged addictions and a new field of employment would best serve Gloria's new client instead of raking the Lowe family through the media as she most certainly will do. Can't Gloria find a better use of her legal prowess then this? How about abused women in the middle of horrific divorces.....but then she would be serving the public and not herself. What a concept.

2349 days ago



2349 days ago


Once the lawyers are involved ,sorry to have to say it ,Lowe is screwed.

2349 days ago


My last shred of respect for Allred is officially gone.

2349 days ago


To #27 Duh Law,

An agreement that mandates anything illegal is not a legal agreement, right?

2349 days ago

ken j    

Please Harv Levin be careful what you say about GLORIA ALLRED. She is a real attorney. Gloria is also at the top of the food chain. Harv buddy , you are on the bottom. What is the difference between JOE FRANCIS and Harvey Levin? Hard to see the difference. kb

2349 days ago

She looks great    

#8, no lawyers practice law with their clients interests first

lawyers in real life are not like the noble, principled lawyers on tv

you can respond with all the self-serving, lawyerized outrage you wish, but this is true and everyone knows it which is why lawyers are the most maligned profession

2349 days ago
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